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Friday, December 8, 2023

Obama plans withdrawal of 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by next year

President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Peter Macdiarmid, Pool)

President Barack Obama, facing growing public and political opposition to an Afghan war that has become his Vietnam, announced Wednesday night that he will withdraw 33,000 U.S. troops from the war-torn country by September 2012 — with 10,000 scheduled to come home by the end of this year.


While the number appears significant, it will still leave 68,000 Americans on combat duty in Afghanistan.

In a short, but highly-anticipated speech to the nation, Obama went against the advice of military leaders who want a more gradual withdrawal of troops but the President faces dwindling support in polls that show — for the first time — that a clear majority of Americans who want U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

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8 thoughts on “Obama plans withdrawal of 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by next year”

  1. My son’s next deployment will be to Afghanistan in 2012 and it is almost a given. What a total waste of young lives, money and what ever destruction we manage to do to Afghanistan. How about speeding up the process? I thought this was now a mission accomplished?

    Solar panels! Great story on this is how Massachusetts and the Feds subsidized Evergreen and now they have moved from Massachusetts to – you guessed it – China!

      • Next deployment at one time meant hoping for Hawaii but settling for Germany / Okinawa / rice paddies, ouch.
        Rick I feel your angst literally as do so many.
        I’m sorry you have to put the Blue Star back in the window.

        We maybe need to elect ” volunteers ” ?

  2. Must need 33,000 soldiers for Libya, Syria, or Iran. Either that or they want them for active duty inside the United States as the dollar implodes.

      • I just don’t see them letting these folks come home to no jobs and almost certain homelessness and high suicide.

        • What’s truly shameful is when I read that the “Red Chinese” are the world’s premier producers of solar panels and wind tech equipment and not U.S. manufacturers.

          There could be a zillion or so solid jobs for returning vets associated with not only the ‘greening of the America’, but the world at large

          It’s guys like Harry Reid who seemingly like to facilitate the Chinese building wind farms in Nevada and elsewhere. How such traitorous scum makes it to high office and maintains their incumbency is mind-boggling to say the least. It seem America’s citizens are ‘spring-loaded’ in the stupid position if compared to an analog switch.

          We’re being done in by Congressional running dogs for globalist interests…traitors all! Their mission…destroy America and the rest of the world will become a very manageable plantation for sure.

          It’s revelations like these that make me want to genuinely puke over the rail…! : – &

          Carl Nemo **==

  3. Why 33,000 next year?! Why not half before the end of the year and the rest in September 2012 not only in Afghanistan, but in Iraq also. The only military presence we need is an effective regional strike force of SOCOM personnel, drones and intense satellite surveillance of the region. If we detect any activity then to surgically strike via such personnel and technology and then remove ourselves for another strike. Soon the wogs will get the message they aren’t safe from being sanctioned by “Thor’s Hammer” in the event they should do anything to upset regional stability ..! : |

    Unfortunately this President is listening to the siren song of the perma-hawks that sit on the NSC (National Security Council) all with their heads buried miles up their MIC patrons’ butts…! I know so. So sad but true. Ike warned us, but no one heeded his advice concerning these MIC friendly Congressional pariahs.

    In our times our presidents may hold the title of “Commander in Chief”, but its only window dressing, when in effect the military is controlled by MIC facilitators sitting on Congressional committees from those states that have a vested interest in maintaining active military bases or the production of materiel for war. If we don’t have a valid reason for war then one will be manufactured.

    The soldiers are coming home to mass unemployment under any circumstances, but at least the drain on the Treasury via more incurred debt as a function of fighting these engineered conflicts in faraway zones of ‘conflict’ will be throttled back. It’s structurally damaging to our nation and an example of a national leadership having run amok, contrary to the well-being of it’s citizens.

    Carl Nemo **==

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