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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Public’s opinion of government: ‘You stink!’


Americans may be sharply divided on many fronts but they can agree when it comes those who run the government.

Congress stinks and anyone who seeks or holds public office ain’t that hot either.

Gallup’s latest poll says 81 percent of Americans are unhappy with how the country is bgeing run — the highest level of disapproval ever recorded by the veteran polling organization.

Unhappiness runs highest among Republicans where 92 percent say they are fed up even though the GOP controls the House of Representatives.

Among Democrats, dissatisfaction stands at 65 percent.

A record high 69 percent express “little or no confidence” in Congress.

Public anger, however, isn’t just directed at Congress as a whole.  Some 53 percent say they have “little or no confidence” in men and women who either seek or hold public office.

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20 thoughts on “Public’s opinion of government: ‘You stink!’”

  1. The two party system is a one party system “masquerading” as a two party system.

    Americans are ignorant and cowardly.
    Sad but true.

    That being said, the public’s opinion is spot on, so not everyone is ignorant or cowardly.

    Just goes to show us … not everyone has drank the cool aid……thank God.

  2. No Griff! Not all of us will continue to feed the media. I turned off MSNBC last night when that fool Martin Bashir criticized Christie for his weight. Bashir should be fired immediately for sounding like Mika on Morning Joe. I did not even own a television until 1984 and turned it off after that.

    I dig in and get my hands dirty politically. I have had some success and some failures but the internet is a losing battle. Anyone who dares to speak an opinion is thrown to the dogs.

    The American voters are not smart enough to choose a candidate and the internet does little to fix this problem. This is the television world of ignorance and I’m finished dealing in the product of stupidity.

    Doug had a brilliant concept but the people who really understand politics and philosophy refuse to play.

    • The internet is a double edged sword. If a person enjoys challenging their own beliefs and grappling with cognitive dissonance, the internet is an amazing tool for personal growth and education. If a person, however, enjoys feeding their confirmation bias, the internet is an amazing tool for galvanizing one’s emotional faiths and intellectual entrenchment.

      And of course, there are some who do neither and simply use it for entertainment or practical purposes.

  3. But the public will turn on their televisions, listen to the smooth lies, and support the system as they always do.

    Because Americans are cowards…Plain and simple.

    So keep complaining, because that’s all you’re capable of doing.

    Five monkeys.

    • You can despair if you like. But if you don’t realize the times are changing, then you’re not paying attention. I don’t believe that there’s more lazy loudmouth obstinate idiots then ever. They’ve always been with us, they will continue to be with us forever. They exist within all political and religious viewpoints. But more and more we realize that major media is universally biased towards the status quo, regardless of political and religious affiliation.

      We are NOT cowards. Okay, some of us are cowards. And it’s true we’ll need a lot more activity and bravery before the end of this age.

  4. Too bad that there is no way to create some type of statistical correlations between the individuals polled who expressed high levels of discontentment with elected officials /government and his or her respective voting history.

    For decades Americans have witnessed an increasing resistance by elected officials to alter the most obvious of flaws that allows for the growing power of government under our given system. Our elected officials and political machines have used these flaws to the fullest and have become virtually fearless. They can say and do anything with minimal to no accountability or consequences.

    American generations have been repeatedly warned by James Madison and others in the Federalist Papers about the flaws within the framework of the system of government they created. We the People haven’t heeded the warnings. We’ve made no demands on our system of politics and government to correct known and developing flaws. Now we’re all faced with what might be an unstoppable power source.

    IMO, Gallup and similar organizations will forever report “The Crying in Our Beer Results” based on the quantitative and qualitative research polls that reflect America’s levels of disgust with government, elected officials, and political machines.

    Oh woe is us!

    My bet is that given the history of voting behaviors of the American electorate – history will continue to repeat itself until the bitter end, whatever that might be.

    We’ll always get what we’ve always gotten when we always do what we’ve always done. Isn’t that how it works?

  5. Washington and Wall Street forget where they come from.

    Unelect them all. Vote for anybody not an incumbent.

