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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Democrat’s nightmare: ‘Let’s make a deal’ Obama

President Obama: Is he too willing to compromise?

As negotiations on raising the debt limit go down to the wire, House Democrats claim their real problem isn’t hardline Republicans or even the gaggle of tea party freshman.

Their real problem lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: President Barack Obama and his willingness to make a deal with the GOP leadership.

Liberal House Democrats grumble that Obama is too willing to cut deals that destroys the goal of the party.

“What I’m concerned about — it’s not that I don’t trust them — is they [the White House] figure ‘Let’s get this thing the hell out of the way, and if we gotta suffer from our base, let’s do it now,” New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell told Politico.

“There a great deal of concern (about Obama’s deal making),” Arizona Democrat Raul Grijalva told the web site. “Given that tax increases are not on the table, there’s a great deal of consternation and worry that the deal will be cut and it will be unacceptable.”

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16 thoughts on “Democrat’s nightmare: ‘Let’s make a deal’ Obama”

  1. As a final note tonight.

    Obama is an ’empty suit’ as one of our long time contributors, Sherry, nailed him while on the campaign trail. I failed to listen and even criticized her assessement, but she was spot-on. My apologies Sherry. : )

    He’s an articulate puppet and hasn’t had an original thought in years. His job is simply to follow the instructions of his controller/facilitators.

    Whatever comes from this man has been schemed by others to our detriment for sure.

    Believe it…!

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Time is short and urgency from the justice department is dwindling as we speak.
      An Act will become reality,
      but it’s significance needs sustaining.
      Proof is in the puttin.

    • Thanks Al for the supportive link. I found it quite interesting in that it represents a distillate of that which I’ve kenned from my many years readings of this unfolding, evil plot linked to the international banking cabal.

      If folks fetch my Wiki link to the BIS; they’ll surely be amazed at how ugly this soulless structure conveys, the very spirit of the banking ilk that resides within. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Rosa Parks is our soliloquy,
      early busing makes for the manageable herd.
      Robber Barons aren’t that smart, follow the money til you run out.
      Of what is to be determined of this false American soul,
      I’ve a rendition of peril complete.
      No work for the slaves !

      • When the slaves have no work, then we’re in a heap o’ trouble fur shor…no?

        It happened during the “Great American Depression”. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  2. More than likely, Bernanke has little to no respect for Lord Keynes or his theories. He’s simply a highly educated front man; ie., a ‘plug-in’ module in the U.S. Fed to facilitate America’s financial castration at the behest of the shadowy international banking cabal at the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). Break America then swallowing the rest of the world financially will be a piece of cake…no?

    He’s sleepy-eyed with a hangdog, almost hypnotic look about him. His credentials are superb but he’s sold his soul to shadowy oligarchs with a NWO agenda for the peoples of the world.

    I.E., “Helicopter Ben” is a traitor not only to the U.S., but mankind as a whole…plain and simple…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Ben Bernanke saying he “doesn’t know what causes our economic woes” (paraphrased) is like Hitler saying he doesn’t know what caused the Nazi invasion of Poland.

  4. Don’t you just get tired of all the jockeying and wish one of them would say, ” hey
    you folks, especially those in the middle, time to bend over and kiss…”

    After all… Helicopter Ben was on the tube yesterday and admitted he didn’t have a clue as to the basis of our continuing doldrums. Whadda moron. And he’s the Fed Chairman, no less… the big zero’s money man.

    Hope you got your USDs converted into something that will withstand the Fall 2011 monetary armageddon…

    • Put all your stock in homegrown tomatoes and raspberries, and if a guy pulls up in a Mercedes, resist all urge to overcharge, for the betterment of mankind.

      How much crap will an American eat and do we need a list ,
      as far as it has gone to prove our point,
      shinola is not a representative substitute?

      While our leaders display ineptitude what can possibly make them think they are impervious ?

  5. If there is an “inconvenient truth” then Mr. Nemo places it before the reader. This nation’s ability is absorb the shocks of negligent abuse is great, but not limitless.

