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Monday, March 4, 2024

Voters still blame George W. Bush for nation’s economic ills

George W. Bush: The failed leader who keeps on giving

When it comes to assessing blame for America’s economic nightmare, voters will point to former President George W. Bush.

They aren’t happy with how current President Barack Obama is handling the economy but still say fault for the mess we’re in belongs to Bush.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows 54 percent of those surveyed blame Bush for the “current condition” of the economy while just 27 percent say it is Obama’s fault.

That’s bad news for Republicans who try to use Obama as a political scapegoat on the economy. The poll says 48 percent of voters will blame the GOP if a debt deal falls through while 34 percent will blame Obama.

And while Republicans stonewall any discussion of tax increases to try and balance the budget, the poll says 67 percent of those surveyed support tax increases on the wealthy and corporations.

The Quinnipiac polls echos other surveys that show Americans still pin the blame on Bush and Republicans for the economic mess.

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41 thoughts on “Voters still blame George W. Bush for nation’s economic ills”

  1. I used to try to change minds. After about a decade I gave up. People will see what they want to see. Unfortunately most of them won’t ever see the truth and they like it that way. Even in death, ignorance is bliss.

    I’m spending most of days now working towards self-sufficiency and sustainability. Probably a good idea to spend less time online and more time securing a source of food and the ability to protect it.

    • Most are amused by the rabbit in a hat Woody.

      Garden engineer’s eat canned peaches in February.

      Easy on the magnesium…Llamraf

    • I wonder if anyone has ever considered that we would be a lot better off if we deposited THE PEOPLE’S MONEY somewhere other than with the THIEVES at the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    • The debt figures I supplied are official US Treasury figures taken on the nearest day to when either the presidency or the Congress changed hands. I don’t use Wikipedia as a source. You will also notice that many of the sources found in the footnotes is the US Treasury. The only link I found to OMB was dead.

      According to the US Treasury…

      On January 19, 2001 our national debt was $5,727,776,738,304.64.

      On January 10, 2007 our national debt was $8,673,367,073,665.76.

      On January 21, 2009 our national debt was $10,625,053,544,309.79.

      On Friday, July 15, 2011 our national debt was 14,342,942,873,692.85.

      Maybe they were slightly different because I chose an different date of reference. I believe the numbers supplied by your link were taken at the end of the fiscal year.

  2. Strato is correct.

    Both sides have played the fools for the fools they are, with help (of course) from the MSM.

    The voters are ignorant of the truth and they are proud of it! How dare you question what they believe and God forbid, you make them question what they believe.
    They will go to great lengths to prove you wrong, regardless of what lie they need to make themselves believe in order to do so!

    This is a wonderful site, however we’re not going to reach the masses who do not want to be reached.

    It’s probably a good time to start watching out for those with like minds and let the others fend for themselves.

    George Bush and Barak Obama? Where’s the difference?
    BOTH are war presidents.
    Congress and the senate are no different.
    Either side will give you the same result.

  3. When we give all of our money to the Federal Reserve and they loan it back to us and collect interest, how can we be anything but in debt? It should be the other way. The Federal Reserve should be paying us for the use of our money. They owe us bigtime.

  4. After reading this thread and digesting the material, I think a link that shows graphically who’s responsible for our debt problems is appropriate. I posted a similar link within the past week.

    It seems the Republicans who have a long-standing, intense relationship with the MIC caused the most financial damage to this nation incurring at least 60% of the current debt, mostly frittered down engineered wars in faraway ratholes of the world. People forget that our initial involvement in Nam occurred under Ike which was a huge strategic mistake, regardless of his warning about the dangers of the MIC in his farewell address. Surprisingly it was under Bill Clinton’s watch that our debts related to WWII were finally liquidated.

    People need to remember that that the Republicans are the flagship party of the wealthy, corporate class in this nation while the Democrats are simply “camp-following” bottom feeders that either enable or continue their policies during their short terms in the Executive Branch. Generally speaking the Dems have controlled Congress and never met a taxpayer dollar they didn’t enjoy frittering away on some questionable nonsense. I’d say both are equally guilty of placing our nation in harms way, each in their own unique way.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. I’m as green as a rookie baseball player Al at substantial age enough to know better than to take advantage.
    Until we drive it into your psyche and mine can we hope to never contain,
    how did doing your own thing go, today ?.

