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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Even the right is pissed at Republicans

Eric Cantor: Another GOP mouth that roared

Republican intransigence on lifting the debt ceiling is angering those on both sides of the debate with even some on the right saying the GOP is taking a big chance with its our-way-or-the-highway strategy.

“If the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see that Democrats were willing to compromise but Republicans were not,” conservative columnist David Brooks wrote in The New York Times on Tuesday. “If responsible Republicans don’t take control, independents will conclude that Republican fanaticism caused this default. They will conclude that Republicans are not fit to govern.”

Recent polls suggest Republicans have the most to lose if the debt limit is not raised.  A June poll by the Pew Research Center for The Washington Post says at least 42 percent of those questioned say the GOP will be at fault if the talks fail and 59 percent say they would support a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes to reduce the deficit.  Republicans remain steadfast in their opposition to any tax increases.

Polls by CNN/Opinion Research and ABC/Washington Post say Americans are fed up with both parties and the overall behavior of Congress.  They fear Democrats won’t take the necessary steps to fix the problems that plague the nation but also worry that Republicans will cut Medicare and Social Security while protecting the rich.

Brooks may be right in saying Republicans aren’t fit to govern.

But neither are the Democrats.

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14 thoughts on “Even the right is pissed at Republicans”

  1. Thanks, Carl. You nailed it. Any non-zionist is now an enemy combatant, terrorist, enemy of the state or worse. It’s looking increasingly like a 1776-style armed insurrection is the only way to give this country the enema needed for any kind or justice to prevail in the world.

    • Thanks DejaVuAllOver for the great link material. Worse yet these modern wars against terror and drugs are intentionally engineered to be protracted, unwinnable, taxbase sucking, MIC friendly nightmarish creations hatched in hell itself. With what they’ve done to this nation, it seems “We the people” are the enemy…no?

      This nation is toast and little do the citizens realize they’ve been reduced to serfs in their own land, courtesy of the international banking cabal.

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. The real question, of course, is how to balance the budget. The GOP says it would be best to draw a line in the sand, throw the country into a deeper Hell than it’s already in and make minorities and working people suffer. The Democrats, as usual don’t want to balance the budget because that might, God forbid, make someone say bad things about them.

    Our rigged political system and media want to re-package the budget debate to ensure that we keep fighting wars for Israel and lining the speculators’ pockets. The zionists and neoliberals can’t let the discussion about saving money be in the hands of Congress, so they have to control the issues before they ever get a chance to be voted on. Either way, Cantor and Lieberman get their wars, but the question becomes whether we serfs pay for their wars now or pay later. That’s the whole point, by design.

  3. So if the Democrats are unfit to govern, and so are the Republicans, and a third or independent party is out of the question, then what?

    Govern ourselves?

    What a novel idea. I’ve heard tell that some one may have already come up with that idea, but I just can’t recall who it was.

  4. So how much can they lose when people already hate them both?

    I’d be very surprised if the debt limit wasn’t raised and the US defaulted. Surprised, and elated as it would mean the change we’ve all wanted is finally at hand!

    Yes, it would mean hard times for us all, but it’s down to hard times now, or even worse times if we kick that can further down the road.

    • i don;t think they have to immediately default … they could actually continue to operate at a reduced level i.e. layoff a bunch of folks and reduce services … now the real fun begins for you who believe it would be a good thing to not raise the debt limit … you can start with a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit and see how many to layoff and how many contracts for materials should be cancelled … add reduced tax revenue, additional service burden, which leads directly to more layoffs etc … there is probably a relatively easily calculated equation which would describe this situation and calculate when actually default occurs … but what would it matter … government would have been dismantled so there is not just limited but no government to provide no service …. and you think that is a good thing???

        • Thanks Almandine for another disgusting link expose’ concerning our profligate Congressional crimpols.

          A goodly portion of “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” funds have simply disappeared down ratholes both domestic and foreign in this case.

          $787 billion has been disbursed to date. Here’s a table showing the number of jobs either saved or created by this enormous outlay of tax debtor money per White House data. The total comes to approximately 7 million to date since 2009.

          As of the 4th Quarter of
          2009 1.5 million
          2010 3.5 million
          2011 1.7 million
          2012 0.3 million

          If the 787 billion is divided by the 7 million hypothetical jobs created it comes to $112,428.57 per job…OUCH!

          Obviously much of the money has been pilfered or outright given away in the form of questionable grants per your example as mentioned in “The Government Waste and Fraud Report” link I’ve supplied with my commentary over time. E.g., ARRA money granted to China in order to teach prostitutes to drink responsiblly on the job. / : |

          Our government is a rogue, out of control animal and a dangerous one to boot. We all know what measures need to be taken concerning rogue beasts…no?

          There’s no redemption to be had. This nation is going down and down hard…! : |

          As far as our leadership is concerned:


          “The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity…” extract from “The Second Coming” , William Butler Yeats


          Carl Nemo **==

  5. As a political movement, the GOP has taken on the care and feeding of making certain that the GOP is prepared to step in and “save” the party from the horrors of the liberal movement. From the day that President Obama took possession of the white house, the dirty fight to degrade him was obvious. The party so riled up each other than nothing of value was even discussed to replace Obama with anyone else.

    The GOP has one message and that God is warning the voters to get back to some phony agenda that was introduced by Pat Robertson back in the late 90’s. Since the churches were offered welfare their leaders have moved into the election procedures trying to keep millions of legal voters from working to get Obama reelected.

    Our Congress sets no moral values and has been overrun by corruption fro every corner of the Congress. Oh well, no matter the circumstances, America might survive.

    • Evangelicals have been trying to make America into a theocracy since they were formed in the 18th century, even before we were America. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution holds the 1st position for a reason: to set the record straight that America shall have no official religion.

      Evangelical Christians are confusing their religious imperative — to preach and teach — with the idea that they can / should use the force of law to convert.

  6. “Recent polls suggest Republicans have the most to lose if the debt limit is not raised. At least 42 percent of those questioned say the GOP will be at fault if the talks fail and 59 percent say they would support a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes to reduce the deficit.”

    What poll? You don’t name it, cite it, or put it in your related articles. Without identying and linking to the poll there is no way for me to determine who performed the poll, how many were sampled, what the questions were, or what the margin of error is. In fact, I can’t even determine if the poll really exists or you pulled the numbers out of your ass. Either way, you need to start citing your sources if you want to be taken seriously as a reporter… in the meantime I have no choice but to disregard your article as an opinion piece with no facts to support the claims.

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