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Friday, February 23, 2024

Voters humiliate Obama, Democrats in New York, Nevada

Bob Turner, center, joined by his wife Peggy, right, and family smiles as he delivers his victory speech during an election night party, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011 in New York. Turner says his shocking win in a heavily Democratic New York City district is a "loud and clear" message to Washington. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Voters in special elections Tuesday sent a loud, clear and harsh message to President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

The party of the jackass lost a normally safe seat in New York and suffered a humiliating blowout in Nevada.

“The base stayed home or those who showed up voted the other way,” a disheartened Democratic strategist told Capitol Hill Blue.  He characterized the Democratic base as “betrayed, disappointed, furious and disgusted” with Obama and the party.

Going into the special election Tuesday morning, even House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer admitted to reporters that blame for losses in the two special elections would land in Obama’s lap.

In New York, Republican Bob Turner beat Democrat David Weprin in a race for the seat vacated by scandal-ridden Anthony Weiner.   In Nevada, it wasn’t even close as Democrat Kate Marshall went down in flames against Republican Mark Amodei in a race for a rural seat near Reno.

The New York loss stung Democrats the most. The party holds a 3-1 advantage in registration and have held the seat for nearly a century.

“A bad night, to be sure,” said a demoralized Democrat.


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7 thoughts on “Voters humiliate Obama, Democrats in New York, Nevada”

  1. I really have to wonder how Obama played the long game.
    He crammed through as much legislation as he could when he had both houses of congress, typical of a one term president. “Lets pass it so we can read it” seemed to be the mentality of his partys leadership as well.

    You then mention that having something declared unconstitutional is a good thing, then enacted unconstitutionally/illegally would be better, and follow up with a quote from the preamble of the Constitution.
    Incarcerating/fining its citizenry for not buying insurance is about as far away from liberty as you can get. And the twisted logic from the pursuit of happiness to socialized medicine would puzzle even the best pretzelmaker.

    Allow me to leave you with quotes from Thomas Jefferson and Alexis de Tocqueville, author of the Constitution and philosopher whose ideas Jefferson et. al. subscribed to, respectively:

    “That government which governs best, governs least”

    “Democracy declines when its citizens vote themselves benefits from the public treasury”.


    By now, it should be clear to the Democratic National Committee it has an insurrection of the (former) party faithful on its hands. It is these regular voters, often calling themselves “Progressives”, who should have delivered victory.

    Instead, they stayed home en masse— just as they did in 2010 in borderline states– and allowed the contest to be decided by the Archie Bunkers of the district.


    Clearly, Progressives are very disappointed in Obama and Democrats in the US senate. And now, they are making their displeasure felt.

    True to their beliefs, these dissatisfied, furious Democratic voters phoned, emailed and sent letters to the DNC after the 2010 election debace, but the DNC did not respond. The DNC’s own post-election agenda, according to one DNC staffer, included only a “post-mortem” of strategy and performance by the party organization. Although the staffer believed some at the DNC actually cared, only the most desultory effort was made to determine what voters, themselves, believed.

    Is the DNC educable? Does it understand politics-by-triangulation does not make voters particularly pleased with the result? In the fullness of time, even Mr. Obama may come to realize Clinton-era corporate-style politics is dead.


    And there is also the matter of aggravated DNC incompetence. After Obama won handily in 2008, the DNC was asleep when it lost Massachusetts– in part, because Coakley was not a viable candidate, but in equal part, because the DNC did not know or care. With Weiner, we might suppose the Democrats might have remembered Massachusetts, and checked with their voters about Weprin.

    Democrats of this country are fully primed to tar-and-feather the “professionals” at the DNC who believe politics is all about marketing and public relations. These are the same party professionals who have all but carved their initials in their desks (it’s a long term career, if you please the right people). Obviously, they do not want to hear the bad news– they want only another donation.

  3. I hafta wonder, though.

    While playing poker, Obama played the long game.

    Maybe (I hope) there’s going to be a huge return to campaign promises in the next year…

    It’s cynical, and hard on the poor people right now, but it will work if, in the next year, President Obama gets off his ass and gets reform done.


    PS – That the Obamacare act is found unconstitutional I think is actually a plus for it. When that mandate gets thrown out, maybe we can actually have socialized medicine…

    After all, recall the promise of “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. That sounds to me like a mandate for health care for everyone… J.

  4. Yeah, pissed off at Obama for GW Bushs screw ups.

    What do you want New York, Perry?? Bachman? Romney?

    Give me a break…

  5. It would appear that the leftist-proclaimed death of fiscal and cultural conservatism, supposedly done in by the advance of the socialist juggernaut have finally awakened the true American spirit.

    It would seem that Obama, Bernanke, and even Paul Krugman and his apologist ilk have finally been found out for who and what they are… ignorant to the point of being dangerous.

    As MLK would say, Thank God Almighty.

  6. There’s no win for losing. What do the voters want? I’m not even certain what it is I want……

    We are going to have to stabilize some kind of agenda before we can discuss politics. The Democrats cannot control the actions of President Obama and their voters are leaving the ship. The GOP is so offensive to many who were die-hard Republicans that none of them can locate a candidate.

    Americans are not happy with a new agenda from either side. I’ve never know an election where there is no lesser of two evils. Personally the GOP has destroyed any chance of getting back my vote. Not even Congressman Paul is strong enough to stand firm on his own convictions.

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