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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Bachmann plunges into race

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., greets supporters after a welcome home event in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa Sunday, June 26, 2011. Bachmann said Sunday her bid to unseat President Barack Obama shouldn't be viewed as "anything personal" against the Democrat. (AP Photo/ The Star Tribune, Glen Stubbe)

Michele Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman with deep tea party appeal, was ready Monday to officially plow into the Republican presidential primary with a conservative and often freewheeling message honed to the party’s base.

Greeted in her native Iowa with a new poll predicting she’ll be a force in the state that opens the GOP nomination contest, Bachmann hopes to reshape both the 2012 GOP field and how she’s viewed in the eyes of voters. After the formal Iowa kickoff, she planned to shift her focus to New Hampshire and South Carolina, other states with cherished traditions of separating the viable contenders from the political also-rans.

Bachmann, 55, has many wondering if the edgy side that turned her into a conservative star will be the one she shows on the presidential campaign trail. Her say-anything approach has earned her a loyal following but also plenty of guff from detractors who see her as a fringe politician. Past missteps have only redoubled her me-against-the-world view of politics.

“Her trick is going to be to maintain that boldness and to somehow rein it in and discipline it so it works for her and not against her,” said GOP pollster Mike McKenna, who isn’t working for any 2012 presidential candidates.

For this campaign, she has surrounded herself with no-nonsense veterans of national politics, some of whom have deep ties to the political establishment Bachmann typically eschews. They include a trio of Eds: campaign manager Ed Rollins, pollster Ed Goeas and consultant Ed Brookover. In Iowa and New Hampshire, she’s recruited aides who worked on the campaigns of previous presidential hopefuls Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

Bachmann insists the larger political stage won’t mean a new, less-provocative style.

“I’ve been consistent, nothing but consistent,” she said. “I don’t say things for political value. I’m authentic in what I say.”

Bachmann’s unswerving style provides a sharp contrast with the more measured way of 2012 rivals, such as former Govs. Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Others vying for the nomination are ex-Sen. Rick Santorum, Texas U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and businessman Herman Cain.

Possible late entrants include Texas Gov. Rick Perry and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

A Des Moines Register poll published Sunday showed Bachmann and Romney far out front of the others in Iowa.

Bachmann’s own climb has been swift, brushing off a school board race defeat just 12 years ago and moving rapidly from Minnesota’s state Senate to Congress. In three terms in Washington, Bachmann vaulted to prominence by trying to block and now promising to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law. She has also tangled with GOP House leaders over her concerns they are too timid on federal spending cuts.

She’s staunchly conservative on social issues, too, calling for more abortion restrictions and constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage.

In her latest national introduction, Bachmann has played up a softer side by highlighting her role in raising five children and 23 foster kids. But she’s also gone hard at Obama, laying federal debt and deficits at his feet and accusing him of pushing the nation toward socialism.

David Strom, a Republican long involved in Minnesota politics, said it would be a mistake for Bachmann to sand down her edginess.

“She’s not a maneuverer. At the end of the day she is going to distinguish herself by going out there and trying to draw people to her. I don’t think she will try to become more nuanced as politicians tend to do,” he said.

Those who have opposed Bachmann say she doesn’t budge on her views, even in tough races.

Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg, who lost to her in a 2008 congressional race, said he was frustrated that the more controversial Bachmann came off, the stronger she seemed to get. Her comments often fuel a fundraising machine that netted her $13.5 million for her last election.

“She can say something that’s just outrageous and just completely wrong and move on and never skip a beat,” Tinklenberg said.

Given the rise of the tea party movement, there may be even less reason for her to slide toward the political middle. Tea party members are seeking purity from the GOP candidates and have reacted skeptically to those largely linked to the party power brokers, particularly Romney.

“Truthfully, she’s a hell of a lot closer to where the party is right now than where they are,” McKenna said.

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20 thoughts on “Bachmann plunges into race”

  1. I find it ironic that the one group above all others that are the most fervent for war in the middle east are the professing evangelical christian right! Go figure?

    Bachmann is of the religious right and has no chance against Obama!! The con-game has begun in earnest and one con-artist will be elected for sure. There are millions every election cycle just waiting to be conned. Funny how the dem base and gop base are always looking for a political savior to lead them to the “promised land” while the rest of America is left to discover that these “saviors” only leave an ever increasing path of carnage and destruction in their wake, and the “promised land” is left even more desolate after they are gone!

  2. Attila, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Kim Jong Il… and who, among all the Christians elected to run this country – as well as those who would be elected this time – can equal the number of innocents plundered and murdered by even a single one of that crowd?

    What kind of Bella Donna are you folks tripping on?

