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Monday, December 11, 2023

Bachmann can’t even get Elvis Presley’s birthday right

Michelle Bachmann: Facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Republican Presidential wannabe Michelle Bachmann wished Elvis Presley happy birthday yesterday.

Only one problem. Tuesday wasn’t the birthday of The King.  It was the anniversary of his death.

Every day she opens her mouth, Michelle Bachmann showcases her ignorance.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina Tuesday morning Bachmann said “before we get started, let’s all say, ‘Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley’ today.  Happy Birthday!  You can’t do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we’d celebrate his birthday as we got started celebrating our ‘Take Our Country Back’ Tour.”

Presley was born on January 8, 1935.  He died on August 16, 1977.

By the time she got to Greenville Tuesday afternoon, Bachmann changed her story and her tone.

“Today is the day we observe the passing of Elvis Presley,” she said somberly.

The woman who thinks she has what it takes what it takes to the President mangles facts, makes claims about accomplishments that aren’t hers and flunks geography.

In March, she confused Concord, New Hampshire, with Concord, Massachusetts, when she said: “You’re in the state where the shot was heard around the world at Lexington and Concord.”

Well, doh!

In Iowa in January she claimed the nation’s founders fought to end slavery, sayying “the very founders that wrote those documents (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States.”

Which came as a surprise to historians. Many of the signers of the documents owned slaves — including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington — and all were dead when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War and nearly 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Also in Iowa, Bachmann claimed legendary school idol John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa — which is also her birthplace.  In fact, serial killer John Wayne Gacy hailed from Waterloo. John Wayne’s parents once lived there but Wayne was not born there and never lived in the city.

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16 thoughts on “Bachmann can’t even get Elvis Presley’s birthday right”

  1. Stephen Williams FYI:

    On February 3, 1959, a small-plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, killed three American rock and roll pioneers: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, as well as the pilot, Roger Peterson.

    Don Mc Lean called it “The Day the Music Died,” in his song “American Pie”.

  2. I convinced myself that this error would be spun in some religous fashion. You know, The King was reborn into the Kingdom.

    Personally, I file these gaffs with the others of no importance. It seems more like Trivial persuit when intelligence is rated by knowledge of pop culture and celebrity.

    I should probably do some research to find out if Britney is single or married again. She’s still alive, right?

    Bachman hasn’t done a very good job hiring her staff to campaign, that’s a hint. Who got fired for adding Elvis to her show?

  3. Elvis died on my twenty-fifth birthday; Tuesday, August 16, 1977; the day the music died. I don’t think Michelle Bachmann is a bad person; just a product of today’s education system.
    And your politicians don’t want education standards raised. People might wise up and stop electing idiots like Joe Biden, Nanci Pelosi, and Harry Reid; to name a few of the stupidest people ever to walk the face of this Earth since the dawn of time.
    This is the most powerful arguement in favor of abortion. If the mothers of Barack Hussein Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nanci Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jimmy Carter, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Henry Waxman, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, Barney Frank, Olympia Snow, Dianne Fienstein; and many more politicians: if their mothers had gotten abortions while pregnant with the afore mentioned people; this country would be in far better shape than it is now.

  4. Intelligence is not a required qualification for high office. See: Vice-President and Senator Dan Quayle and Governor and President George W. Bush.


  5. So in other words, she’s perfect presidential material…After all, didn’t Obama campaign in 57 states?

  6. By the way, Doug, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed during the Civil War, not “following” the Civil War. It’s a minor correction compared with Rep. Bachmann’s howlers.

  7. The next stop for Michelle Bachmann is NASA headquarters, where she will give a speech about a NASA project to blast a number of cows into orbit around the Earth.

    She’ll call it…

    “The herd shot ’round the world!”

  8. She’s trying to milk the cow dry hoping the public won’t notice she has the Bull in hand..Moooo Oww.

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