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Monday, May 27, 2024

Sarah Palin’s latest spending spree

Palin's bus and its $14,000 "bus wrap"

Former Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin — the centerfold for a faux grassroots tea party movement that claims to represent fiscal responsibility — uses her political action committee funds for “shop ’till you drop” spending sprees.

A look at her latest filing with Federal Election Commission shows Palin likes to blow money on frills.

She spent 14 grand for a fancy “bus wrap” on the vehicle used for her aborted “One Nation” tour earlier this year. The tour came to abrubt halt after a string of missed appearances and disappointing crowds. The “bus wrap” was a giant decal that included an grapic of the Declaration of Independence.”

Palin rang up more than 26 grand of charge on her Visa card for “air fare, lodging, car rental and wireless” on June 2, spent nearly six grand on a “tour of the Holy Land” in March, paid an Alaska firm $5,416.66 for “scheduling” and shelled out $683 to a Nashville book store for “bookmarks.”

The filing show Palin raised about $1.6 million for the last reporting period and spent just about all of it — even though she is still not an official candidate for any office.

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12 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s latest spending spree”

  1. What’s really crazy about this woman is the more ‘exposure’ she gives herself publicly the more I”m attracted to her; I.E., her empty-headed sleaziness, predation and seeming addiction to bling. Don’t forget too that she can shoot wolves from a chopper, skin out a moose and no doubt make a delicious huckleberry pie unlike most if not all inferior male candidates.

    No matter, we’re failing as a nation under a bunch of old, bad-breathed white guys and now a duty “Uncle Tom” controlled by this same bunch of terminally greedy, power mad mattoids.

    So as the ‘financial asteroid’ looms ever close, maybe it would be more ‘fun’ to listen to ‘Madame President’ with kinda of a valley girl mindset concerning freedom, justice and liberty for all…NOT!

    I’m going to post a link to my favorite Huster production titled “Nailin’ Palin” .

    If she got the nomination for President, I think I’d vote for her just to enjoy the ‘visuals’ and ‘fireworks’ as the nation unravels as it will anyway, if not before the 2012 elections.

    Warning: DO NOT view the following link if nudity supported by x-rated behavior outrages your inner sensibilities. You’ve been warned. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

      • They surely aren’t “Ice Road Truckers” in a tanker sense sort of way…no? : ))

        Actually I’m stone cold sober and have worked my butt off all day on my place fixing gutters working on flashings and doing more pressure washing. I’ll make up for my days worth of sobriety later. : D

        First I need an old guys afternoon siesta. Later good buddy…! : )

        Carl Nemo **==

          • I was never able to nail down a bottle of Dr. Watkins linament from Walgreens. They discontinued carrying the product although they carry an entire line of other products by the same manufacturer. Instead I bought a fresh bottle of DMSO via the web which helps quite a bit.

            I’m waiting til the winter months to have the shoulder surgery done and am simply toughing it out. Some days I have killer pain and others not so much. The reason I didn’t pursue the surgery now is that it’s summer time and I have so much work to do on my place that my wife is incapable of handling. On occasion I pay folks to do some work, but you have to watch them like hawk on a field mouse nowadays. There’s not too much work ethic left within the American populace regardless of the unemployment issue. Most of those hired will never do as good a job as the homeowner themselves.

            I have several hundred feet of hedges that need trimming which I will hire out because I can’t heft a hedge trimmer off a ladder all that well due to the fact I’m right handed and that’s the bad arm.

            Sorry for misspelling “Hustler” as “Huster”. I was a bit rushed when I hammered out the post.

            Folks best not discount Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann. Both these women have “fire in the belly” to get what they want. America has been beat up so badly by male politicians over time that electing a female is a novel idea to many, including perennially ineffective, ‘bad little boys’ that still need a momma to wipe their butts and noses, even in a political sense. / : |

            Carl Nemo **==

  2. Pop said;
    time to sharpen the hoe
    when fiction is stranger than truth.
    Your garden is not properly weeded.

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