    • I get your point Almandine, but we must not forget how many heretics, witches et al. were murdered during the many hundred year period of the “Great Inquisition” or other periods in ‘Christian history’ where the so-called ‘good’ Christian people did harm to the imagined ‘bad’ non-believing people…no? / : |


      “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
      …Steven Weinberg, quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999
      US physicist (1933 – )


      Carl Nemo **==

      • I get your drift too, Carl, but let’s face it, this country is not about to be taken hostage by the Christians, most of who are the ones running food banks, day shelters for the homeless, hospital visits for the infirm, etc. It’s all too easy to get riled up at the “thought” of the religious right, when mostly all they want to do is protect the unborn and save the historical concept of marriage. Don’t seem like big deals to me, or ones that the courts won’t determine anyway.

        If you don’t like the candidate, vote for someone else. Smearing the good name of millions of worthwhile Americans seems a bit much, no? 🙂

        • Agreed Almandine, but with one caveat: It’s one thing to have a Christian affiliation and quite another to try to shove one’s religious predilections down others throats because you are convinced of your righteousness and their errors due to the fact they don’t share the same faith, god/God or whatever.

          My concern about candidates with ‘wigged out’ religious fervor is that once in high office they can wreak havoc by making executive decisions that are tainted by their religious delusions rather than clear-thoughted analysis. Yes, the courts can moderate such decisions, but it takes time to overturn such and in most cases it’s like watching paint dry.

          No matter, Michele Bachmann is not going to make it to the White House. She’s her own worst enemy and seemingly has a propensity to put her foot in her mouth.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Well, either you agree or you don’t… hard to tell. Either way, last time I checked Roe was still the law and gays were lining up for nuptials of one sort or another. And ONLY the big zero has wreaked havoc with his executive prerogative… hard to think of him as a “wigged out religious zealot”.

            Methinks you’re stewing in your own juices. But, you’re most probably correct about Bachmann.

            • Pop said,
              a stew can be no more than it’s main ingredient and no less than it’s careful preparation.
              Thus, nothing more than an argument of faith in deity or experience qualifies either party to direct a course of human endeavor.

              The wheels on the tractor go round and round..Llamraf

            • I never ‘stew’ Almandine. My blood runneth as icewater in my veins concerning things that would upset most folks.

              The only reason I jumped on the thread is that you used the most heinous, criminally disposed, brutal dictators in history juxtaposed against common, ordinary, Christian ‘do-gooders’ as your thesis for rebutting Ms. Price et al. concern for America becoming an intolerant Christian nation.

              What’s interesting is that although the aforementioned monsters have done their mega-damage to large numbers of people, it’s the incrementalist bigotry and hatred on the part of the little people, once stirred up over time that can do the most damage to their fellow citizens and the community at large which pretty much tracks the Steven Weinberg quote.

              Peace…! : )

              Carl Nemo **==

              • I NEVER rebut Ms. Price. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Ain’t happening again. I just hate to see the infection and wince at the need for cure.

                You want to understand damage to fellow citizens? It won’t be from the do-gooders… as incrementally emitted as you like to suggest. Look at the bigotry and hatred spewed forth from the “intellectual liberals” who claim the moral high ground while debauching all that common decency stands for.

                No, I’m not a particularly religious man in the “organized” sense, but I do know when the moral fiber of humanity is being unraveled.

                And kumbaya to you.

                • Hi Almandine,

                  On occasion my articles prompt you to ask me the question: “so what is your solution Carl?” …paraphrased.

                  I agree that the moral fiber of humanity is not only being unraveled, but possibly getting down to the last few threads as still being classed has having any fabric.

                  I’d enjoy hearing what your solution/s might be concerning our national ‘fix’ at the hands these debauched “intellectual liberals” in high places that are incrementally destroying this nation. I’m in total agreement with you. : )

                  Carl Nemo **==

                  • A tough nut to crack, no?

                    My idea is that the MSM is so leftward-leaning that honest public discourse is essentially impossible, so where to turn? My modus lately is to become a nuisance to Boehner, Cantor, Ryan and my own Rep/Senators. That’s where I think a difference can be made, and it’s not really about the liberals, but more Big Picture on where the country should be steered.

                    Otherwise, how do you deal with Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow, etc., who set the tone for the MSM libs? Kinda disheartening to buy into that.

                    But then, you’ve taken the position over the last year or so that none of it matters anyway, crimpols and elitists being who and what they are. Hard to disagree. My problem with that, though, and often the basis of my question that you noted, is this: If you take that tack, there is nowhere to turn, no improvement possible. I can’t go there.

