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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Still here after all these years


Seventeen years ago today, I got a fresh cup of coffee from the kitchen, wandered into the den of our condo in Arlington, Virginia, and logged onto my email to find that our Internet service provider — PSI.Net — was offering five megabytes of free space to set up a personal web page.

Not being one to waste a freebie, I wrote a 500-word essay about the state of things in Washington, titled it “Capitol Hill Blue,” and posted it to the web.

That’s how this whole thing started on October 1, 1994.

PSI.Net is long gone. So are a lot of things that made the Internet such a wild frontier back on those days.  The only other site offering political news on the web on October 1, 1994, was Nando.Net, a production of the Raleigh, NC, News & Observer. Nando.Net is gone too.  Capitol Hill Blue survives today as the longest-running political news site on the World Wide Web.

So it’s our birthday.

Happy Birthday to us.

8 thoughts on “Still here after all these years”

  1. They’re gonna clean up your looks
    With all the lies in the books
    To make a citizen out of you
    Because they sleep with a gun
    And keep an eye on you, son
    So they can watch all the things you do

    Because the drugs never work
    They’re gonna give you a smirk
    Cause they got methods
    Of keeping you clean
    They’re gonna rip up your heads
    Your aspirations to shreds
    Another cog in the murder machine

    They said all teenagers scare the living s**t out of me
    They couldn’t care less as long as someone’ll bleed
    So darken your clothes
    Or strike a violent pose
    Maybe they’ll leave you alone
    But not me

    Lyrics from Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

    Happy Birthday from one of your biggest critics and fans.

  2. No one is going to solve all of the worlds problems, but it is really nice to know that someone put in the effort to make it a little better.

  3. Happy Birthday CHB! Thanks goes to our site host for providing a watering hole for shared opinions concerning news events of the day.

    Also your extreme patience is appreciated when participants overstep themselves by writing something stupid and/or irritating including myself at times. 😀

    Long live CHB…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. What a trip! What an education. Thanks to CHB, no one any longer has to ask what is wrong with this country. Congrads on your success and happy birthday. I hope the future will promote solutions and proposals. Keep up the good work. I’m proud to know ya.

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