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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Voters to Palin: Stay out of Presidential race

Votes to Sarah Palin: Don't call us, we'll call you

Sarah Palin may think she has what it takes to be President and political gurus may think she should run but a Fox News poll shows voters across the political spectrum have a common message for the former Alaska governor: Stay out of the race!

Even tea party members who earlier embraced Palin think she should stick to making money with books and speeches.

According to the polls, 74 percent of all respondents don’t think Palin should ever run for President and 71 percent of Republicans said “nada” to a presidential run by the fading political star.

Sixty-six percent of tea partiers said Palin shouldn’t run as did the same percentage of independents.

The widespread rejection of Palin as a Presidential contender spread across political, ideological and party lines. When asked for a reason on why Palin should not run, many said they found her “too extreme.”

Had the poll come from the New York Times, Washington Post or CBS the Palin faithful would be crying foul but this survey came from right-leaning Fox News, giving Sarah’s cult-like following little room to claim bias by the news organization behind the numbers.

Bottom line: It ain’t looking food for the Wasilla, Alaska’s claim to fame.

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5 thoughts on “Voters to Palin: Stay out of Presidential race”

  1. If they find her too extreme for their fruit cake recipe, then I’d sure like to know what they think of the other nuts in the batter about to go in the electoral oven ?

  2. There were a number of polls from various sources trying to nix Governor Palin from running for the White House. It makes one wonder what news sources she reads…

    • We already know what news sources she reads: “All of them.” She just can’t come up with any names, that’s all. Anyone who thinks this airhead is Presidential material is as silly as she is.

  3. It would be like Geraldine Ferraro running again for President after losing with Mondale. Geraldine (God rest her soul) was smart enough not to do it. We all know Palin isn’t very bright especially after that horrible television series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

    If your selection as VP running mate can’t change the fate of your ticket, your running for President will likely fail. Americans don’t particularly care for the losers.

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