    The Obama administration is just one more straw upon the camel’s back. His “deal-making” is either arrogant naiviety, or a cold, calculated formula that was never, and never will be, mentioned on the campaign trail. One thing that I haven’t heard any of the DC bubble expound upon is the fact that Obama’s fecklessness led largely to the gains of the fringe in the Republican party. In other words, the success in 2010 of the Republicans is proof of Obama’s failure to lead. Or negotiate. Or make a deal that benefits no one but his “legacy” of “victories.”

    And, sad to say, Carl’s USS America is quickly approaching some very rocky shoals, but….who cares what happens in the bilges?

  6. “They’re basically scutting the USS America and our way of life all in the globalism.” …extract from post

    should read:

    “They’re basically scuttling the USS America and our way of life all in the name of globalism.”

    My apologies.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. These duopolists refuse to face reality. They have to implement massive and immediate budget cuts along with those future expenditures linked assuredly to fail programs such as Obamacare et al. In addition taxes must be raised on the top 1% of the nation’s wealtholders…period!

    In 2001 the richest 1% of Americans got a 477 billion tax break over ten years to follow…!

    In 1979 the middle 60% of wage earners made $44,000 per annum. By 2007 the median wage had risen to $57,000

    In 1979 the top 1% wage earners made $350,000. By 2007 the median wage had risen to $1.3 million…!

    Source: Congressional Budget Office

    The top 1% compensation had risen 300% while the median wage earner’s only 23% for the same period.

    Taxing the wealther is not a communist plot, but only fair in a nation that provides them with the safety to conduct their corporate headquartered businesses in order to make obscene profits in offshore lands while depositing profits in offshore banks and avoiding taxes both legally and illicitly. Think not, then folks best think again.

    We’re being systematically ripped off by ‘pirate capitalists’ along with legal facilitation by our criminally disposed lawmakers in D.C. They diposed of Glass-Steagall and passed Graham-Leach Bliley of 1999 which allowed the unholy and dangerous corporate marriage between banking and brokerage. They also passed the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000 which took the far stricter margin controls intitiated by the Chicago Board of Trade and other regulatory agencies allowing out of control speculation in the commodities markets on the part of the aforementioned newly created banking/brokerage monsters. Notice too that these nation destroying bills were hatched during the tail end of the Clinton era; I.E., nothing but a running dog facilitators for the transgenerational war profiteers known as the Bushistas. Clinton set the mechanisms in motion and the following 10 years from 9/11 to the destruction of economy has been hell on earth for Americans, but seemingly most Americans cannot connect the dots. The Bush clan and their cronies reaped the obscene profits.

    In addition during this period the government has been in a defacto union busting mode starting with the Air Traffic Controllers strike under Reagan/H.W. Bush to present. We’ve also witnessed great corporate scandals starting with Enron, MCI, AIG and a host of other skunks of the same stripe.

    In 2010 the Supreme Court ends limits for corporate election contributions.

    Onward this evil, nation-destroying nonsense goes while “We the People” tolerate such. It surely beats the hell out of me as to why there hasn’t been mass rioting with people rushing their perimeter so to speak. Maybe its the fact that 80 million Americans are on antidepressants and fluoridated water and only the gods now what else they’ve added in order to keep the ‘hive’ calm. Oh too they’re all mesmerized by their hi-res HDTV’s and the host of handheld gizmos that come out every year to keep them distracted, simply looking at their palms and texting comments to each other called ‘tweets’ or some other inane nonsense while corporate barbarians are stripping the castle’s keep; I.E. , the U.S. Treasury and all with the blessings of our criminally disposed Congress.

    From the intiation of NAFTA in 1994 to present many years of intentional bad trade policies and the massive offshoring of our core industries along with the systematic destruction of our manufacturing infrastructure has created the massive, incurable unemployment problem. They know so, but refuse to change course. Tax revenues have dwindled tremendously while they continued to spend, spend, and spend some more all borrowed money.

    They’re basically scutting the USS America and our way of life all in the globalism. Globalism is like the “Borg” of Star Trek and won’t be satisfied until it devours all planetary infrastructure, destroying everything the peoples of the world hold dear.

    It’s a scheme hatched in hell itself…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Think not , then think anew,
      can’t find the skunks for the pitiful view,
      brought to you by windows into the library of human interactions illiteracy.

      Nice imagery Carl..
      ever so painful realities are on the surface left for man to scratch,
      do you know what a fingernail of awareness goes for today ?

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