                    So to finally answer your question, I “fix” as much as I can in my daily life. I have conversations with all who will listen about our plight, our fiscal morass that the administration and the leftist MSM sycophants call a recovery, but which is not. I try to educate as to the differences between the Keynesian economics being practiced by our govt and the Austrian model – in terms of causes and outcomes – and why our country must be led by folks like you and me to a better way forward.

                    Only by true involvement can one make a difference. Thinking back to the sixties, once enough “ones” get involved, you’ve got a movement!

                    • “So to finally answer your question, I “fix” as much as I can in my daily life.” …extract from reply

                      Good thoughts. : ) “Think nationally/globally” per the bumper sticker, but act locally.

                      I do the same and seemingly it’s all anyone can do. Small raindrops make a trickle, the trickle makes a rivulet, the rivulet makes the stream, the stream a mighty river flowing into an ocean of collective thought…no?

                      What this nation needs is a reestablishment of benign, constructive, nationalism; I.E., a sense of nation and to reject globalism in total. The globalists’ mission is to destroy the concept of the nation/state along with their indigenous peoples for all time and places and to sacrifice them on the altar of Mammon, simply for bucks, Euros, yuan, shekels along with absolute power over all. That’s their crass mission and they seem to be succeeding in spades. Tragically in the end they will fail, but will leave massive, financial, planetary wide wreckage in their wake.

                      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Keith, I just heard from a long time Republican friend of mine who stated emphatically that the plan is active under this new form of the GOP and determined that God wrote the Constitution and will continue to bring all Americans in Paradise.

    America was formed by God. I guess he was pissed off at the Native Americans so he had them crushed under the wave of the Pilgrims. How he could explain what was wrong with the African Americans, I’m certain this will be cleared up when Bachmann is inaugurated.

    This has set my actions and as soon as the house sells in Arizona I will move to Mexico. I will not live in a Christian nation as they do not know right from wrong.

    • A few years back you threatened to move to Mexico Sandra about the time that SEAL (deceased) was posting to the site. I’d advise, if you do so to move far down into the interior away from border cities to a city within Oaxaca. It’s very comopolitan there and you’ll meet people from all over the world and enjoy the finest cuisine and accomodations within a civilized version of old and new Mexico. In most other places its been overrun and controlled by brutal narcotrafficantes. Border and coastal cities are dangerous to say the least. Mexico has become a ‘basketcase’ among nations due to corruption in high places and due to a compromised polticial, military and police contingent.

      One of my brothers ran the U.S. military’s South American and Central American drug interdiction effort for some time in the late 90’s and has informed me of the horror stories of corruption in these zones from the highest levels our government to the lowest peasant class refining cocaine in the jungles. It’s one big clusterf**k to say the least. No one is clean from our State Department on down to ‘Juan in the jungle’.

      Good luck on your decision to vacate the U.S. premises. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. Bachmann is filling the void left by the non-candidacy of Mike Huckabee. The ultimate aim of both is to turn the USA into a Fundamentalist Christian Theocracy.

    However, rest assured, once THAT word gets out beyond the “Bible Thumper” crowd, she doesn’t stand a snail’s chance in “you know where” of actually being elected.

    We may be backward, but we ain’t stupid.

  5. If you want a President who’s a stubborn self-righteous self-serving power-hungry politician with a desire to impose an Evangelical Christian agenda on you, then she’s your girl.

    She’s like Sarah Palin, but without the good parts.

    • She prays before every decision she makes at home, at work and promise to pray to God on her political decisions. n We had one President who claims to have prayed before all his decisions and we ended up going to war on a lie and staying at war due to complete stupidity. She is being financed by the religious right, which would normally not offend but America is not a Christian Nation.

      We are a nation of laws. If anyone cannot understand those laws, they should not try for leadership. Sadly all the Republican Candidates had to pass the litmus test against pro-choice decisions. The next generation will not put up with America accepting superstitious and occult rules.

      Did we learn nothing from President George W. Bush?

      • Sounds to me that Bachmann is doing an awful lot of praying, far too much in my opinion. For all we know she beats drums and sacrifices goats under the full moon; I.E., her alterego.

        All these politicians are suspect as far as I’m concerned. Wait until some scandal falls out her ‘closet’; then what…?!

        She might turn out to be the female ‘Jimmy Swaggart’ of national politics. I’m leary of sanctimonious people. For sure, she isn’t going to make it to the White House. I’ve listened to her speak and can say she’s a certified ‘loon’ and unfortunately would insure Obama’s reelection…OUCH!

        The shadowy corporate oligarchs that own this nation lock, stock and barrel could care less if a horse or a horse’s ass was elevated to the Presidency. They still call the shots. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

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