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Monday, July 22, 2024

Perry crams for do-or-die debate

Rick Perry (Charles Krupa/AP)

With the GOP running out of saviors and Herman Cain’s fortunes rising, former Presidential front runner Rick Perry is doing something he’s never had to do before in his political career — actually work hard to prepare for a debate that can either rescue his flagging campaign or drive the final nail into its coffin.

Most political experts tell Capitol Hill Blue that Perry faces a do-or-die test tonight.  He’s dropped to third in most polls and his numbers continue to dwindle after dismal debate performances and increased questions about his racism, cronyism and jobs claims that don’t jive with the facts.

Perry curtailed his campaign schedule recently so he could cram for the debate and work on his message.  Later in the week he plans to deliver what aides call a “significant” economic speech with an emphasis on jobs and the economy.

“He’s suddenly realized that just making claims about jobs in Texas isn’t enough,” says one GOP consultant.  “He needs to focus and hone his message.

Perry, who is used to just winging it from the podium, is practicing his debate style in rehearsal sessions against stand-ins for Mitt Romney.

Will it work?

Tonight could well tell the story.

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2 thoughts on “Perry crams for do-or-die debate”

  1. All the rehearsals can’t cover up the real Rick Perry; I.E., a self aggrandizing, Texas style demagogue. He’ll do anything to pander for votes, but if elected will be no different than our duty slick-talking ‘liar in chief’, Obama, except of Republican persuasion…ouch!

    Seemingly his main attraction is that he shoots off a Colt .45 along with his mouth at public gatherings while shouting yeeeehaaaaaaa! followed up with a prayer session. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. The Debate this evening can be found either by streaming the Bloomberg site or on his tv channel. In my area it is on channel 330.

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