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Monday, December 4, 2023

Senate cancels holiday recess

Congressional budget talks: Just more Kabuki theater (Reuters)

The Senate, adding another act to the growing Kabuki Theater of government by showdown, canceled its July 4th break but the action — like everything else in what has become a war of words, positioning and posturing — will not break the deadlock over extending the debt limit.

Democratic and Republicans have no plans to meet so the likelihood of making any progress is slim.

The agenda before the Senate is Libya, not budget, and while House leaders say they are willing to stay in town and help their Senate colleagues most members of the lower body are already home for the holidays.

“As always, the House will be here if and when needed, whether that’s the week of July 18 or he week of August 8,” Laena Fallon, press secretary for House majority leader Eric Cantor told the Christian Science Monitor.

Fallon had to speak for her boss. Cantor is not in Washington.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid tried to claim a sense of urgency Thursday when he announced the Senate would stay in session.

“The time is too short to waste even a moment,” Reid said. “If we didn’t pay our bills, it would plunge the United States into a recession, not the so-called double-dip recession, but into a full-blown depression — and that’s without a doubt.”

Yet few expect any progress until the last week of July at the earliest.  The current debt extension expires on Aug. 2.

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4 thoughts on “Senate cancels holiday recess”

  1. Wonder what they would do if we all just decided to stop paying taxes?

    It’s down to facing lots of pain now, or even more pain later. We all know what these spineless wimps on the Hill will decide. We are running out of road to kick that can down.

    • I’ve advocated the “not paying taxes” tactic for quite some time now Woody. It’s the ultimate financial guerilla tactic to shut the Boston~New York~D.C.~Eurozone axis of political/financial evil down. It can be done, but most folks tremble in fear at the ramifications relative to IRS sanctions. Rest assured they’ll be trembling moreso once they see an orange glow on the horizon at dusk along with gunfire and exploding munitions as American cities go up in smoke due to the rioting and bloody civil unrest as a function of our government’s terminal profligacy.

      Without tax revenues they won’t have the money to even ‘kill us off’ in the end which is what they would prefer; I.E., ‘the final solution’ concerning their debt obligations to “We the people”…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Ah, this is an example of bipartisan gridlock at its finest.

    To me this is all high theater. Even if they dont’ come to a budget agreement within a week or so of the ‘doors being locked’ to most government facilities along with its ‘piggybank’, they’ll come through with a ‘solution’…no?

    Meanwhile…the beat goes on until tthe real crash comes which will happen with our without they approving a budget.

    We’re flat-assed broke as a nation…plain and simple folks!

    Greece’s balance sheet is a success story compared to ours, Bulgaria too. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. All the serious problems that this country faces are simply the “effect” of an underlying cause, and apparently not so obvious to the public at large, which happens to be called the democratic/republican party.

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