      • Of course, that’s pretty much an everyday thing anymore… at least for the last month or so – no let up in sight.

        But then, on to more interesting things:

        I sense of late
        your question, or at least,
        your puzzlement at how a somewhat well spoken
        cowboy can defend the indefensible…
        every man for himself. An island, and all…

        Prey tell?

        • No question my purpose here stems from loneliness, islands and all.
          My presence however is inexplicable.
          Thanks Doug..

  6. The price of gasoline in Venzuela is twelve cenfs ]per gallon.

    The price of gasoline in Venezuela is twelve cents per gallon.


    The price of gasoline in

    • The avg tax per gallon of gas in the US is 4 times that amount…

      The avg oil company profit is about 6%.

      Apple made 30% profit last year.

      Who you gonna hate?

      • Or applaud, as to overall contribution for the greater good ?

        Pop said; smell won’t wash away with the next media tsunami

        Brace thyself as Dylan says, the poor white antagonists are well medicated in a pigs eye..

  7. The Bush family, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Military, Industrial Complex have turned America into a corporate state that is nothing more than the equivilant of fachism. Jeffersonian Democracy is now a worldwide goal. If they can achieve it somewhere else. maybe, we can achieve it here.

  8. Of course, President Bush 43 was responsible for every rotten dirty thing that happened to America. Does anyone believe that the Bush promoters did not take a long careful look at the situation in the Middle East before turning the likes of Rumsfeld and Cheney loose on the media? “W” was greeted into the White House under the sign of the cross. The world was now safe from harm as we found our American Daddy symbol to guide us.

    Did anyone bother to look back to Iraq to see if it was finally secure? I remember reading a long book at the poppies growing in Afghanistan who furnished the weapons to kill anyone who tried to top the heroin production. I would have bet that “W” could not have found Iraq on a map. There had been a lot of action coming from a new group called the Taliban but none of this had caught the imagination of the White House. “W” was so totally unaware of the situation that brought those planes into our buildings that he became a cartoon from “Mad Magazine.”

    It was a very interesting time to be on a discussion forum when our American values were just starting to divide us up against each other. There was no Republican Party available and instead the religious right stepped in putting the blame on The American People’s loss of faith. Every organized religious group in America promised a new leap of faith among the voters and a promise of salvation by allowing “W” free power to show his strength.

    Overlooked by the American media were many books written anonymously by many foreign authorities who tried to promote their information through DVDs and even books written on the problems within the Taliban. It all fell into the same system that promoted the Birch Society. It was a story about an Egyptian and his affiliation with OBL. I bought several copies of this DVD but was thrown out of Reader Rant before I could link to it.

    But let’s go on to the future. What will we Americans be asked to swallow in the next election? Is there any possibility that a candidate can be located that understands our economic mistakes? Is there any possibility that a candidate can be located who believes that all Americans are equal? Are we equal? We aren’t even close to equality.

    The religious right is now taking a time out to figure out how to deal with homosexuals. Are they not Americans? Are we on the verge of taking back the women’s right to vote? Should we simply put off elections until we can scientifically determine the physical sex of our voters? Who keeps the pot stirring in hopes of denying many legal voters?

    This all boils down to the mess located in the minds of the American Party leaders. Who is to blame for this inability to detect right from wrong?

    What is missing in the minds of the American people at this time? Have we lost our imaginations? Are we satisfied with the minds of our children? Do our kids represent our family values?

    My position at this time is that I owe my kids a great deal of respect in how concerned they are with my welfare. I have enough income to feed myself and my critters and if there is a convention I will be able to attend.

    My main complaint is with my lack of choices of responsible candidates. My main regret is ignoring the trash that was not taken out between Administrations. Bush 41 and 43 should have been scrubbed clean of their lack of interest in our wellbeing. Personally, I need a new program to work for to guarantee freedoms for my great grandkids.

    There is far more corruption found in American politics than can be removed in order to get back into working condition. I’m searching for new thinkers in the realm of political groups. CHB has been a learning experience for me but it seems to have been put on hold.

  9. Bushco did not factor in the cost of all the wars in the budget, but rather ran the numbers under the radar, ( hid them ) as if the cost was non existent by lying and saying that reparations would be forthcoming.
    Big O and his crowd have done the opposite and possibly the only honest move during their tenure by including the wars cost in the budget, so 3 trillion of the 6 trillion at the very least is solely Bushcos fault if not more of it.

