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Monday, June 24, 2024

Glenn Beck is mad as heck at John Boehner

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is taking his carnival sideshow to Israel next week but members of Congress won’t be going with him — at least not at taxpayers’ expense.

The House Ethics Committee is barring members from attending Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally in Israel on August 24, ruling that the gathering is a political event and cannot be part of any trip paid for by the government.

The House members can go is they pay for the trip out of their own pocket or they might — subject to review by the Federal Election Commission — get away with using campaign funds to foot the bill but that might spark an investigation.

Rep. Joe Walsh, an Illinois right-wing Republican and supporter of Beck, asked for permission to attend the rally as an official “fact-finding” trip paid out of taxpayer funds.

The House Ethics Committee said “no.”

So Beck is mad as heck and, on his radio show, shouted in his usual bombastic style: “Speaker Boehner, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves.”

The House Ethics Committee won’t publicly discuss specific reasons for rejecting Walsh’s request but a committee source told Capitol Hill Blue Thursday that GOP members of the committee feel Beck is “toxic” and want nothing to do with him or his sideshows.

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck is mad as heck at John Boehner”

  1. So Glenn Beck, that bullhorn for reducing government spending, wants the government to spend money for politicians to attend a rally in Israel as long as it is HIS rally?

    Hypocritical, as usual.

  2. AIPAC can send 20% of Congress to Israel via the American Israel Education Foundation which is funded via AIPAC. I guess they left Rep. Joe Walsh off the list.

    I think they are backing off after CODEPINK filed a complaint with the Congressional Ethics Committee.

    This is also evidence of why you can’t trust Glenn Beck. Remember the 9/11 litmus test. If they sell the government fantasy, they aren’t for the people. Glenn is one of the pied pipers, leading you to a pre-determined fate.

  3. and on the other hand the tightie-righties are blaming obama for taking a vacation to martha’s vinyard. the hypocrisy here is miasmic.

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