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Friday, February 23, 2024

Obama’s tax claim: The numbers don’t add up


President Barack Obama is lying when he claims millionaires — on the whole — pay taxes at lower rates than those with less income.

It makes for nice political rhetoric but the facts don’t support the President’s claims.

The Internal Revenue Service says less than 1 percent of households with incomes above $1 million paid no income tax while all households making $1 million or more pay an average of 29.1 percent in taxes.

Meanwhile, households making between $50,000 and $75,000 pay an average of 15 percent in taxes while households earning $20,000 to $30,000 pay just 5.7 percent.

While billionaire Warren Buffett brags that he pays less in tax rates than his secretary, most of his fellow rich pay far more.

The Tax Policy Center says the 46 percent of American Households who pay no income tax this year are primarily low and medium income families — not the super rich.

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s tax claim: The numbers don’t add up”

  1. What’s interesting is that Sandune has been associated with CHB and RR far longer than myself and should have known the “smear site” link was bogus. Myself, not so since I’ve interfaced with CHB post 2006. I picked up on the link and pursued the information flow which caused me grave concern.

    If you want to ban me for ‘life’, fine! At 66 years of age and yourself a few years my junior we don’t have that much time left anyway. : ))

    You need to lighten up good buddy.

    If this displays, then don’t forget to post my apology as ‘suggested’, just to show I’m not some intransigent jerk.

    Nemo **==

  2. Chief, I owe her more than an apology. I Googled her and found your picture over her name and thought it was a joke. I know how many hats you have worn over the years and did not take Theresa’s name seriously. If the Goggle site is wrong, why not remove it so that no one else will make my mistake.

    You removed my offending post without even an explanation and I figured I was to be tossed again. I will not return. My sense of humor is not what it once was. That Google thing was a riot. I just misunderstood it.

    You needn’t monitor me again.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t see how you could have thought that smear job was a joke, especially when you linked to the site where it originated in a later post.

  3. Thanks Doug for posting the linked apologies to you and your editor Teresa Hampton.

    So too, I’ll publicly express my apologies both to you and your editor Teresa Hampton, but it would have been nice if this material had been posted as a rebuttal to the driveby post of yesterday that simply supplied the inflammatory, bogus link material.

    With it simply being deleted with no explanation, it caused some concern on my part. So I spent some time reading everything I could dig up on the “Classical Values” site which caused concern on my part. In the future if such should occur,

    It’s too bad specious site links like these can’t be deleted from Google at the behest of the originator because it perpetuates lies, or that retractions sent to you by the originator aren’t readily displayed. It’s the same in the newspaper business where front page libel is followed up by back page retractions.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. I want something understood here and I want everyone to get the message loud and clear.

    I do not appreciate it when a long-time friend and colleague comes back to this site to help and is greeted by posters who claim to be “friends” of Capitol Hill Blue and who dredge up links to a blogger with an ax to grind who violated our copyright and published lies about me, Teresa and this web site four years ago.

    Teresa came here to help with some changes to CHB that will be implemented on our 17th anniversary on Oct. 1. She was subjected to unwarranted innuendos here that had nothing do do with the story she wrote.

    Those slams have been removed and if the two who posted them ever repeat them they will be banned from here for life.

    For the record, the source of the blogger’s claims has since retracted its hit piece and the imposter who used this web site has admitted his role and apologized on his own web site. As a fellow traveler who deals with the beast of alcoholism, I’ve accepted his apology and moved on.

    I expect the rest of you to do the same. The two posters owe Teresa an apology. If you wish to continue posting comments on this web site, I suggest you do so.

  5. My question to Doug Thompson: Is the new ‘editor’ of CHB, Teresa Hampton a “sock puppet”…?

    I’ve researched the entire “Classical Values” postings on the www and find them quite interesting to say the least going back to 2006 and somewhat earlier.

    It makes me wonder who is the real ‘Doug Thompson’ and his motives for maintaining this site. Is it a DARPA engineered pipeline to those in “Homeland Security” who might be interested as to whom are the societal ‘malcontents’ that post to this site or not?

    A link was eliminated to “Classical Values” that somewhat piqued my interest especially the ‘flow chart’ with Doug along with various ‘sock puppets’ associated with CHB, now deleted.

    Are you in remission from your alleged ‘brain tumor’ of times past…? / : |

    I recommend that posters research the “Classical Values” site on the www. Very interesting indeed I might add.

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Teresa, what a smear. This debate has nothing to do with the NUMBER of people who do or do not pay taxes. It has to do with the AMOUNT OF MONEY the people earn, who do or do not pay the taxes.

    Are you saying that poor people don’t pay enough in taxes because there are so many of them?

    Are you saying that rich people pay too much in taxes because there are so few of them?

    Your logic is nonsensical.

  7. “The Tax Policy Center says the 46 percent of American Households who pay no income tax this year are primarily low and medium income families — not the super rich.” …extract from article

    Well here lies the answer to the deficit problem. These ‘freeloaders’ need to be taxed at a far higher rate in order to squeeze a fair share from their ‘useless eater’ hides…no? There’s no jobs for ‘their kind’ to speak of left, so they are sucking good air that that the other 54% can utilize. It’s time the poor and disenfranchised quit freeloading on the efforts of the upper classes in this country…no? :o)

    Carl Nemo **==

      • please!! NO – not Texas. We have our guts full of Perry, Hutchinson, Chronyn(sp?)…you name it. I may live in Texas, but I’m a Texas Liberal – a dying, damn-near extinct breed.

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