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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Even the left is pissed at Obama

President Barack Obama: Oh, how times have changed (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

President Barack Obama faces many opponents and too many of them are part of his base — liberals who just three years ago celebrated his election to office as a triumph for left-wing ideology.

Now they suffer from buyer’s remorse.

Liberals say he caved on the debt ceiling debate.

Unions say he’s a failure when it comes to dealing with unemployment and labor issues.

Hispanic want to know why he’s been absent from the immigration debate.

Pissed-off liberals may take a hike when Obama seeks their support for re-election in 2012. Some even tell Capitol Hill Blue that they now regret supporting Obama and wish they have voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Presidential primaries.

“She would have made a far better President,” says Susan Bindley of Chicago, who worked for the Obama campaign in 2008.

Princeton University professor Cornel West, a liberal advocate who supported Obama in 2008 is now one of the President’s most vocal critics.

“They want to love him, but he’s given them little evidence and his rhetoric is running out of steam,” West told The Associated Press. “We find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. He’s going to need high levels of enthusiasm among his base, and it’s going to be hard to do that with speeches and no real serious actions or policies.”

Many liberals left the good ship Obama last year when he caved in to Republicans and kept the Bush-era tax cuts.  Others departed when he dropped public option from the health care overhaul. Still more turned their backs during the debt negotiations when he gave in to spending cuts without demanding higher taxes on the wealthy.

Labor, once a stalwart supporter of anything Democrat, is mad as hell.  A dozen trade unions announced last week they would boycott next year’s Democratic National Convention because of what they see as Obama’s failures to push their agenda.

And the minorities who make up so much of Obama’s base are unhappy as well.  The Congressional Black Caucus met in Detroit last week and complaints about Obama’s ineffectiveness in handling the jobs crisis escalated.

“Our people are hurting,” Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters told the group.

Latinos, unhappy with the record number of deportations since Obama took office, delivered 35,000 petitions to the President’s campaign headquarters Tuesday.

“President Obama is doing a smashing job of discouraging, unmotivating and inducing fear among Latino voters, Robert Lovato, co-founder of, told the AP.

Obama acknowledged the problem in a speech in Iowa this week.

“I’ve got a whole bunch of responsibilities, which means I have to make choices sometimes that are unattractive and I know will be bad for me politically and I know will get supporters of mind disappointed,” he said.

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19 thoughts on “Even the left is pissed at Obama”

  1. Many liberals left the good ship Obama last year when he caved in to Republicans and kept the Bush-era tax cuts.

    I mailed the President a written letter complaining about this and about how the entire debt ceiling debate would have been entirely moot had he let the tax cuts expire.

    I got back a form letter with an autopenned (I think) signature, and a few paragraphs on completely unrelated subjects.

    At least someone went to the effort of putting my address on the letter itself, as well as the envelope.

    I have not since tried commerically flying anywhere – I could be in trouble… *sigh*


    • PS – “Commercially”, and there’s a spare comma in there. Preview, preview, preview… *sigh again* J.

  2. The problem is that people think the “President” is the one trying to be the dictator. The “President” is just a puppet with an interchangeable face. Both the Dem and Rep parties serve the same master. The President is like a condom, roll it on, screw people, roll it off and throw it away.

    • Thanks Woody for the positive feedback concerning my comments.


      “The President is like a condom, roll it on, screw people, roll it off and throw it away.” …extract from reply


      I must say this comment is not only spot-on, but world class imagery concerning the dark order of the day. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. People are so confused they believe Hillary Clinton would have done things differently.

    Here is a video of Hillary watching ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern being forcibly removed after silently turning his back on her in protest during her speech on ironically, freedom of speech.

    Would this fascist have done anything different from Obama?

    No, they serve the same corporatist/fascist interests that claim globalization/free trade but really mean global hegemony/labor arbitrage. Better tell your friends before it’s too late.

  4. The lefty base, as well as the righty base are just another special interest group selling it’s soul for continued access to the halls of corruption.

    That’s why, no matter what Obama does or doesn’t do to “piss them off”, they will support another term for this loser and the cycle of being played will continue!

    Who knows, maybe someone in the lefty base will finally figure out that he is not one of them!

  5. What both the left and right fail to realize is that this President is a synthesized creation of the CIA to simply be the right man at the right time to fill a gap left by a Bush presidency. The Clinton’s were the same relative to H.W. Bush with G.W. Bush being ‘jammed’ into office by the Supreme Court. Now we have Obama another plug-in module who basically continues or enhances policies of making continual war on behalf of the MIC and Bush family interests worldwide. Jeb Bush has talked of joining the race, quite possibly late this year or early next year when desperate voters with short memories will be looking for anyone, including another Bush in the White House, only this time it will be the somewhat, seemingly benign, accomplished former governor of Florida. / : |

    The Bush clan have engineered a transgenerational dynasty to control this nation into the 21st century and beyond. I’m not joking either. I highly recommend folks obtain a copy of “Compromised: Clinton,Bush and the CIA…How the Presidency was co-opted by the CIA” a 1994 release by Terry Reed and John Cummings. It’s available on

    I’m going to post a link with a short essay implicating Obama’s ties to the CIA. He’s not beholding to anyone other than his controllers. There’s to be no systemic rocking of the boat under his watch other than further enslave the American people both financially and systemically.

