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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Voters are mad as hell at Congress


Memo to Congress: The American public is mad at hell and a lot of that anger is directed at Capitol Hill. The same goes for the tea party.

A new Associated PressGfK poll finds a whopping 87 percent of Americans disapprove of Congress and much of that anger is directed at Republicans and the phony grassroots tea party that pulled GOP strings during the recent debt crisis debacle.

And, for a change, voters aren’t just mad at Congress as an institution but also at their own representative — a surprising statistic.  Those interviewed in the poll expressed doubt over the ability of lawmakers to even govern.

The poll found public approval of Congress at a historic low — just 12 percent and a nine point drop since June.

Both Republicans and Democrats expressed dissatisfaction with Congress and 30 percent of independents say they don’t trust either party.

Increasingly, voters say they’ve had it with the inability of members of Congress to work together.

“I guess I long for the day back in the ’70s and ’80s when we could disagree but we could get a compromise worked out,” Republican Scott MacGregor, 45, a Windsor, Conn., police detective, told the Associated Press. “I don’t think there’s any compromise anymore.”

Increasingly, voters blame the tea party for Congressional ineffectiveness.  Only 25 percent say they support the tea party and disapproval of the movement has increased 10 percent since last November.

Disapproval of the tea party is also affecting support for GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner, whose approval rating is down to 29 percent.  Many respondents said Boehner “kowtowed” to the tea party.

But there’s enough anger to go around.

Emails to Capitol Hill Blue show the same level of voter anger.

“Both sides have lost touch with the real role of Congress,” Jan Avacini of Denver told CHB in an email. “They are far too entrenched in party politics.”

“The tea party Republicans have destroyed the GOP,” said Robert Berry of San Diego.

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10 thoughts on “Voters are mad as hell at Congress”

  1. There is plenty of compromise in Congress. We just don’t have enough free speech, ie money, to see our changes get implemented like corporations do. I see compromise all the time when it comes to corporate initiatives. They all agree to screw the little people!

  2. I have to laugh at the placard held by the ‘pro-active’ citizen with the supplied photo.

    How can we “Vote the bums out” when the only choice provided in the general election is either bum A or bum B reporting to the same corporate controllers, both parties totally compromised to the same entity…?

    Third party candidates seem beyond the electorate’s political “event horizon”. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Yeah right…Isn’t that what “we” just did? Isn’t that what “we” did in 2008? In 2006?

      We’re running low on bums…

      A quote from Einstein comes to mind…Different results? Ha.

      We are doomed.

  3. I agree with you Sandune, but while these folks are dangerous. The reason you hear them so fevered in there pitch. This may be the last chance of them implementing such a plan. The emerging intelligent networks are making it harder for them to control the spin.

    In short, the real war that emerging is the information war.

    Transparency, education and ways to interact are way to battle these folks.

    just some thoughts

    • Larry you are right; this is the last chance for the Evangelicals to make a Christian nation out of America. The messages were clear right after the wars following WW2. The Christians formed an uprising under the Birch Society and their emotional reaction to Communism sold America that the way out of communism was through Jesus Christ.

      Americans are getting lazy and will sign on with the loudest changes offered by the religious right. These threats of Armageddon have been used on humans since Constantine became Emperor of Rome. I spent years researching this madness and it bloomed anew under President Bush 43. He was a deeper menace than anyone realized.

  4. This is exactly what the Christians did across Europe that is until the people of Europe saw the millions of killings that were justified as killing the heretics. We are back where we started before we declared our independence from England.

    Indeed, these times were later called “The Dark Ages”.

    We never learn.

  5. Which corporations would be willing to manufacture products that we can sell here? What is selling? Can we sell new homes? I read somewhere that the government is considering tearing down homes across America so we can build new ones. We cannot manufacture garments as we no longer have the people who can measure, cut and sew anything. We are beginning to manufacture cars again but where do we get the employees who are able to follow blueprints and can handle the heavy equipment?

    Can we even manufacture the robots who have replaced the assembly lines? Even new corporations will not open factories until they know exactly what the cost of hiring all the employees with health insurance waiting to be taken on.

    Every element of job making is taking too much of a chance for anyone to finance anything. Who will buy what we make? With mortgages so risky, who in their right mind would buy a home these days. I did but without a mortgage and not everyone can do that. I would love to fix up my new unit but not until I can sell my Arizona home and few are interested in that.

    No we are in a pickle when it comes to trying to fix anything by voting the current House out of their jobs. We have a congress out of touch with the reality of any well thought-out plans for our future.

    We are exactly where the GOP wants us. They will tear down America without a second thought. They plan to rebuild our government as a Christian nation under a Social Conservative government starting with the White House all the way down to the 50 Governors who are waiting for instructions.

    This is exactly what the Christians did across Europe that is until the people of Europe saw the millions of killings that were justified as killing the heretics. We are back where we started before we declared our independence from England.

    Bush started this religious war and men like Rumsfeld and Cheney destroyed any thought of freedom. If these men are really Christians, I would hate to see what they pray to.

    When Americans finally catch on to this game started by the Evangelical Republicans, they might just riot in the streets just like Libya, Egypt and every other nation on this planet. Are we willing to see D.C. get destroyed? Can we ever rebuild the Capitol? The Cathedral? The Smithsonian? The Thomas Library? Just like the Mayans who left their homeland in trash. Just like the Easter Islands and other once great civilizations.

    Why do we bend over and allow these bigots who claim to be Christians to scare the hell out of the citizens of America and slowly but surely destroy those American places we built with our own hands. As humans, we gave up learning about the American values that made us great. Nobody gives a damn anymore. My kids will have to tie me up and put me in a cage before I will allow any pious jerk to destroy my property and my agenda of fairness. If they want the government, let them buy it from the rest of us. If they want to destroy Social Security and Medicare, let them pay us for what we put in and then it’s all theirs.

  6. That’s funny, considering every two years we “vote the bums out” and opt for change, but when the people we elect attempt to make those changes, the People get upset.

    We need to make significant cuts in spending, but noone really wants to do it.

    Um…that’s not to say that I support much of what either party is attempting to do because the “cuts” they’ve made already aren’t cuts at all, but merely caps on future spending which could easily be overturned by a future Congress – and most likely will be.

    Raising taxes won’t do it. What needs to happen is immediate cuts in “defense” spending. The Iraq war was supposed to pay for itself, but the only ones making any money off it are “defense” contrtacts and oil companies.

    We need to stop invading other countries at the behest of the resource-hungry corporations and defense contractors.

    We need to switch back from a war and service economy to a productive economy. We need to produce what we consume.

  7. This distressed anger from the Republican Party, including the Tea Party is earned by all of us who will never understand. They are willing to take America down the tubes just to make President Obama look bad. It is even effecting family members and long-time friendships.

    I do believe it has racist roots and fertilized by many of the religious right. My anger at people like Rush Limbaugh is growing. I enjoy political discussions around my new neighborhood but when I asked why so many hate Obama I can’t get an answer other than screaming insults at me.

    Much of the problem comes from the churches who have given up the teachings of Jesus Christ and are now blasting Liberals as being criminals to American values. The churches are still fighting Roe v Wade and gay marriages. They are directing their congregations to take President Obama out in 2012.

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