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Friday, February 23, 2024

Tea party to Boehner: Stand firm


Tea Party activists demanded House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner deliver on budget cuts at a rally on Monday at his Ohio offices, urging the Republican leader to “stand strong” in debt negotiations.

About 100 people chanted “no more spending” and hoisted banners and signs reading “No New Taxes” and “Do Not Cave” outside the 11-term Republican’s offices near Cincinnati.

“He needs to hear a resounding message that Americans want him to BE BOLD, STAND STRONG, CUT THE SPENDING,” said the rally announcement from the local Tea Party.

Around the same time as the rally, Boehner outlined his party’s budget strategy as pressure grew on Congress to raise the government’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling before an August 2 deadline.

Demonstrators listening to Boehner on the radio cheered when he urged President Barack Obama, a Democrat, to put “people before politics” in resolving the stalemate.

“It’s like having a credit card. You can’t keep asking for an extension without making any payments,” local Tea Party leader Susan McLaughlin said.

The group gathered some 1,000 letters and copies of e-mails from all over the United States urging Boehner to maintain a firm stance.

Speaker Boehner holds the gavel and all the power,” Ohio Tea Party leader Sue Hardenbergh said. “Americans know the truth about our country’s dire financial situation and are ready to do what it takes to get our country on the path to prosperity.”

The Tea Party movement, which advocates limited government, was vital to Republican gains in last year’s congressional elections, helping them gain the majority in the House that resulted in Boehner taking the speakership.

Without a deal — and dueling congressional debt plans have offered little prospect for compromise — the United States may default on its debt obligations and ratings agencies are likely to downgrade U.S. debt, which could set off chaos in global markets.

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9 thoughts on “Tea party to Boehner: Stand firm”

  1. Excellent point Carl Nemo!

    The checks for those who allowed this heist to happen, errr, I’m sorry, bailout to happen along with the repeal of Glass Stegall are complicit in the fleecing.

    The checks for those in the government SHOULD STOP!
    There should not be one cent allotted to these “crimpols” as you call them Carl.

    They changed the rules so their campaign contributors could profit.
    Well, profited they have, as the rest of those they were intended to represent nosedive into poverty.

    They should be cut off and fired regardless of whether it’s incompetence or intention!

    • So why should the secretary at the Library of congress not get her check? Is she not part of the govt?

      • I’m presuming that if the “top grifters” don’t get paid, they’ll make sure everyone in this nation that depends on the government dole won’t get their ‘check in the mail’ or in these times as an “auto-deposit” either. : D

        My list wasn’t all inclusive Almandine, but as in past with close debacles of the same nature it was aired that the President, Cabinet, Congress and the Supremes would still get their checks so presumably they’ll suck up to the “Library of Congress” and no doubt other high level apparatchiks, ensuring they get paid along with their ‘Praetorian Guard’ ; I.E., the U.S. Military which gives them the mechanism to maintain their nation destroying quasi-tyrannical hegemony over our citizens.

        Carl Nemo **==

  2. Extremists in our time are labeled terrorists by our t-obsessed ‘leaders’, so why not them too? In this case, it’s financial terrorism with the end result the possibility of wrecking America’s standing in the credit markets. Obviously something needs to be done, but destroying the in place mechanisms for the nation’s daily survival is stupid. This is an example what central banking working with a corrupted national leadership can do to a nation, even the planet at large; I.E., destroy the fabric of civilization all for a few dollars, euros, shekels or yuan more.

    You can’t eliminate debt by going further into debt. They need serious realtime spending cuts, not simply ‘future cuts’ across all sectors and not just social programs, but to include our defense establishment to where hundreds of billions are pilfered or poured down new ‘killtoy’ ratholes every year. Foreign ‘aid’ is another stickler that needs to be curtailed bigtime, especially military aid to nations like Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan et al. The Libyan debacle is another example of our ever-growing “tax debt” being p*ssed down ratholes in far off places.

    Both parties are in this together with both being responsible for getting us where were at, but now in the final lap they are pointing fingers, each hoping to escape the blame for their ongoing malfeasance in office leading to national financial disaster.

    The big question is: Will paychecks stop for Congress, the Supreme Court as well as the Executive branch too when the government shuts down? It’s only right if millions of SS recipients are cut off; I.E., people that were shorn of their wages for many years to pay into a ‘plan’ are cut off that these criminally disposed grifters we have in high office feel the bite too. We’ll see how many ‘patriots’ we have in high office if they no longer get paid to screw us over 24/7/365… / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, eh?

      “Obviously something needs to be done, but destroying the in place mechanisms for the nation’s daily survival is stupid…. You can’t eliminate debt by going further into debt. They need serious realtime spending cuts…”

      Can’t have both, Carl.

      But, NO checks will stop… SS or otherwise, and the interest on the debt is entirely manageable without the dreaded DEFAULT. Your short list of cuts is a great start.

      As I’ve said before, it’s really something when folks who would have a balanced budget and not shove the country further into debt are labeled…

      Makes me wonder what the others should be called.

  3. i suspect if they were told what the results would be, destruction of America, they would still endorse their plan … nothing but extremists

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