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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Ron Paul: The GOP’s real hope for 2012?

Ron Paul: Is this his time?

Whispers inside the fractured Republican Party suggest that when the smoke clears from a brutal primary campaign war for the party’s Presidential nomination, the most desirable candidate might just be maverick Libertarian Ron Paul.

“Dr. Paul’s ideas are becoming more and more mainstream,” a longtime GOP political strategist, who asked not to be identified, tells Capitol Hill Blue.  “In the end, he could be the party’s savior.”

Paul, long dismissed by the GOP established and all-but-abandoned by the tea party movement he helped create, is reaching more and more like-minded voters who want smaller government and more adherence to the Constitution.

Although many tea party members have flocked to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Paul’s political base is growing and his followers are passionate, ardent and determined.

“It is time we remembered that the Constitution is the guiding document of our land,” says Democrat-turned-Paul Supporer John Henkins of Dallas.  “Ron Paul will restore this nation to the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers created.”

Kansas City businessman Ron Luper says Paul’s ideas aren’t as extreme as some claim.

Jack Kemp advocated returning the country to the gold standard,” Luper says. “No one called him an extremist.  He was part of the Republican establishment.”

While pundits call the race for the GOP nomination a “two-man race,” Paul continues to poll well within Republican circles, hovering in third place just behind the frontrunners.

“He’s positioned to be in the right place at the right time,” says a retired GOP consultant.  “When Perry and Romney reduce themselves to ashes the party could look to Ron Paul as their salvation.”

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul: The GOP’s real hope for 2012?”

  1. Social security, medicare, and medicaid are un-Constitutional. The government has no right to force us to pay for this insurance.

    Good riddance DOE,HHS,TSA,EPA,Dept of Education and on and on. Oh, the jobs that could be created if not for the job/liberty-killing regulations of these depts.

    Let’s not talk about how our government is already in bed with the drug cartels. Does Operation Gun Runner ring a bell? And why do we need to regulate relations between consenting adults? The key words are ‘consenting adults’.

    Yup, I’d vote for Ron Paul in a heartbeat.

  2. “Dr. Paul’s ideas are becoming more and more mainstream,”

    You mean – more mainstream for Republicans as the Republican Party risks falling off of the right side of the planet.

    Paul favors: legalizing all drugs and prostitution, ending all wars and foreign aid, eliminating the Dept. of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Labor.

    AND, he’s against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    These are not (hopefully) winning positions in this country.

    • You do realize that legalizing the action, doesn’t legalize irresponsible acts don’t you? Don’t you understand that? You must get money from the Demomarxist government, otherwise you’d understand individual freedom also means indivudual responsibility, and if you’re not responsible, you’ll pay for it.. It’s time you get off the government teet and take care of yourself..

  3. “Putting banksters in jail”

    Don’t hold your breath on that worthy wish: No matter what any one pol pandering for your vote may say, neither party’s Congress critters will ever do more with that than give it brief lip service. Then they will vote it down by something like 100:1.

  4. Amen.

    My socially liberal side will hold it’s nose will voting with my fiscally conservative side.

    Right now I don’t want to talk about abortion. I don’t want to talk about immigration.

    I want to talk about putting banksters in jail.

  5. It’s the blood-lusting extreme LEFT Trotskyite neo-cons who have taken the GOP to the brink of extinction.

    It’s time to dig out the infection and toss it back to where it came from.

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