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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ron Paul opts out of Congress

Presidential wannabe Ron Paul

Texas Congressman — and twice-failed Presidential candidate — Ron Paul is effectively ending his political career by choosing to give up his seat in Congress to concentrate on a third try for a Presidency he can’t win.

The 75-year-old Paul — a hard-line libertarian with a small but rabid following — announced Tuesday he will not seek re-election to another term in the House and will focus on his run for the GOP nomination for President.

But Paul — despite a penchant for raising millions that he later converts to other uses — is at best a long shot, a fringe candidate who has never been ever to win an election beyond his Texas district.  He fell way short as a libertarian candidate in 1988 — pulling in just one half of one percent of the vote and finished way out of the running in the 2008 GOP primary.

After both previous election efforts, Paul converted his leftover campaign cash to his other fringe causes, leading some to question whether his Presidential runs were little more than fake efforts to raise funds for other causes.

Paul’s 2012 campaign raised $4.5 million by the end of June — putting him in second place in the crowded GOP field but far behind the $18 million pulled in by GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Paul’s 2008 campaign pulled in similar amounts of campaign cash early but faded in the stretch. While Paul has shown an ability to win “straw polls” where his legions can stuff ballot boxes, other polls show he lacks enough appeal with voters to become a serious contender.

Yet he remains a favorite of tea party extremists and is sometimes wrongly credited for “creating” the so-called “grassroots” political movement that is actually a carefully-crafted creation of Republican consultants funded by the billionaire Koch brothers.

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4 thoughts on “Ron Paul opts out of Congress”

  1. Thanks eve for your sober thoughts as usual to CHB this night.

    All I can offer is for Americans to batten down the hatches and to hopefully be well-provisioned in order to survive the ensuing heavy weather ahead for this nation. Expect nothing from our morally bankrupt, duplicitous leadership. They’re assured of their safe place in the bunker courtesy of their American tax serfs. / : |

    This tired ol’ seadog is turning in for the night. I-)

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. One has to seriously question if most American’s really care about being free?

    After all, there are so many wonderful distractions to occupy their time.
    Bread and circuses anyone?

  3. Politics is the practice of ideology… the ability to language and sell one’s ideas over those of your opponents, the ability to light fires of opposition to the ideology of those who oppose you.

    Ron Paul can do that… he accepts donations from his followers to do just that… to provide a public airing of his and their views, which only one or two others can accomplish with similar effect. Should you ask his followers and patrons if they get their money’s worth, no matter which venue he chooses to disperse it through, you will be very hard pressed to find any who are dissatisfied.

    I think it’s mostly because of his message: Nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe while Congress is in session or the White house is occupied.

  4. This is Ron Paul’s ‘swan song’. This is his final act on the American political scene.

    We live in a society that’s driven by glitzy marketing tactics. Regardless of Paul’s constitutionally intense platform, it’s his ‘croaky voice’ and lack of appeal to to the majority of voters who’ve been raised on media intense superficiality when it comes to candidates and ideas. The electorate is only cleared for ‘sound bites’ and nothing too intense that requires them to research or analyze concerning our founding documents, the evolution of America as a nation and the whys and wherefores concerning our current economic situation. Thinking isn’t fun for most folks, it’s painful… / : |

    Then too, after analyzing prior Paul campaigns, there seems to be something lacking either in his choice of campaign managers and him having the necessary “fire in the belly” to get out there and slug it out in order to get elected. He seems to fade when the appropriate tactical choice is assert himself.

    One thing for sure a lot of campaign donation bucks have made it his way over the years regardless of his lack of success as a candidate. This gives credence to Doug Thompson’s allegation as to how this money migrates to other causes. No specifics were given as to which causes, but it sounds plausible to me.

    Ron Paul’s chances to win presidential election have been minimal to none, but he’s surely managed to turn the business of campaigning into a viable enterprise. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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