    You voted for Obama and what did you get?

    You voted for McCain and what would you have gotten differnt? Not much.

    The only thing you can depend on Washington doing today which noboy likes is taking our money and giving to insolvent banksters to continue raping us.

  6. 2010 was the year the GOP split and still managed to add members to the House of Representatives. The push came from the religious right and look what we ended up with….

    This is not new! Europe went through this when the people wanted the Pope to set the moral standards for the people. In America it was a bigger movement run by the top Christian churches and President Bush 43 took down the separation of church and state when he gave the churches federal grants.

    I realize America has been a people-run Democracy for only 235 years and many of the Voters in 2010 had never voted before and had no clue what a religious government would do to the government.

    We can never get back to the separation as the churches are financing many of the elections. Many Americans elected a Democrat in the White House and it inspired a hateful white supremacy group known as the Tea Party. So what do we do now?

    When Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate, he did not win but he did wake up many voters with his academic and financial descriptions of where America went wrong. Can’t we learn something from this?

    Must our elections run on pure hate? It has caught the attention of Roger Ailes who is pulling back much of his biased Fox News nasty comments. The cheerleader of this hatred is still running the religious right and until someone or something can get to Rush Limbaugh, America will never get over the division within the people.

    Rachel said clearly this week that Fox can’t sell a political position and continues to claim that Americans must destroy other Americans. It is the ultimate division and it can be found all over the television, radio and forums.

    Political discussions have become impossible in America as people throw up their hands and refuse to claim a position as it means a fight.

    I’ve been voicing my opinion of how and why America has destroyed our own elections and I have never been shy as to why. I’m accused of insulting people when I question their wanting only white straight Christian men in power. That is not an insult but an opinion that America must stop the division and work as a team.

    Some day the internet will realize that for the last 15 years, I have been right as in correct.

    We need a third party who will never sign a pledge to support any plan taken from the bible. They have taken a pledge to support and protect the Constitution and if they understood the meaning of this pledge, no other is necessary.

  7. The difference between the Old Depression and this Depression? College grads were glad to even wash dishes or anything to make a quarter. Today we have 3 year unemployment benifits, food stamps, welfare, social security, disability etc. etc.

    I know a guy gets a crazy check because he has “anger issues”. Anger Issues??
    I want to threaten and yell at my boss so he can fire me, live of unemployment, then get a crazy check.

    Better yet I want a crazy check because I have anger issues with the government giving crazy checks to people who have anger issues!

    Why work? Just give me the funny money!!!

    • Thanks Woody188 for the superb supporting link material as to the root cause of the world’s financial problems spanning from employment to the highest levels of banking, insurance and brokerage.

      The movers and shakers at some point decided to disrespect honest labor and production in lieu of pathways to ‘easy money’ via the implementation of a FIRE based economy; I.E., finance, insurance and real estate with the production of goods and in many cases services to cheaper offshore labor markets becoming the order of the day; I.E., labor arbitrage as it’s referred to.

      The American people need to get it in their somewhat thick heads that their nation has been compromised by grifters in high places. Why should they care, most of them have never worked a hard day of laborious or intellectually intensive work in their lives. Most politicians are lawyers on leave from their firms while holding office. We all know what lawyering is all about…no?

      Seemingly we’re long past due an 1876, old time, down home call for gittin’ a rope, tar, feathers and sharp edged rails. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Just as a throwaway – I read somewhere (possibly on Cap Blue!) that “He who robs Peter to pay Paul can pretty much count on Paul’s vote.”

      I’d add to that, “And now Paul has more money, so guess whose campaign will be more effective?”.


  8. So you’d think with such major dissatisfaction expressed via this Gallup polling, citizens would realize that our two party system has become a pustular paradigm. We simply need a viable third party in order to provide an alternative to these standing one’s that have simply degenerated into a corporate controlled, citizen unfriendly duopoly. Voting for either party candidates will continue to provide more of the same and worse.

