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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Poll hands out bad news for everyone

Newt Gingrich: Turn out the lights, his party is over

A new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll is bad news for everybody: Democrats, Republicans, President Barack Obama and the ever-growing field of those who want to deny him a second term.

National gloom stands at an all-time high with most Americans believing the country  is headed in the wrong direction and headed at full speed into another recession.

“The public is incredibly pessimistic about the future,” says Peter Hart, the Democratic pollster who teams with Republican Bill McInturff to conduct the poll for the network and business newspaper.

McInturff says President Obama “is still in for a difficult race.”

Obama’s poll bump for the death of Osama bin Laden is gone and his public approval rating has slid under 50 percent but he can find some solace in the fact that 62 percent of Americans believe the nation’s economic woes were inherited from his predecessor: George W. Bush.

But his one-time large lead over GOP contenders is shrinking. His lead is now 45-40 percent when voters are asked if they would vote for the current President over a Republican challenger.  A month ago, he led by 19 percent.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney enjoys a 2-1 lead over all other Republican presidential wannabes.  The poll found that 45 percent of likely Republican voters say they are “dissatisfied” with the current crop of GOP candidates for President.

The poll brings really bad news for former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, whose favorable rating stands at 16 percent — a drop of eight percentage points since April.

Among GOP voters,  only six percent say they would vote for Gingrich, putting him in the same league as twice-failed Presidential candidate Ron Paul, whose support stands at seven percent.

The poll also find widespread dissatisfaction with Congress and both the Republican and Democratic leaderships. Support for the tea party also continues to dwindle.

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11 thoughts on “Poll hands out bad news for everyone”

  1. Tom, I remember the days when the churches filled in when the financial depression hit America. That was a time when Christians meant something other than banning sins. It is the same mess that hit Europe wnen the Pope reigned supreme and eventually took on the governments of Spain, Italy and France. It was called the the inquisition. The result was the citizens of those nation turned on themselves. We have this covered in the First Amendment but it has to mean something to work.

    I have done hundreds of fund raisers for these churches until they decided to add strings to their affailiations. Birth contol banning is now on the ballots of several states. All these choices including Death with Dignity and Gay Marriages are all part of the plan to Christianize America.

    • Hello Sandune,

      The problem with this thesis of Christianizing America is that this is not Christianity that we are actually talking about. It is something else. But because these church or religious groups believe in this Dominion theology, and of course the politicians and elites that want control in this emerging “new world order system” will use some/all of these groups as a means of gain to control our lives so we all will actually be serving the state, even those that are sincere in these groups about what they believe are simply deceived about it.

      Christianity as in the bible is then critisized heavily because these groups “wear” the name of Christian. So, people such as yourself flunk everyone who claims to be christian in one monolithic group and then all become suspect. The world is alot more complicated than that. Everything is not as it seems.

  2. Sandy;
    I have read your’s and the others replies on different issues. On this issue I agree whole heartily with you. If you look at, and others that track the money that flows to DC, you will soon realize that we have “The Best Government That Money Can Buy”. I too would very much like to say the hell with this country as things are going now and move to a new place. America’s John Q Public are dumb and getting dumber every minute. I worked for Philip Morris USA which was union and has since closed our plant but bought numerous foreign plants and installed new equipment that tripled output with the same amount of labor. They have made record profits while holding the price paid to the farmer well below what was paid in the 1970’s. A lady retired from the plant soon after it closed and now bashes the union that allows her to draw almost 100% of her pay along with full benefits. She is against all kinds of health care reform and stands every Sunday in the cheer leading section at church. Also she hopes that in 2012 we will have 100% solid republican government. I have tried to explain to her along with others to visit sites that tracks lobbying and they never have the time or they don’t care, we just need to let the republicans run everything. I am to the point that neither party has America at its best interest only the corporations that send the money in.
    I was at a church conference last week and talked with volunteers that work with the mentally handicapped in the church sponsored group homes. These residents depend on Medicaid for their medical needs. If Medicaid goes away what insurance company would write a policy for a reasonable amount and then how would they be able to pay for it? I was talking to a friend yesterday and asked him about his church denomination and if they took care of their mentally handicapped and the answer was “I don’t know”. He comes from a very republican family. What I have seen and heard by many people is “out of sight, out of mind” and “if it doesn’t affect you”, you should not care. America as a whole has lost its compassion for their fellow man.
    I have another friend that got hurt at work a few years ago and was on workers comp for a time, then 2 years ago after 39 years of working he was laid off for 6 months, now he is out on disability that will take him to retirement and social security next year. His answer is if blacks(derogatory) can do it he deserves it too. Where is the compassion?

  3. Carl, I find it hard to believe that there will be no options or choices possible in the next election or even the next dozen elections. Americans on both sides of the aisle are lost in a sea of corruption. There is no apparent plan to try and fix the corruption or even work on a plan to get out.

