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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Voters mostly blame Republicans for debt-limit deadlock

Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Barack Obama: Plenty of blame to go around (AP)

American voters have had it with Republican obstructionism in the debt limit debate and continued stonewalling by the GOP could bring payback in the 2012 elections.

That’s the indication in a new CBS News poll that finds 71 percent of Americans disapproving of Republican grandstanding in the debt limit crisis.

Even more dire for the GOP is the finding that 51 percent of GOP voters saying they disapprove of how their party is handling the situation.

Bottom line for the GOP: Stop the showboating and get on board with a deal or Republican lawmakers could join the unemployment lines come November 2012.

Yet Republicans aren’t alone in facing voter anger. At least 58 percent of those polled aren’t happy with Democrats either and half say both President Barack Obama and Congress are doing a worse job than their predecessors.

In other words, plenty of blame to go around.


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24 thoughts on “Voters mostly blame Republicans for debt-limit deadlock”

  1. The answer is simple, when we hit the debt limit do not issue any kind of check, Social Security, Military, Medicaid, business, anything to anyone in a republican represented area. If they don’t want to pay our bills that THEY created 85% of, then we don’t pay theirs. If they think “we the people” should pay for the debt THEY caused with their tax cuts for the rich and false war in Iraq, and refusal to fix health care and continue their spend but don’t tax ways they’re crazy. The richest of the rich aren’t paying half of what they paid in the past in taxes and they want grandma and grandpa, the sick, handicapped, and mentally ill to give up $1,000’s a year and their health care to keep it that way. Give THEM what they asked for….

  2. Thank God I’m an old dude. If it gets too bad I can just go ahead and die. I feel sorry for the kids. They aren’t going to know anything but this crap,

  3. As long as the masses have their iPhones, cable TV, Internet and some form of sporting entertainment on their minds … things are fine.

    All of this “financial” stuff on their television doesn’t pertain to them, besides they don’t understand all of those big, boring words the supermodel-look-alike newscasters say anyway. (Not that the newscaster does either).

    As long as the masses are comfortable things are great.

    Pertaining to the article topic, voters mostly blame the republicans because the TV told them to…not because the voters have anything more than the memory of a goldfish, or the comparable IQ of a chimp.

    Has anyone seen the movie “Idiocracy?”
    Not that I’m into movies (seen one seen ’em all, same plot) but this one pretty much sums it up.

    We have been out-bred by morons, who continue to proudly embrace their stupidity.

    “Voting the bastards out” only works when the other option isn’t a bastard as well. Right?
    The choice between twp (or 5) bastards is still? Yep, a bastard, so there’s NO way to vote them out apparently.

    Make sure you and yours have plenty of the basics and that you can defend those basics, because things just might go ugly.

    God Bless.

    • “Has anyone seen the movie “Idiocracy?” ….extract from post

      I have and although it has pushed the envelope to the ridiculous, we’re not that far removed from the plot.

      Within many of my posts to this site over time, I’ve referenced this grade ‘B” or lower movie. It’s so lame that it’s fasinating and somehow to astute intellects as yours, et. al. we can relate, relative to our current national crisis…no?

      My thoughts are that we are doomed and the outcome will be the absolute and total destruction of the world’s financial paradigm. I can’t say that it will occur within this current round of financial angst, but it will assuredly occur in time… : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. That’s what the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 along with the Income Tax Amendment, the 16th of the same year has wrought; I.E., serfdom to bankers and the hypothecation of our nation upon the altar of Mammon…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. In a free nation. the banks and the government serve the people. In our nation, the people and the government serve the banks. Go figure.

  6. One the one hand, the ‘debt crisis” is contrived for the purpose of political gain, notably with the 2012 elections in mind. I know that hypocrisy is rampant in politics, but to suddenly gasp with horror at the debt after ignoring it for over a decade is the limit. I don’t believe a word the Republicans say on this matter.

    On the other hand, President Obama apparently welcomes this “crisis” and will address it just as he did the “healthcare crisis.” That is, throw of his mask of the campaign and reveal himself to be an aggressive compromiser, making butterknife thrusts at his opponents (which includes just about anyone who doesn’t comprehend how blessed the U.S. is with having such a brilliant eunuch “leading” the nation. And I don’t believe anything he, or congressional Democrats say either.

    The reason we all still post here is because we care; we care about this ship of state that approaches rocky shoals while petulant brats fight over who gets to control the tiller. We care because no matter whether we agree or not on any range of subjects, we all understand the needless sadness of watching a vessel that has sailed on for over 200 years being so badly abused.

    The greatest danger to this republic is when the cynicism of the masses equals that of the smug sons of bitches running the show. THAT will signal the collapse of a polictial and social compact that exists ONLY with a viable middle class.

  7. It just seems to me that if there is a bill to pay the rich folks are going to have to pay it cause us poor folks aint got no money.

  8. woody, I am also wondering where this guy went:

    “We’re not gonna be able to do anything about any of this entitlements if what we do is characterize whatever proposals are put out there as, well, you know, that’s the other party’s being irresponsible, the other party’s trying to hurt our senior citizens, that the other party is doing X, Y, Z, that’s why I say if we’re gonna frame these debates in ways that allow us to solve them, then we can’t start off by figuring out, A, who’s to blame, B, how can we make the American people afraid of the other side?”

  9. The crisis was created by Dems, they could have done this when they controlled everything but wanted to pick a fight leading into the 2012 campaogn cycle and try to force the Reps to break their campaign promises.