    Unfortunately I see no sea change coming that will turn the USS America about from its voyage to the bottom. Only after a major financial shakeup via sovereign default, collapse of the USD, subsequent rioting in the streets and the implementation of martial law with possibly years of civil unrest and turmoil will something different come forth for better or worse. These Congressional crimpols no longer listen to the needs of the American people. They are totally compromised and suffering from core rot as a function of terminal greed and lust for evermore power over their fellow men and women.


    “If the American people ever allow the banks to control issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied.” …Thomas Jefferson


    Carl Nemo **==

    • Carl, it seems like you ought to get on board with #OccupyWallStreet.

      Someone with your vast knowledge in these matters would be a boon to movement. The livestream chat can get a little rowdy, and the issues that are being pushed are diverse as the ways in which we’re getting screwed, but the energy of the movement is peaceful and revolutionary. Check it out.

    • As you, Mr. Nemo, pointed out eloquently, we have a two-party system. Unfortunately, the way the rules were written, the electorate would naturally degenerate into such. The Founding Fathers of the USA were bright folks, but even they weren’t omniscient, and they missed the unavoidable degeneration of their designed system into what we have here today.

      I also have to add more glum news – It won’t change without violent revolution. When the system itself is corrupted, and inherently self-corrupting (look at all those freshman Representatives who lost no time whatsoever adding porky earmarks to every spending bill despite campaign promises against such) it can only end badly.

      This is how empires fall.


      • Y’know Jon, I understand your anger and that it inspires violence. And I might agree with you, if we were living 20, 40, 80 years ago. Today, nonviolence is more effective than violence. Look at the Palestinians, if they’d been practicing nonviolent protests and making that available to the world public eye, they’d have their own state by now. But they insist on violence, and that leads to a pointless discussion over who’s more wrong.

        When people see other people being brutalized for simply taking a stand, it leaves no question who the moral party is, and who is being unfairly treated. It worked for MLK, it worked for Ghandi. The disparity between the national armed forces (military and police) and the citizens has never been greater. Violent actions by citizens and citizen groups will only allow the pro-establishment media to label them as domestic terrorists and dismiss them and their views.

        The degeneration of our republic can be tied to the denigration of our Constitution. Many of FDR’s policies and agencies were inherently unconstitutional, but no one spoke out loudly at the time. If we don’t hold our government to the highest law in the land, then Bush was right when he said “It’s just a goddamn piece of paper.”

        And we don’t have a two-party system. We have a one-party system(the Authoritarian party) with two faces.

        I agree with you 100% when you say “It won’t change without revolution.” But violence begets more violence. We seek a new way, but not a civil war. Our advanced communications networks allow methods never before conceived. Join the 99% – can we invent a totally new way of self-organizing, politically and economically? We must try.

        • Hi, KishinD.

          I don’t know about non-violence being completely effective. Look at the recent “Arab Spring”. While much was non-violent, there are always a few nuts with guns who do have to be violently overthrown, because that’s the only language they understand.

          It is my opinion that the government of Israel only understands violence.

          As an irrelevant aside, some of FDR’s policies may have been marginally unconstitutional. Even the Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter of what is and what is not Constitutional, has reversed itself a few times (see “Dred Scott”).

          But I suspect that attempting to provide work and food and health care for everyone pales into a peccadillo beside blatant violations like starting a war just on Presidential authority (Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc), imprisoning people without charge (Guantanamo Bay), demanding proof of innocence against an assumption of guilt (drunk driver checkpoints), and the list goes on.

          FDR was a piker for messing with the Constitution. What has happened since is much much worse.

          Congress last declared war in 1941 – Oddly enough, during the FDR administration.

          So you and Bush were right. It is just a ‘goddamn piece of paper’ now. When those charged with enforcing the law of the land are deliberately violating it, there isn’t much alternative.

          Finally, No. I don’t think we can find a new way. There are plenty of old ways that were tried and abandoned; as they were steadily corrupted from the inside.

          It’s humanity.

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