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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Obama’s ‘Magical Misery Tour:’ A fitting footnote to his Presidency?

A Secret Service agent walks in front of President Obama's bus during a stop in Le Claire, Iowa, on Tuesday. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

President Barack Obama took his act on the road this week, traveling the Midwest in a $2.4 million armored bus in what his handlers claim was an attempt to “interact with real people.”

Next? He’s headed to Martha’s Vinyard for a vacation amid the rich and famous.

So much for mixing with the masses.

Crowds for his highly-hyped bus tour were tepid at best. The enthusiasm is gone from his carefully-staged events. So is his stirring rhetoric. The words that now spill from Obama’s mouth like verbal diarrhea are halted, hesitant and devoid of emotion.

For Obama, the magic is gone, along with the swagger that characterized his demeanor early in his presidency.  The man who swept into office with such high expectation now appears worn, tired and unsure of himself.

GOP Presidential contender Mitt Romney calls the President’s trip the “Magical Misery Tour.” For a change, Romney’s right.

Polls show only one in four Americans approve of the President’s handling of the economy and that economy will drive voters in the 2012 election.  Many of the voters are out of work and their unemployment benefits have either run out or will soon.  Will they vote for the man they blame for their shattered lives?  Not likely.

Watching the disintegration of Obama’s Presidency brings in mind two other recent one-term Presidents: Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.  Both came into office with high expectations. Both fell from grace quickly in the eyes of a skeptical American public.

What voters see now is not a champion of hope but a vapid President devoid of leadership, short of substance and hamstrung by his inexperience and inability to grasp the nuances of the job.

Even the President’s base is shaky. Liberals think he has sold out and African-American voters say he has done nothing to help them.  His bus tour this week avoided the inner cities but concentrated on mostly-white middle America — a group that didn’t trust him in 2008 and say “see, we told you so” now.

Even Democratic political strategists looked at his monolithic black bus and shook their heads.

His opponents hit the road in buses adorned in bright colors, American flags and images of the Declaration of Independence.  His bus is a black, Darth-Vader monster that looks deadly and threatened.

“It’s hard to excite people when you arrive in town in a vehicle that personifies doom and gloom,” one Democratic strategist grumbled to Capitol Hill Blue. “The bus was a big mistake.”


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16 thoughts on “Obama’s ‘Magical Misery Tour:’ A fitting footnote to his Presidency?”

  1. I was surprised when they rolled up in the bus in Iowa and claimed it wasn’t a campaign trip. They really think we are stupid.

  2. Once upon a time John L. Lewis was involved in a bitter dispute with another union leader. A mutual friend suggested a meeting whereby they could “explore each other’s minds.”

    Lewis responded, “Explore his mind? Sir, take my word for it; I’ve done that and there’s nothing there.”

    That is what the Obama Presidency has decayed to. His lack of leadership; his inability to grasp the concept that not everyone considers him God’s gift to the world, underlines the “Magical Misery Tour.”

    The man is creating a huge vacuum that is being filled by some, and in the future by others. Whether agreeing with it or not, the citizenry need and demand a firm narrative from the president.

    As he steps off his bus I can hear the refrain from my late father, “Don’t go stepping in the stuff you’re trying to sell us.”

    • In addition to the suggested paint griff; I’m thinking they need to tow a calliope behind the bus or simply have megaphones blasting circus music as the ‘main man’ rolls into town.

      Here’s a fun link to some happy oldtime circus/carnival music. “Step right, step right up ladeeeez and gentlmen to hear words of hope and more “change we can believe in” issued from the mouth of our ‘silver-tongued’ orator in chief…NOT! / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

        • Hey,
          what if the guy had an even chance,
          sitting upon perilous pinnacles of power, populous intent dying by the hour,
          morbid moral turpitude following in showers, the death of America and all her flowers ?

          Respect the office..Llamraf.

          • Damn, I dare not think where we’d be if he had an even chance to do every thing he wants to do.

            I don’t respect the office that the scumbags holding it don’t respect. As soon as that happens, perhaps I’ll show a little more respect. But until then…well, business as usual for me.

            I have no idea what Llamraf means.

            • Bryan is referring to a general purpose tractor of tricycle wheel design. It was the workhorse for early mechanised farming in this country.


              Unfortunately for this nation, our leadership is wanting for serious “traction” on any issue other than plumping their offshore accounts at our expense.

              Carl Nemo **==

  3. “The words that now spill from Obama’s mouth like verbal diarrhea are halted, hesitant and devoid of emotion.” …extract from article

    Spot-on content Doug along with superb “imagery” as quoted. : ) His halted, now hesitant delivery is a function of bad ‘gas’ mixed with foul substance.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. So what’s so great about a garish paint job on a campaign bus ?
    Does it hide the fact that when the door opens out pops an egotistical turd every time?

    At the least the bus should display The Great Seal, but with popularity waning it would be viewed as a target more than a matter of pride.

    Oh, I forgot, they are the democrats…Marf

  5. I don’t care about the bus or his vacation. I want someone in the Democratic Party to stop the invasion of the Tea Party in our elections.

    I have years of training in phonics and when I hear Governor Perry speak I am reminded of Professor Higgins swooning over Eliza Doolittle’s sound of her voice.

    I’ve been involved in politics for nearly 60 years and I will not be insulted by Perry’s talking down to anyone. He must have gotten his training with the Red Neck comics on television.

    • Sandune, how does the topic of Obummer’s Magical Misery Tour get derailed to your rant against the TEA Party? By the way, it is “TEA” Party — Taxed Enough Already. Get it? Is the concept simple enough for your intellect to comprehend?

      Why do we intimidate you? A year ago your democrat talking heads were saying we were insignificant. Now you’re wringing your hands, worrying who’s going to save you from us “terrorists” who have taken control of Congress. Better face reality. The “invasion” in our elections has only begun.

      Not racist, not violent — no longer silent!

      • Unfortunately, your “Taxed Enough Already” is completely at variance with the facts and a smoothly productive economy.

        Recall the rates under Eisenhower, when the U.S. economy was doing just fine.


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