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Sunday, June 23, 2024

What happened to Ron Paul?

Ron Paul (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Ardent followers of Texas Congressman Ron Paul — a two-time contender and two-time loser in past Presidential campaigns — felt this could be his time to seek the Presidency.

Buoyed by a tea party movementthat he is often questionably credited with founding and back for another run with the same populist message that brought in massive amounts of campaign cash — but few actual votes — in 2008, Paul appeared ready to build momentum for a 2012 run.

But momentum — and tea party support — are fickle mistresses and Paul found himself left behind as the tea party shifted its loyalty first to Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann and later to Texas Governor Rick Perry. With public support of the tea party falling as fast as Perry’s fortunes, getting that party’s nod no longer seems to have political value.

Paul won the Iowa straw poll and hovered near the top tier of candidates in the polls. When Perry’s star began to Paul, it appeared — for a brief instant — that Paul could be one left to challenge the political juggarnaut of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Then Herman Cain came along and Paul found himself once again back in the pack of second tier candidates with little chance of capturing the Republican nomination.

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Paul in fourth place at 11 percent, well behind Cain, Romney and Perry.

“The revolution left Dr. Paul behind,” says Texas waitress Betty Huffman, an early supporter of Paul. “The buzz now is all about Herman Cain.”

Indeed, former Godfathers’ Pizza leads the latest poll in a season where GOP frontrunners come and go like the latest fad.  Paul’s momentum has stalled and his poll numbers have dropped.

“Other candidates are using Ron Paul’s more populist ideas to their advantage,” says political operative Ralph Scoggins. “They’ve taken his messages and made it his own.”

Paul tried to regain some traction by going after Cain in the latest GOP debate but his challenges fell short and Cain came out of the debate with momentum and poll numbers.

“It doesn’t look good,” says New Hampshire Paul supporter Ann Reynolds.

Paul has already announced he is retiring from Congress. This run for President was expected to be his last, best shot at the White House.

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9 thoughts on “What happened to Ron Paul?”

  1. Rob, Ron Paul gave up his individual freedoms for the religious right. We could always count on the Good Dr. to stand up for women’s rights regardless of his religious opinions. Even down to gay marriages, he has clammed up. We thought we had his support with Death with Dignity but he backed away from all these choices of how Americans live.

    The entire GOP has decided to go along with whatever Pat Robertson hands out so I can only hope they lose every damn race until they start representing Americans and not just white Christian Straight men.

    If I were in my 40s again I would be marching mad at what the GOP has become. I tried over and over to work up a third party and honestly thought the internet would come through but the internet became a place to cry and whine.

    America works better with two healthy political parties but since 2000 the GOP has offered nothing but a hateful group who only pay attention to Rush Limbaugh or fools like the Tea Party. They want war! They feel closer to God when they are killing others. Onward Christian soldiers and all that jazz.

    Now that Ron Paul is part of the mass of the religious right, he is off my list of an honest candidate. He is no Libertarian or he would allow the American People to live by their freedom of equality agenda. He is just another cheap bigoted Republican.

  2. ron paul has the ideas, but it’s a “leader” persay. he’d be better then most if he gets the nod, but bigger then this, this ideas have shaped the debate thus far.

    And his ideas will shape the GOP in years to come no matter what the media thinks.

    He’s a man way ahead of the curve on economics, and his thinking will be used by other more exciting people to restore America.

    He’ll be remembered as the godfather of an American revival in 20 years. Today, well, we might just elect a pizza godfather, but hey, it’s what we deserve for being so stupid all these years.

  3. Occupy Wall Street folks seem pretty enamored with Ron Paul. Going on 30-days now with their protest in Manhattan. It’s amazing how much they grew when political hacktivists Anonymous joined their cause.

    I have to agree with the other posters above. Cain will quickly fall out of favor assuming people will actually read what his positions are on the issues. Tomasky is calling Cain the Rich Man’s Revolutionary.

    I wonder if Ron Paul would be a more viable candidate if the corporate media played him up like they do the current “sweetheart” candidate of their choosing. It’s getting pretty obvious they’ll give more airtime and more favorable coverage to the rich man’s candidates than the every man’s candidates.

  4. I don’t believe anyone has left Paul, the media is very hostile to Paul because he is a true blue insider.

    When he and his supporters educate whoever the media hypes, first Bachmann, then Perry, now Cain will be ousted as the private “federal” reserve hand picked insider that he is, and he too will fall.

    • Hubley, I have been a Ron Paul supporter since 1988 and I left him months ago. His belief in Creationism over Evolution is ridiculous and the last thing I want in the White House. Cain announced last month that he believes Homosexuala are nothing but a bad habit.

      These men are fools and believe only what their churches allow. In fact, I doubt there is a single Republican running for office who dares to have an opposing point of view.

      The GOP will need more than money to get the American women to vote for them. Millions of women were born to obey and breed. This did not work too well for many of us who were left with our children while our men went out and made more children.

      Sadly there are few women at CHB these days and I am no longer a regular here.

  5. Cain is a Tea Party candidate?

    Cain is the Insider’s insider. Cain is a former Federal Reserve Banker who favored TARP bail-outs, and now he wants a national sales tax! Cain endorsed Romney in 2008, and Cain wants to continue the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Cain is a phony “outsider” and an absolute gift to the status quo.

    • Nobody said Cain is a tea party candidate. The tea party, like its favorites candidates Bachmann and Perry, has fallen out of favor with voters who now feel buyer’s remorse for believing the hype.

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