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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Obama: Republicans would ‘cripple’ America

President Barack Obama greets supporters after disembarking Air Force One at Boeing Field Sunday. (AP Photo/Joe Nicholson)

President Barack Obama continued his march to the left Sunday, unleashing a blistering attack against Republicans, charging them with trying to “cripple” America through what he called regressive policies.

“From the moment I took office,” he said, “what we’ve seen is a constant ideological pushback against any kind of sensible reforms that would make out economy work better and give people more opportunity.”

Republicans, Obama added, will “fundamentally cripple America” if their programs are enacted and their philosophy is followed.

Obama hammered his messages home on campaign swings through California and Seattle, appearing at events and fundraisers hosted by his most-liberal and richest supporters, including former Microsoft executive Jon Shirley.

Shirley hosted a small gathering at his house where 66 guests shelled out $35,800 per couple to meet Obama.

The California stop is particularly important to Obama, who is losing ground in the state he won by 24 percentage points in 2008.  With unemployment in the state now at 12.1 percent — second only to Nevada — Obama needs to fire up the state’s liberal base.

“Voters are looking for California to do something,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of California’s Field Poll, which recently showed Obama’s approval rating in the state down to 46 percent.

Sally Weldon, a Silocon Valley Californian who voted for Obama in 2008, told Capitol Hill Blue that she is not sure she will support him in 2012.

“He has been a big disappointment,” she said. “I’m thinking of trading up.”

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8 thoughts on “Obama: Republicans would ‘cripple’ America”

  1. The false dichotomy continues. If American’s didn’t worship sports and ESPN so much the “us vs. them” crap would not be so effective in dividing our nation.

    What useful idiots American’s have become.

    Then again, there’s the posters on CHB which give me hope. Granted, the majority of American’s seem to be waking up to the ruse.

    Both parties are corrupt and funding by other corrupt individuals.

    We deserve what we are willing to tolerate.
    We get the government we allow ourselves to tolerate.

    We’re apparently too tolerant of crooks and money worshiping sellouts.

    Griff is correct.
    The cycle continues.

  2. Washington and Wall STreet are in this for their benefit … not ours.

    To say that the Republicans are bad does not accomplish anything.

    Both parties are bad.

    They have knocked the legs out from under all of us.

  3. The failure seems to be doing a very good job of wrecking things without any Republican help. Well…the next President cannot be any worse but, then again, I said that about Bush.

  4. “Shirley hosted a small gathering at his house where 66 guests shelled out $35,800 per couple to meet Obama.”…extract from article

    Nobody pays almost 36g’s to ‘meet’ the President unless there’s some form of payback. Jon Shirley, the host is a former Microsoft Executive. I wonder how many Republican businessmen and women attended?

    Obama fooled this nation once with his slick-talking oratory; will he pull it off again so we must suffer another four years of basically ‘Bush Lite’ in office…? / : |


    Beware the shapeshifter…!


    Carl Nemo **==

    • So that’s what it’s like on a different planet? Quite a visual, 66 people in a private home talking about the good old days?

      The money number is one I’ve heard before. It’s not random and must be connected to some rule or accounting cap?

      Nice use of time and security resources, sarcasm on HIGH.

      Gotta make that money someplace. Movin on up and staying there is never cheap.

    • Unfortunately, if Obama doesn’t pull off the slick talking rhetoric this time around, a Republican will.

      And the cycle continues…

  5. The commentary is dead on correct. Even in my Republican community of the GOP the hatred for the man is completely out of the realm of politics. The Tea Party has issued a fatwa against Obama as a man far more dangerous than in any time since the end of the Civil War. They don’t even know what Obama has done to deserve this hatred and quote Rush when questioned.

    This hatred could destroy the GOP and they could do something about it. Hell, I’m no Democrat and certainly no Republican. Until a third party is found, I will not vote. Since Ike, I’ve never missed an election but I have never had to face such hatred before.

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