    My kids are gathering fairly close this summer and we are devastated by the circumstances we see in our federal and state governments. Since 1952 I have been active in trying to clean up our political problems and we always pay tribute to our family members who never hesitated to serve in some capacity. For the first time we are seriously wondering why we bothered. Since my family arrived from Scotland the dream of living in freedom gathered many of our extended members from Wales and England to join us and work to keep the freedoms active.

    Today the discussions were made to simply pack up and live elsewhere. My home in Sun City is listed and when it sells I see little reason to try and survive where the basic American citizen acts like spoiled little children. Every member of my family understands that abortions are not the right choice but we also agree it is a decision to be made by the family not some holier-than-thou hypocrite who wants to change the entire American nation into a Christian category.

    The desire to remove homosexuals from our service ranks and run them out of town is really upsetting many of us who have relatives and friends in this situation. I watched the Weiner resignation and the people who were in his audience became rude, lewd and insulting to the American system. The anger from the yelling fools is now typical of American values. No I do not want them stopped as they have the freedom of speech to act out their own ugly words.

    I see more to the failure of American values than just the loss of income; I see a nation falling into their private hate wars and use physical threats on people they do not agree with. Freedom of speech has always been a positive asset for all of us until the anger and terrorist threads are now part of the dialog.

    This anger does not grow when government gets corrupt….It grows when our generation of children develop the use of threats in their classrooms, their neighborhoods and in their churches.

    Every two years my family has allowed me the time and effort of clearing the dining room table and laying out the future elections that would be favorable or detrimental to our family, state, and nation. . This is no longer possible as the government itself has been sold out to a movement of corruption that would sink Europe. The fight is between the right and left and it should be between right and wrong.

    I see no reason to vote for or against anyone. No one is working for more small businesses and even the failure of our academics is ignored. Where the hell are the parents when their kids are having sex on the school buses and often buy and sell drugs during recess. Where does one even start to clean up our own neighborhoods? The worst offenders are the Christians who would sell out their entire political plan for a Constitutional Amendment banning abortions, birth control and gay marriages. I want no part of that!

    Many Americans are sending their retirement funds off shore. They want to start over in a nation where freedom still has a chance to shine. Nobody wants to stay here where our debates turn into threats. The anger has hit a new high and from what I hear from others, it comes straight from the mouth of that jackass Rush Limbaugh. His last attack on women who he blames for Weiner’s problem is shocking. His followers represent a level of American culture who scream, yell and threaten with dialog right out of “God’s Little Acre.”

    I don’t want to live in America any more. I probably won’t live long enough to make the physical move but my mind will arrange it just to keep my sanity. I logged out of many discussion forums and even Reader Rant. I will continue to read into CHB just in case there is a possibility for a decent movement to enter the debate and try and restore our freedoms of personal choice. I doubt it will ever happen as most here are concerned only with money.

    The lack of personal choices is what brought my family tree to America. They were farmers and horse people and never shared a damn holy value with anyone else.

  4. Finally the stark reality is setting in on the American people that in effect they have no choice. Both parties are corrupted by the same lobbyist money, neither responding to the needs of the people. The recent sea change concerning the farm subsidy issue is an example.

    They’ve become obsessed with partisanship, the nation be damned.

    The only thing that will turn things about is for a major economic disaster to occur as predicted for some time now; ie., national insolvency, a busted credit rating and the USD no longer used as the world’s reserve currency. Our misery factor needs to reach ‘critical mass’.

    Out of the ashes hopefully will rise the Phoenix of a new dawn for America.

    If the electorate could simply get enamoured with the idea of never, ever reelecting any candidate as a matter of national tradition, then it would destroy the profit motive for grifters wanting to seek public office. We’re saddled with professional crimpols, many of whom have been camped in Congress for decades. They’ve degenerated into nothing but ‘pork vendors’ at the expense of American tax debtors.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. So what is there to vote for? The Democrats want more government to be used as a safety net and the Republicans want to disenfranchise nearly half of the American voters. We have seen President Obama believing he has the authority to send drone-bombs into Africa and the Conservatives want to give the government the authority over our personal choices. Where is the third party who would rather allow the Constitution to allow us our freedom of choice?

    My time waiting for a party to form to allow all of us to be individuals has run out. The voters have gone backwards in their ability to live without the big daddy icon in the sky.

    • Sandune,

      I don’t believe another party will solve the problem. It will only divide the country into more smaller factions.

      We don’t have to come up with a new vision or idea. We already have one called the Constitution. I believe this to be the key. It already exists, we simply have drifted from it and allowed it’s destruction by the hucksters (commonly known as politicians) that manipulate and deceive for their own gain. Both of these parties are corrupt, bought and paid for by those that they truly serve, not we the people, but their corporate benefactors.

      Problem is, getting the people to actually see the truth of the matter. The power is truly in the people’s hands, but they cannot or will not unite to solve the problem, perhaps because they do not recognise that they can or how to go about it!

