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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Perry used state jobs fund to reward donors

Rick Perry: Taking care of his friends

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who touts jobs creation as the backbone of his flagging presidential campaign, used that program to reward donors to his campaign, opponent Michele Bachmann charges.

Bachmann says Perry doled out $35 million in state funds to Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, a new company created by backers of Perry’s campaign for governor.

State records showed Lexicon received the money from the Texas Enterprise Fund, a state operation established by the jobs creation legislation that Perry championed as governor.  The company never created any jobs with the money.

Lexicon was part of Lexicon Genetics, which received $35 million in 2005.  The company promised to create 1,662 jobs in Texas.  The company never created any new jobs and its employment has actually dropped from 600 to 290 since receiving the money.  Most of its employees are based outside of Texas.

Perry’s campaign refused to comment on the specifics of the Lexicon deal but claimed Bachmann is running a “smear” campaign.


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3 thoughts on “Perry used state jobs fund to reward donors”

  1. He rewarded donors? What a freaking shock! I remember years ago Mayor Kevin White of Bahston was confronted by a newbie reporter who questioned him on giving political appointments and various city jobs to his supporters in a bitterly fought election battle. I paraphrase Mr. Mayor: “Just who the f**k am I suppose to give the jobs too? My enemies? My opponents?”

  2. Hmmm…Kinda what Obama did with his pals on Wall Street and companies like Solyndra.

    If any one harbored any doubts as to whether Perry is presidential material or not, this should settle that.


    This is our political system, folks. The system you vote for every time you pull the lever for a “D” or an “R”, the system you tacitly accept being raped by day in and day out.

  3. My views and opinions as a native Texan…

    Inch by inch – step by step – “SOME” of the ugly truths about Perry will finally surface.

    Perry’s power mongering has emerged several times over past years, but didn’t make national news. I hope it all unfolds and finally pushes him out of Texas (or national) politics FOREVER.

    Perry is a small time type Madoff character, in my opinion. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who he’ll screw over. And if people aren’t some asset to Perry…adios amigos.

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