    The Dems never proposed a plan with any details, the Obama budget was soundly rejected, the Reps have put forward several plans, maybe not the best plans.

    The Gang of 6 plan has some possibilities, but the tax code provisions will never get done , analyzed, and approved before Aug 2. the tax issue should be seperate from the spending and debt ceiling.

    I am opposed to the balanced budget amendment, but I do really like the idea of capping spending at 18% of GDP. That is where revenues gravitate toward over time no matter what rates have been since WWII. Bump cap gains to 18%, get rid of all the subsidies, incentives, kick backs, and credits for oil, green energy, agriculture, etc and set the corp tax rate to 18 or 20%.

    Oh well, will never happen, congess won’t give up that power.

  10. This is a Republican-manufactured crisis since even their own plan requires the debt limit to rise many times. EXTORTION by the crazies is acceptable?

  11. In some important ways, it is a failure of leadership: Congress keeps on voting for programs without any obligation to worry about funding them, or cutting out something else to cover the cost. If tax rates floated automatically to cover all of our government costs in each fiscal year, then we could put a dollar/year cost for every single bill, program, weapon system, and so forth for each of us.

    Instead we have a system with no feedback from bills, etc. to what they will cost us personally and every incentive to drive up the deficit forever. Even if we get a price, we have no idea how much that thing will cost after financing and what will be our family’s share. I’d like every tax payer to get an itemized bill each year, so we can each see just how much we are personally paying to have hundreds of military bases all over the world, paying farmers not to grow certain crops, paying oil companies for their reserves getting depleted, and so on for many pages.

    Once we all have that, I think a lot more people would be after their Congress-critters to get rid of all sorts of things.

    • The debt is about $14.350T and climbing. The estimated population of the United States is 310,965,052. So each citizen’s share of this debt is about$46,140.00.

      Get after ’em.

  12. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. . Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that .the buck stops here.. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” — Senator Barack Obama, March 20, 2006

    Where did this guy go?

  13. For as long as I can remember voting, the RNC has managed to keep the GOP open to accept support and help from all sides of the Republican platform. There was a place for those in poverty and those in wealth. I remember the battle to pull in the gay community with their votes and the log cabin members were lining up with the rest of us to vote for our best candidates. In 1999 the GOP had redone the agenda and abortions carried their own agenda pledge. The RNC traded their votes for pro-lifers and they managed to buy the religious right. Every 4 years the rules changed and there is now no place for pro choice folks and a new pledge is now being signed by the money end of the RNC hoping nobody would notice. The RNC is now catering to lining up their pledge signers in hopes of going for a law suit if they break their vows to the pledges themselves.

    I detect no such vows being used within the Democratic Memberships. The LP has no acceptance laws and they will take anyone. Apparently the American citizens have no concept of right over wrong. What seems to be missing in this whole scenario is a complete lack of trust in anyone. It also leaves us without a trusting republic who will be asked to cover our commitment of loyalty to the government if we can count on the support of the State and Union. This trust that we offer to others is the result of our building trusting memberships in our families.

    I still read a daily newspaper and have my entire life. I like people who read their daily papers. I moved from the central coast of California 12 years ago and I link to their daily paper to be certain I didn’t miss anything over night. I was able to link to the Santa Monica Outlook until they closed up 20 years ago. They gave me my first job writing obituaries. I never bonded with Sun City Arizona and simply boxed up their papers to be put out for recycling.

    I need to be able to trust my children and even my pets. My friends know I can be trusted to keep my word and have a home where they are always welcome.

    Is there anything trustworthy about our government at this time? Why do we even bother with our discussions?

    • Hi Sandune,

      I also bumped into a PBS program about the move of religion into politics. It started in the 50s with Eisenhower and grew with Rev. Billy Graham, then the recruiting of Jerry Falwell.

      Adding the words under God to the pledge of allegiance and then all the successive presidents after that had some version of religion as a mandatory part of their image and PR.

      Ike was baptized as a Presbyterian as an adult after some conversations about if he didn’t mind and how about this one?

  14. Seems like they thijks only rich people should have money. Us poor folks don’t needs no money. We don’t needs no food, no shelter, no clothing, no medicine, no education, no entertainment. We just needs nothin at all.

  15. At this point, It seems that the “american voter” cannot figure out(If they ever will?)who will cause there destruction more rapidly and definitively and which party they hate the most and why?

    They should have had it figured a long time ago!

  16. The Republicans couldn’t make America better because of the Democrats and now the Democrats can’t make America better because of the Republicans?

    Bush and Obama, where’s the difference?
    I don’t see any.
    Both are war presidents, only one reads the teleprompter better than the other.

  17. So Obama and the Democrats are doing a worse job than their predecessors, but Americans are also unhappy that the Republicans are obstructing them? Gee, I’m glad we’re going to have the opportunity soon to start the cycle anew…

    Yum, I like my cake, and I eat it too.

    Um, there’s only two parties to choose from.

    • I surfed into a PBS program that had to do with Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party.

      So much to learn and who could ever hope to learn it all.

      He ran as a 3rd party candidate, I believe it was 1912. He finished second and maybe that’s the only time anyone has. He was a progressive with a platform for things like Social Security and health care.

      Then there was another election where a 3rd party guy whose name I already forgot campaigned from prison where he was serving 10 years for being an anti war activist. He got some respect from his opponent that was elected and had the remainder of his sentence commuted. Debs?

      Are there any new ideas or just the passage of time?

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