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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Republicans divided on debt debate

Michelle Bachmann (AP)

It’s no wonder that Republican presidential candidates are divided over whether to increase the federal borrowing limit.

Their voters are, too.

Fiscal hard-liners in early-voting states say they won’t back someone who supports raising the debt ceiling under any condition. They say the debate in Washington gives the 2012 candidates a chance to show stark differences with Democrat President Barack Obama.

Other voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina say they are upset about spending. But they also say the debt ceiling must be raised as part of a broader deficit-reduction strategy.

Some candidates oppose an increase. But most have adopted nuanced positions.

4 thoughts on “Republicans divided on debt debate”

  1. I have been a card-carrying member of the Chamber of Commerce in every city I’ve ever lived in. I buy locally when possible. I came from several generations of merchants and have enjoyed many “street parties” put on by the merchants of Santa Monica and then Cambria California. Suddenly, I learn that the Chamber of Commerce has a hidden agenda of greed. Keeping the cities themselves beautiful and filled with customers is not as simple as can be imagined. Television did in many independent book stores and now the big one “Borders” that did me in even 30 miles south of the Cambria village. Borders has finally closed up their final store and it saddens me that not every small village can support a book store.

    The Tea Party is just another wayward group of Republicans trying to add Christians into the decreasing numbers. Having been raised in a Christian family, I learned that no Jewish kid in my block would ever be welcomed into the house. There has been many a list to infiltrate into the GOP to make them more comfortable with the inevitable end game of a Christian Nation.

    Pondering, I left the GOP with Bush 41 and never went back. I’ve never voted for a Democrat but daily their points of view sound more rational and logical than anything the GOP has offered.

    The Chamber of Commerce organization promotes wealth! They promote bringing people off the streets and into the stores. For some people, Christmas starts when the lights go up on Main Street and the Salvation Army bells begin to ring on the street corners. The Friday after Thanksgiving can be a win or lose indication of the kind of Christmas merchants will enjoy.

    The whole damn purpose of buying things wholesale and selling them from a building is what wealth is wanted and needed to continue. Building wealth is not a moral failure.

    What is it you think the GOP needs to grow? If growing wealth is not the end game, why keep the party going? If you want a growth or organized religion in the Party, let it happen.

    I haven’t a clue what the GOP stands for at this time. I see pledges to keep taxes down and pledges to stop birth control and pledges to not allow gays to marry. What else do they carry around so quaintly hidden from view? Taking a look at the list of candidates so far, I would have to say the GOP has nothing to offer.

    I read a lot of your posts and always wish for the final statement of what we can look forward to. Our choices will again be a “McCain” type Republicans running against “Obama” act 2. How long can the GOP run away from individual rights?

  2. This conflict is because the GOP is a coalition on Chamber of Commerce Republicans, Christian Conservatives, and now Tea Party folks. On raising the debt limit, the CCs are in direct opposition to the Tea Party desire to take down Obama by destroying the economy. Concentrating on the Tea Party folks is a huge mistake: Most Independents are now pretty anti-Tea, and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans share the values of all the major GOP contributors (the super rich).

    Letting the Tea Party have their way just irritates the real backers of the party, and scares away the Independents whose votes they need to win.

  3. Who does Moodys represent by suggesting there should be no statute to limit debt?

    What a great idea this is. Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  4. “They say the debate in Washington gives the 2012 candidates a chance to show stark differences with Democrat President Barack Obama.”

    And isn’t this all it’s really about , folks? The election?

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