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Friday, December 8, 2023

The Cain mutiny

GOP Presidential wannabe Herman Cain

First Newt Gingrich, now Herman Cain.

Key staffers are jumping ship from the long-shot Presidential campaign of the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO — thought by some to be the GOP sleeper candidate in 2012.

Iowa organizational director Tina Goff, New Hampshire director Matt Murphy, regional director Jim Zeiler and Iowa straw poll director Kevin Hall quit Cain’s campaign in disgust, saying the headstrong candidate is blowing his changes in their states because he won’t invest time and effort there.

Cain “wasn’t willing to make the commitment to Iowa necessary to win the straw poll,” Goff told CNN. “I don’t want to go this way. I’m very sad about it.”

Politico pros aren’t the only ones deserting Cain.  Politico quotes one campaign volunteers as saying “a lot of volunteers, who worked hard for five months, are all leaving the campaign.”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is also struggling in his campaign for President following defections by major staff members.

The mass resignations come as Cain finished in third place with 10 percent in the first Iowa poll by the Des Moines Register — placing well ahead of other candidates.


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