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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Beck exits stage right

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, another cable-TV demagogue in a field crowded by zealots from both the right and the left, signed off his Fox News show this week in a typical show of propaganda-driven bile that appeals to the hate and fear of the ignorant.


Beck’s bitter final telecast summed up his rise and fall in the slag-heap of partisan hyperbole that passes for news nowadays, a sign-off ending two years of self-aggrandizement and shameless self-promotion that highlighted the danger of putting a madman on the air.

Surrounded by bulletproof glass and accompanied by a bodyguard, Beck claimed his departure from Fox TV — a decision of the network, not his own — comes because his show became “a movement” that “doesn’t belong on TV.”

Beck is right about one thing: He doesn’t belong on TV. In fact, he doesn’t belong in a civilized society but — sadly — what the cable networks showcase as “news” doesn’t belong there either — be it the right-wing ravings of Fox or the left-wing lunacy of MSNBC.

Fox booted Beck because he became a danger — even for a so-called news organization that pushes a singular point of view. MSNBC showed left-wing loudmouth Keith Olbermann the door for pretty much the same reasons: He became a liability no longer worth the high-maintenance hand-holding,

While Beck and Olbermann represent different ideologies, they are similar entertainers in a business where flash supplants substance and slant replaces fact. Both see themselves as bigger than the networks that gave them exposure.  Beck moves on to GBTV (the immodestly-named Glenn Beck TV Network that will deliver his bile via webcast) and Olbermann nows delivers his five-nights a week shoutfest from the Al Gore-backed Current TV, a small operation with a miniscule audience.

While both are gone from the cable mainstream — if such a mainstream actually exists — they will still have their cult-like followers who worship at their feet and buy into every opinion as if it were truth from the heavens.

Both remain demagogues but they are — at least for now — demagogues with much smaller podiums. Yet both remain dangerous and must never, ever, be counted out.

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6 thoughts on “Beck exits stage right”

  1. The networks represent the epitome of the MSM. The only reason Beck, Olbermann and others cut from the same cloth would get the boot is they had become liabilities relative to advertising revenues.

    The ‘network masters’ have no soul or public responsibility. The bottomline is making evermore $$ along with pushing their billionaire oligarchs’ political agenda in many cases, Rupert Murdoch being a prime example.

    They still have marketabillity to many ‘billy-bob and mary sue’ advertising sectors across this nation.

    Beck will be back on the air in some way or fashion…believe it!

    Carl Nemo **==

    • If I may, I’d hazard a guess this is redundant:

      ” The bottomline is making evermore $$ along with pushing their billionaire oligarchs’ political agenda in many cases, ”

      I think their agenda, pretty much, is “making more money”. Everrything else is just a sideshow.

      There are bazillionaires uninterested in politics – Bill Gates springs to mind – but I’d not call them as among those interested in influencing politics. Finally, I don’t think their agenda is making more money anymore.


      • Ah Jon, if it were only that simple. Once they get into the heady zone of being centimillionaires pushing the billionaire mark to being certified billionaires, the only thing left for these tragic souls is the aquisition of the ultimate aphrodisiac; I.E., evermore power over their fellow men and women. It’s the ultimate rush for them with the money only for keeping ‘score’.

        Then onward they devolve as spirits: “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” …Lord Acton, 19th century British historian, politican, writer

        Carl Nemo **==

      • FYI, Bill Gates is pushing the global warming agenda and is a eugenicist. He keeps out of politics because he can buy the winner via donations from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which also funds hundreds of sterilization and contraception research programs. Bill is a confirmed Bilderberg Conference attendee so it’s no surprise he pushes the same agendas they do.

  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope the others follow shortly. Only by being an informed voter, NOT by being a “dittohead” or a similar sycophant, will we reclaim our country’s government.

  3. I admit to being a Fox watcher back in the days of the Clinton Administration. It lasted just over 3 months as it made me feel dirty just observing the growing hatred by which Fox judged so many Americans. It was at this time than I was doing Christmas decorations for our Symphony Ball when someone put Rush Limbaugh on the loud speaker system and I got to listen to the guru of the modern day religious right. I realized the two media monsters were of the same ilk. Imus in the Morning brought me to MSNBC for his brilliant book reviews.

    MSNBC has a news ribbon that is at the bottom of my television screen and that keeps me watching when I’m home.

    I am not attracted by anyone’s political point of view as I have developed my own agenda. MSNBC is much closer to my desire for individual freedoms so I prefer to pick up the daily news at the end of Hardball, Rachael Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell.

    Personally Glenn Beck is the personification of the madness being spread among Americans who have no ability to judge anything on their own. These are the Americans who will survive the future as they are born, raised and believe in hell and damnation.

    America is now on a time table to see how long we can survive before blowing each other up for being evil.

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