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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Obama’s plan: Smear the GOP with tea party mud

President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

With tea party favorites Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann generating buzz in GOP political circles the Obama White House thinks it can hurt Republicans by painting the party with the broad bush of growing tea party unpopularity.

It’s an old political ploy called guilt-by-association.

Sometimes it works.

More often it backfires.

Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs Tuesday said GOP candidates must decides whether to work with the administration or “swear allegiance to the tea party.”  David Alexrod, who ramrodded Obama’s successful 2008 campaign, said Republican presidential contenders are “pledging allegiance to the tea party.”

The Democratic National Committee has a new video out that claims GOP members of Congress and the growing Republican presidential field “embrace extreme tea party policies.”

Polls show tea party approval ratings dropping fast for the tea party and its policies.

But Obama’s popularity with voters is on the skids too and polls show voter dissatisfaction with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress at an all-time low.

So will voters buy into claims from either side when it comes to charges of “extremism?”

Unlikely at this point.

While the extreme fringes of the tea party turns off many voters, others are motivated by the group’s positions on spending and taxes. Polls show voter anger at an all-time high and that anger generally hurts incumbents.

Which means trouble for both Obama, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives and the Democratic edge in the Senate.

Potentially, this “throw-the-bums-out” mentality could lead to an election where Republicans win the White House and Senate and lose the House.

Which could leave America right where it is now.

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9 thoughts on “Obama’s plan: Smear the GOP with tea party mud”

  1. “For that, I give this guy and his regime of ‘advisers’ a capital “F-” ”

    You could add, as has been stated here many times by Obama foe and friend alike, “And all regimes before him. for the last 30+ years”.

    Keep in mind that the sell out of the American middle-class was not an overt operation. I would well suggest that the worm will turn, at least for the time being, via a “stealth” strategy. Or when the masses turn from fear to truth and hit the streets.

    • Hopefully so neondog, but it seems the mass dispensation of antidepressants along with fluoride in our waters has a a mild to heavy lobotomization effect on the unwashed masses.

      I remember when Nixon intiatiated “wage and price controls” in the early 70s, all hell broke loose with trucker strikes and mass protests.

      That’s 40 years ago and I’ve noticed that public protest is almost nonexistent when it comes to shear numbers. Something is seemingly askew.

      If our citizenry were still banging on all cylinders, then we should have had a change in regime along with their modus operandi for a number of years, but no.

      I’m not as optimistic as you are concerning some type of last ditch attempt to restore our Constitutional based goverment. I scent, destructive revolution in the air.

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Bin Laden dead…Qaddafi ousted…looks like Obama does pretty well when he doesn’t have to count on GOP cooperation.

    • Good point neondog, but our concern should be on the intense focus of our national leadership concerning things afar rather than the well-being of our nation.

      Our leadership seems to excel in offshore adventurism either engineered or circumstantial, beyond that, they are ciphers relative to the well-being of the Republic and its citizens.

      We have record unemployment with a virtual vacuum created in terms of solving this problem due to massive offshoring of American industry during the past 15+ years, all facilitated by our Congress and either lame or cunning trade negotiators with an ugly ‘plan’ for us.

      Things of globalist import seem to eclipse the needs of our homeland and the well-being of our citizens. They seemingly are intent on killing our “sense of nation” on the altar of globalism and ‘free trade’ run amok.

      For that, I give this guy and his regime of ‘advisers’ a capital “F-” …! : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. The president’s campaign staff might find something in their *in writing* swearing a pledge to Mr. Grover Norquist.

    A completely unelected (and unelectable) pundit.

    They should as well sign a pledge to Jon Stewart to “keep providing material for his show”.


  4. It makes sense for the moment to come out strong against the GOP. We’ve just had a couple of weeks of saturation from the GOP candidates leading up to the Ames Iowa Straw Poll where Obama was the chief target. Obama is right to push back against this and frame the debate while it is still coalescing.

    • And when would Dems not come out against the GOP?

      If the question is “whether to work with the administration or swear allegiance to the tea party,” then there isn’t any question. Just BS.

      Which is, of course, all that zero has to offer.

  5. You’re right Chief. This trying to smear the Perry “Right,” will backfire as the GOP is running on panic and a near revolution mode. President Obama would do better in the long run to simply come up with a good strong job creation and let the GOP sweat! If he can’t do this, he would better to ignore his opposition and simply step down after his loss in 2012. Making our elections look like the Wrestling shows would be a big mistake.

    I hope Obama has a strong group of secret service around him as it wouldn’t suprise me if the religious right had a talk with God to remove Obama from office.

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