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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bachmann announces presidential run Monday

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) speaks during the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana June 17, 2011. REUTERS/Sean Gardner

Conservative Republican Michele Bachmann will officially launch her presidential bid in Iowa on Monday, a source close to her campaign said on Tuesday.

The representative from Minnesota, who announced her intention to run at a Republican debate in New Hampshire last week, will hold a kick-off event Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, where she was born, the source told Reuters.

Bachmann, 55, is founder and head of the House Tea Party Caucus. She was one of the first elected officials to court the movement that helped fuel Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections with calls for spending cuts and reduced government.

The mother of five children, who also fostered 23 other children, Bachmann is a social conservative who strongly opposes abortion and gay marriage.

Bachmann saw a jump in political donations in May, aided in large part by small contributions as she revs up her fundraising machine for the 2012 Republican nomination.

She was hailed for her performance at the first major television debate between the Republican candidates last week, although she has a reputation for gaffes.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney heads the Republican field in the race to deny President Barack Obama a second term. Sarah Palin, the party’s vice presidential candidate in 2008 who is often compared to Bachmann, has not yet said whether she will run in 2012.

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5 thoughts on “Bachmann announces presidential run Monday”

  1. Well stated Carl. I have decided I will no longer vote, trying desperately to determine who will do the least damage. When they find somone worth my vote, I will go to the polls.

    • She was hailed for her performance of gaffes superlative.
      You heard it here first if under a rock is your abode.
      Which will defend Hilliary first ?

      Bachman Palin Overdrive. Hack2e..

    • Hi Sherry,

      Btw, I’ve been meaning to apologize for some time concerning my rebuttals and rebuke concerning Obama being an “empty suit” during the runup to his election. You were spot-on and I was sorely mistaken. At least an empty suit is simply that whereas this guy is less than such. My sincere apologies dear lady. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney heads the Republican field in the race to deny President Barack Obama a second term.

    Says who? It’s hard to get excited about such a blatant flip-flopping political opportunist. Well we know who the rich mainstream media wants at any rate. If Romney is the Republican candidate it pretty much guarantees a second term for Obama. Better to stick with the devil you know…

    • This entire nomination/election process is rigged. The movers and shakers that own this nation lock, stock and barrel already know who the publicly ‘palatable’ candidates might be in order to continue their unholy, nation-destroying, NWO friendly agenda.

      Primaries and the general election are nothing but an indemnification by the ‘unwashed masses’ of their annointed choices.

      Regardless of who wins, they will be assuredly be a ‘team player’ relative to the corporatist agenda…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

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