    Obama is nothing but a ‘judas goat’ leading us over the edge into an abyss; I.E., a fascist/corporatist hell on earth. Believe it…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • My Gosh Carl. Lew Rockwell is always very careful with the commentaries that appear on his site. This is crazy stuff here.

      • Hi Sandune,

        The reason I posted Rockwell’s link is that it was short and to the point and not to be scorned like sources as et al. There’s quite a bit of material concerning Obama and his family ties to the CIA. Just google it and start researching. I’ve also confirmed such through personal government sources that I have. The entire subject of his family ties to “The Company” is off limits to the press, no different than the issue of his birth certificate and other points of contention. Seemingly he is the “Manchurian Candidate”. / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

    • I made reference to the book “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA…How the Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA” a 1994 release authored by Terry Reed and John Cummings.

      A year ago there were many copies available at a reasonable price. Now I notice that a copy, both used would cost $421+. Evidently as I suggest this is hot reading and some entity has been buying them at a frenzied rate, possibly “The Company” itself. It’s a damning indictment of the Bush crime family, the Clintons and even Obama by associationn with the CIA in that everything we hold dear has been reduced to nothing but “smoke and mirrors”. The shepherding of American citizens has simply degenerated to a HUMINT op.

      Here’s a link to a free .pdf download of the work. It’s quite lengthy, but worth the read and effort. It will leave one hushed as to how corrupt the people that have made it to high office really are rather than the MSM groomed public image that’s sold to the electorate.

      Most Americans little realize the “evil that men do” especially those they’ve so foolishly elected to high office.

      When Bill Clinton has been interviewed concerning his CIA connections, the CIA airbase at Mena, Arkansas he goes chalk white and is at a loss for words, just dead, pinched silence. He, Mr. Rhodes Scholar and his highly educated wife are both possibly CIA operatives or assets. Obama & family mostly deceased are part of this intel cabal too. They are not friends of the Republic, but planted usurpers beholding to a game plan dedicated to implementing the New World Order along with the destruction of the United States of America.

      The Bush’s along with his tenure to date support this thesis…no? : |

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Carl, I am sitting on a huge novel by Robert Littell entitled “The Company” which is about the CIA. It claims to be a novel and I have set it aside until I have a good solid week without pain pills so I can read it. I see that this is not the book you reference.

      • You may also be interested in “Legacy of Ashes”, which is rather more available.

        It deals with the CIA’s past “activities”, and it made me wish they’d just pissed away their entire budget since 1947 on hookers and cocaine. The world would have been a better place for that, methinks.


        Legacy of Ashes (Amazon)

  6. The left is angry because it feels betrayed. This is because there was an implied promise from Obama that their agenda was HIS agenda. That obviously is not so.

    Perhaps his puerile call for completely eliminating our nuclear weapons, publicly bowing to the Saudi king, publicly bowing to the Japanese emperor, and so forth might satisfy those who are ashamed of the United States.

    These past few years have revealed his corporatist soul, bravely “attacking” the forces of greed with a feather. One only needs reminding of how “healthcare reform” morphed into “health insurance reform” and then back to “healthcare reform” after passage. The legislation addresses nothing except another “comprehensive” non-solution that the president can say was a victory…for his ego.

    If I’m going to vote for a Republican I’d rather vote for a real one, not a Manchurian wax dummy.

  7. Griff, Two wrongs make a disaster!

    I watch little television but I am disgusted that the NFL has kidnapped many of their games from my Time Warner Cable. I do have Satellite Radio and hopefully they will cover the 49er – Oakland game this evening. I started out listening to sports on our radio. The NFL has also kept us from streaming the games on the computer and we are told to pay them for the games. To hell with them.

  8. Ha. They’ll vote for his re-election, who are they kidding?

    He’ll make flowery speeches, tell his faithful that he needs another term, that he inherited such a mess and it’s all Bush’s fault, and people will adore him once again and faint in his presence with that glassy-eyed look of messianic worship that we’ve all come to now and love.

    And then there’s the Republicans…

    I might have to start watching television again. Okay, maybe not.

  9. You are right Chief! But will the voters again have to vote for the least offensive candidate? If I ever had an inkling to return to the GOP, the current House and Senate have destroyed any leaning I ever had for the right.

    I believe in a two party system but it would be better if they spent more time in the Constitution and less time trying to round up Christian Cats.

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