    • While that’s true Bryan, I wasn’t talking about budgets, I was talking about the deficit. The ongoing wars are included in the deficit totals whether they’re made through serparate spending bills or through the budget process. The deficit numbers are still the same. Bush still only averaged a $490 billion deficit through his first six years in office regardless of how the money for the wars was appropriated.

      When Bush took office in 2001 our deficit was 5.727 trillion (yes folks, the deficit actually grew every year that Clinton was in office). When the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 our deficit stood at 8.673 trillion. As of this past Thursday, our deficit is 14.342 trillion. Obama and the Democrats have tripled deficit spending.

    • What seems to be lost in all this is the fact – I say fact – that none of the blame-throwing matters. It is what it is. Can’t gripe it away… can’t change the game… can’t deflect it through some kind of mind trick… it is REAL. Anybody who wastes his/her time on all that political gotcha stuff is just more of the problem.

      When it comes to solutions… Where’s the Beef?

      • The facts are kind of important when looking for solutions. You can’t have one without the other.

        Solutions? There are none in Washington. Only more problems.

        • Yeah, fact is info, if verified.
          Opinion is a dangerous adversary
          as is selfishness with knowledge.
          If the macabre lately out of Washington were a threshing machine we’d be looking for Mr.McCormick…Llamraf

  10. Seems to me it was the mortgage derivatives meltdown that was responsible. There are still millions of homes in foreclosure resulting from that fiasco. Again… banker-induced calamity… all made possible by all the idiots in DC. In fact, in that regard… pin the tail on the donkey.

      • Didn’t say it was big zero’s fault.

        However, looking back at the Dem-controlled Congress that forced Fannie/Freddie to backstop loans to those who could clearly not afford them – who also didn’t even need to have jobs – setting the criminal banking enterprise loose to work its criminality – leading straight to the subprime mess – leading then to the bank bailouts that you and I are still and evermore on the hook for – it’s not hard to assign blame… including complicit elephants.

        Having said all that, the big zero has just asked Congress to “relax” lending standards once again, so that people who “can’t afford their current underwater mortgages” can keep their houses. Just won’t learn, eh?

        So, guess we get to bend over once more, even though I’m getting kinda chafed. And you?

  11. “How can the Bush tax cuts be blamed for Obama tripling spending?” quote griff

    Mebbe the economy wouldn’t have needed fixing if it hadn’t been trainwrecked, driven into the ditch, AND thrown under the bus by Bush & Co…

    The tax cuts, plus the Wars of World Domination, dug the hole. I vote we take the rich bastards’ money and fill the hole back in. Plus some spending cuts, starting with the War Machine.

    • So how does all this spending fix the economy? Where is all this money going?

      I just can not follow the logic. Blame Bush for wrecking the economy but give Obama a free pass for not only embracing and continuing failed policy, but increasing it tenfold.

  12. Oddly enough, that’s accurate. Without the Bush II tax cuts, we’d not be in this dilemma. The wars don’t help, but they’re a footnote.

    Of course, Obama deserves his brickbats for signing the extension. He should have vetoed that.


    • So the tax cuts would cover more than two trillion dollars of the deficit? Ha. I would hardly call more than a trillion per year in “defense” spending a footnote.

      Our dilemma has been decades in the making. Both parties are to be blamed. The tax cut argument is a distraction.

      How can the Bush tax cuts be blamed for Obama tripling spending? Since the Democrats took over the Congress four years ago they’ve added more than 6 trillion dollars to the deficit. In the first six years of the Bush administration the deficit grew by only 3 trillion dollars. Not a small sum to be sure, but nothing compared to the devestating fiscal policies of the Democrats.

  13. That would be because the average voter is a television-trained Rube completely incapable of independent thought or critical analysis. These are the same voters that gave us Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin as the only options in 2008.

    This entire debt limit “showdown” is nothing more than a dog and pony show for a woefully misinformed public, a pre-campaign production staged for the medicated masses.

    Yeah, what we need is more taxes. Uh huh.

    • As long as the media continue to wash the big zero’s feet in public, he’ll continue to be seen as the second coming.

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