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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Obama, Congress hit new lows in polls

President Barack Obama: The polls don't look good (REUTERS/Jim Young)

President Barack Obama‘s poll numbers continue to fall with only 44 percent of Americans approving of his performance as President.

But the numbers of Congress are even worse. While 51 percent of those polled disapprove of Obama’s job performance, 82 percent think Congress is doing a poor job and only 13 percent approve of the job performance of those in the House and Senate.

The numbers from the last NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll aren’t good for either party. The GOP‘s numbers are the lowest since 2008, when voters tossed out many Republican incumbents and put Democrats in control.  Sixty-eight percent of Americans disapprove of GOP members while just 28 percent approve.

Political strategists tell Capitol Hill Blue the latest polls numbers strikes terror into the hearts of both Democrats and Republicans and that the NBC/WSJ poll echoes the widespread voter discontent in an ABC/Washington Post poll.

Both polls find that Americans no longer trust either party when it comes to handling the economy.  Obama and the Republicans in Congress are tied at just 40 percent when the surveys asked who is better at creating jobs.

“Obama is no longer the favorite to win re-election,” says Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who conducts the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll with Republican pollster Bill McInturff.


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5 thoughts on “Obama, Congress hit new lows in polls”

  1. My greatest concern is that the “we the people” will get tired of the lack of action on both sides of the aisle and explode. Look at Egypt, Libya, Syria and even London. Helpless people need to let it out and our streets make the perfect stage.

    The new game in town is falling on its ass and I speak of the Tea Party. They are choosing Elmer Gantry as the Evangelical-in-charge. People are afraid not to vote for him. The debate tomorrow night might just separate the rats from the fleas. Several Tea Party members have stated today that they will not watch the debate.

    The voters do not have the balls to throw these fools out of office.

  2. Griff…

    While it’s difficult to disagree with your list of American electorate and political/government characteristics, similar lists that appear all across the net usually turn invisible soon after being posted. Yours will most likely do the same.

    Apparently most people still believe that there’s no choice but to participate in the status-quo selection process of elected officials – nor the need to any attempt to demand government be accountable…and mean it.

    Maybe our (we the people’s) dilemma is nothing more than the fatalist belief that it’s powerless to change.

  3. So the saga continues…Weekly polling shows ever-falling approval for the President and the Congress. Americans approve of and have lost confidence in both parties.

    But who will win the next presidential election?

    Some one from one of these two parties.

    Who will win all the House and Senate seats up for grabs?

    Some one from one of these two parties.

    Keep taking those polls, America – it’s doing a lot of good.

    Show your frustration on the telephone – it’s doing a lot of good.

    Keep the two party system alive and thriving while your country and your future is sold out from beneath you by these two parties.

    Keep complaining about the state of this country while you do nothing to change it.

    Keep voting.

  4. I’m not surprised that both the White House and the Congress have fallen in the polls. The Republicans lost a valuable tool to win their power. Instead of going along with the Constitution and working with the White House, they chose instead to make personal pledges outside the realm of the Constitution. The first was the pledge with Grover Norquist to not raise taxes and the second was the Susan B. Anthony pledge to stop abortions and lessen birth control.

    The GOP continues to take the position of guiding the voter’s personal actions. This is what happens when religion takes over any political power. They believed this would get them votes by the people and they were wrong…..

    This is the same Congress that took America into a debt so large, it damaged our credit rating. Instead of paying off the debt, they tried to restrict the American people from getting what they (we) paid for with regard to our S.S. and Medicare.

    What about taxing the hell out of the super PAC Presidential millions that are being given to the Candidates? This morning it was reported that a GOP Super PAC is donating over 55 millions dollars to Rick Perry. Tax that money before it gets lost in the rampage of our elections. Restricting the raising of money is against the freedom of speech law but taxing it is not! Or we could tax the super rich who send the money to the super PACs.

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