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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cain: It’s all the fault of the poor and unemployed

Herman Cain: Unemployed worker, heal thyself

GOP presidential wannabe Herman Cain says Wall Street isn’t to blamefor the millions of Americans out of work.

It’s not the Republicans.

Nah, the blame for unemployment lies with thoese who don’t have jobs.

That’s right. If you’re out of work, look in the mirror. It’s all your fault.

Want to reduce unemployment? Simple. Get a job.

That simplistic answer may explain why Cain is the latest frontrunner contender in a GOP Presidential field where frontrunner ebb and flow like the tide.

“Don’t blame Wall Street,” Cain told The Wall Street Journal this week. ”Don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!”

Cain also got around to blaming President Barack Obama for unemployment, which punches a whole into his entire theory.  Obama has a job…for now…although Cain wants to put him out of work in 2012.

Cain’s bombastic claims came in response to the widespread protests on Wall Street and other financial centers over the state of the economy and high unemployment figures.

New job numbers out Friday aren’t expected to tone down the protests.  The numbers are forecast to be bad.

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25 thoughts on “Cain: It’s all the fault of the poor and unemployed”

  1. No, Wall Street alone isn’t to blame for all the lost jobs, it’s the Wall Street – corporate – government trio of tyranny that is to blame.

    While Cain does have some what of a point to make, the chance of making even a quasi-comfortable living – much less enjoying the possibility of upward mobility – is all but impossible in today’s political, economic and social atmosphere.

    It wasn’t too long ago that one could make a comfortable living right out of high school, support a family, and retire comfortably.

    That was the American Dream for most folks – just a chance to work hard, make a good living, raise a good family, and enjoy life.

      • Hmm, how about living wages? An average bank teller in the 70s could support a family of four, a car, and a mortgage on a single income. Where are jobs like that today? Is it so difficult to conceive that a family could be sustained on a single 40-hour job?

        Cap executive pay at 40x that of the company’s lowest paid employee. Or even better, mandate that 66% of stock of publicly-traded companies be permanently and equally held by the employees, thus destroying the dictatorship model of corporations and instituting a democratic one.

        The current system rewards executives and shareholders for the success of a company, but not the workers. The current system rewards executives and shareholders for the failure of a company, but punishes and displaces workers.

        The “owners” (as George Carlin framed it) of our society want virtually the whole pie to themselves, but we ALL helped bake that pie. If we believe fundamentally that people cannot be purchased, then neither can their labors be purchased, since it is an extension of the person. The result of this strong anti-slavery sentiment is that laborer owns their labor, and therefore owns part of the whole that the labor contributes to and sustains. The balance in our economy will be maintained when the workers own themselves, and their time, and that to which their time contributes. Wages are merely a contract for slavery by the hour.

  2. Self-made people often are blind to the help they received from others and from dumb luck. They mistake their success to their efforts alone. Otherwise, every hard-working stiff would be a millionaire.

    One the one hand the GOP tells us the rich create jobs while this tool tells the poor to create their own jobs… and BTW keep those tax cuts coming for the “job creators”. Can the poor hat a tax cut to create a job for themselves?

    If Cain thinks jobs come from the rich and the govt stands in the way, why doesn’t he stick to being a CEO?

    • What’s really interesting in this regard is the attitude and approach of many illegals, who have come here and done just that… i.e., created their own jobs. Some of this was of necessity… lack of documentation, and all… but the bottom line that we’ve heard so many times: they do jobs Americans won’t, says it all. Manual labor is mostly what they do – which has become just too much trouble and too beneath too many. They’re just not nearly as uppity and “deserving”.

      So yeah, if you can’t create a job, maybe you could take one, if you’re up to the task.

  3. Seemingly Cain is a black, corporate version of the Reverend Wright who embarrassed Obama while on the campaign trail. Now he’s putting the ‘rethugs’ in even worse light with his line of reasoning, if any at all? With this type of crap issuing from his mouth, he’ll definitely not get the nomination much less be elected. His campaign is DOA. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Wow, Almandine, you’re really getting wound up defending Cain. / : |

        Why doesn’t Cain discuss the high crimes commited by Wall Street, banking and insurance during the past ten years and his plan to summarily reign in this corporate~government axis of criminality in high places? How about a firm committment to repeal Gramm-Leach-Bliley and replace it with a modernized, draconian version of Glass-Steagall and a repeal of the Commodities Modernization Act which eliminated many of the well thought controls to prevent runaway speculation with lower margin requirements and the creation of the ICE boondoggle; I.E., the International Commodities Exchange, a wild and wooly frontier of unfettered speculation.

        If anyone knows what personal responsibility might be it’s me. I would know how to straigten things out in a NY minutes if I were the Captain of the USS America, but the crew and passengers might not like my unrelenting Captain Bligh approach, but “We the People” would make safe landfall to live another day as the Great American Republic of yore. Believe it…!

        Obviously there’s alot of shufflebutts in the poorer and indigent sectors our society, but for our government to have facilitated the destruction of our manufacturing base by creating a ‘blue sky’ pirate capitalist environment for businesses to offshore their enterprises, dodge their fair share of taxes etc. via tax havens, issue H1-b and L1 visas in disproportionate numbers is what Mr. Cain should be focusing on.

        Why not, because he’s a corporatist/fascist to the core, of typical ‘rethug’ persuasion. With this a*sclown spouting off nonsense like this, Obama is assured of another term regardless of his sorry performance to date.

        Again, Cain and his campaign are DOA…period!

        I rest my case.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Re: First paragraph


          “…summarily reign in…”

          “…a firm committment…”

          should read:


          …summarily rein in…

          …a firm commitment…

          My apologies. That’s what happens when I bang out a post without rereading the material several times before posting. : (

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Hi Carl,

            Kudoes for fixing reign/rein. I see that all the time, and it drives me out of my gourd (not that that takes much).

            I feel Herman Cain is a bit like Justice Clarence Thomas. They were both promoted more for their trustworthy indoctrination and incidental profiles than for any demonstrated ability.

            Of course, the same applies to Bush II, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Harry S Truman, Hoover, Taft, or Cleveland, or anyone else you (dis)like whose indoctrination was complete and ability noticeably absent. They’re still electable. Apparently.


        • Wasn’t defending him Carl… nor was I being jaded… just interpreting.

          Been hitting the Johnny Red again tonight?

  4. Cain’s message is, of course, that wasting your time on blaming scapegoats gets you nothing and nowhere. His own history is his compass, and he believes that if he can start out the son of a chauffeur and a cleaning woman and make it as far as he has – through hard work and due diligence – why can’t anyone? He was never “above” menial jobs… they were stepping stones.

    His position seems to be either 1) you’re wasting the time and effort you could spend getting ahead on blaming scapegoats for your lack of success, or 2) you’re just plain lazy and want to deflect the blame for your own worthlessness.

    Both cases would imply a lack of personal initiative, something I believe he sees no reason to abide.

    • The problem being Cain’s sound bite came from a question concerning the Occupy Wall Street protests. They are people that want to see the bankers prosecuted for destroying the world economy and then buying their bonuses back on the taxpayer’s dime. This isn’t scapegoating. This is demanding justice for the fraud, the greed, and the lies.

  5. Yes. He lost me when he said that gays are a choice. Apparently Mr. Cain has never met many gays whose lives were made a living hell by people just like him.

    V.P. Biden said yesterday that the GOP has enough voters to beat President Obama but they do not have the continuity. I may have been a Republican longer than anyone in the party today and yet it took a lot of togetherness to overcome the loss of Goldwater. Our compromise got us President Nixon. Oy! We may need a 3rd or even 4th party to stand up for anything. The internet was unable to understand H. Ross Perot so how can we settle for something we do not respect?

    • If You Don’t Have A Job And You’re Not Rich, Blame Yourself

      How arrogant can one be? I have friends in their mid to late fifties who have lost there jobs years back and even with their best efforts have been unable to find work. Not even at Walmart, Lowes or any other minimum paying job.

      • It’s strange to me that self-help movements repeat the positive side of this same coin.

        Walmart, Lowe’s, and more are now employing “robot cashiers” – automation allows one cashier to do the job of four. Factories started experiencing this years ago, and as tech improves the problem will become more severe. Automation will soon threaten health care jobs, in roughly a decade. Let’s walk down the timeline here… higher production with less need for the human contribution. What do we do, collectively, when tech allows production of adequate food, shelter, water, and recreation, for all living people, with a 40% unemployment rate? What about with an 80% unemployment rate?

        The essence is cheap, incredibly cheap, “robot slave labor”. As energy production becomes cheaper and cleaner, this workforce will become cheaper as well. Even China is losing jobs to automation. This is not science fiction, it’s science future. This is a real 21st century issue. Uneducated labor will become nearly obsolete. Is it right to allow the general populace to achieve prosperity, with better and better wages and shorter and shorter hours? Or do we choose to allow the owners of society to reap the benefits while the vast lower class struggles for even the basics of survival?

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