      • Free Citizen, you may like the interpretation the Conservatives have on the Constitution, but I do not! Since Bush 43 began to send grants to the churches these Ministers believe they have the right to legislate for and against our individual freedoms. We many not agree on the moral values of others but we are committed to following the laws of our States. Many Americans do not know that their states may have different laws. Certain States forbid blacks from marrying white citizens. It took a Civil Rights Amendment to allow women and black Americans to vote.

        I found Arizona to be filled with bigots Anti-Semitics and homophobic angry people. I did not realize that the Sun City Development catered to the bible belt retirees and changed the voting results. I simply moved back to California. Since my dozen years away from my home state, I find much of the same bigotry here in Palm Springs. My family is very sensitive to this kind of hate-filled anger and are talking about moving out of America.

        20 years ago, any mention of leaving America would have caused me a violent reaction. This anger and home-grown threats have changed my allegiance to the USA.

        I love politics and love the challenge of a good election from beginning to the end. Today the voters demand a restriction on the Constitution that means that God tells us what is legal and what is lot. Being the senior member of this CHB site, I have had the opportunity to have worked in the elections for 60 years.

        Then, voting was open to all registered voters. Today the candidates must take a litmus test to prove they are Christians and will always vote according to the agenda within the Republican National Committee. In my world, this restriction has lowered the IQ numbers of the GOP. It has curtailed the debate and often ends up fighting over biblical quotes.

        In the past, there was always a fiscal Conservative on the ballot or one like Ron Paul that could be written in. The power of hell and damnation has taken over the senses of even Ron Paul. I seldom can locate a candidate who wins. I’m not concerned as at least I had a chance to promote a candidate who did stand for individual choices., I was a big promoter of Ross Perot, and Goldwater.

        We are in a cycle of the promotion of Christians because anything else would mean a promotion of Islam. Personally, I would rather live under economic socialism than trying to make all Americans into Christians. Many nations have tried socialism and will eventually head for a free market but once the Ministers and Born Again leaders get their teeth into the Constitution there is no going back. Evangelicals play for blood. I’m always surprised at how many Americans never read about the Inquisitions of Europe. Many believe this is something silly out of Monty Python. Even in America, the family members turned in their mothers and grandmothers as witches and watched them burned in the city center. The insanity of this kind of “faith” is dangerous to the extreme. Many people who adore Gov. Palin did not realize her Alaskan Minister did an action to remove the voodoo curse that kept her from winning the Governor’s race. Is this what we want in the White House?

        I am 100 percent out of touch with American values and if I had the money I would walk away from America. I owe nothing on either house and will sell one and turn the other over to a charity chosen by Phil Hoskins. Apparently I do not have to leave alone. My family is as pissed off with conditions in America as I am.

        I raised my kids to know right from wrong and live by the laws of their neighborhood and State. The federal government is there only to guarantee that the states and the many parts of the federal government pay attention to the U.S. Constitution.

        The truth of the matter is that we can choose to live by our own individual choices and not some occult designer God pushed on us by anyone else. The majority of people here at CHB are Christians and are so accustomed to following the laws of the Church they are helpless to live by their own common sense.

        • Hello Sandune,

          I can understand how you feel. You seem to think that my opinion about the Constitution and this country is along the same lines, for some reason, as the religious right, that it should be christianized? That could not be further from the truth!

          I do not, and never have believed that this nation was founded as a christian nation, the first amendment itself is a testament to that fact.

          1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          Certainly, this Amendment should disavow any religious righty the notion that Christianity is or should be the state religion!! This does not stop them of course.
          But there were moral and christian principles that were a part of it’s founding.

          I think your fear of this nation becoming a theocracy is unfounded. If you remember some years back during the bush administration, the Terry Shiavo incident? Many republicans, maybe even dems came back to vote on some non-binding agreement about keeping shaivo alive, or something like it. The public did not respond well to this self-righteous show by congress. though the religious right had it’s heyday in the past, it has much less influence today.
          Not every christian believes as the religious right does, and even they try to challenge this thinking by the RR. So you should not lump all people who claim to be christian as one, they are not. I do not believe that this country will ever be or turned into a theocracy by people who lack biblical teaching and common sense.

          Sometimes I feel the same frustration and hopelessness as you do. I am an American born and raised, and I am totally pissed off at what our elected officials have done to my country. It is their fault, though the public at large has some blame in this because a wanna-be dictator can only do what the people allow him/they to do! Carl Nemo is correct in pointing out that it may take a total economic collapse to wake this people up. If this does not happen first(this is not absolute)the crooks in office may push to far one day and cause a massive reaction by the people that they may regret. I don’t hope for this outcome myself, but when people are pushed to the brink, they start doing things they would not normally do.
          Remember that during the founding of this nation, it only took about a third of the colonies to win independence. I would also point out, that although I respect the military, though I do not approve of how they are used by our elected crooks, that this “mighty military machine, the greatest in the world” according to our own government, can’t even win wars these days fought by third world peasants!! What would they do against an American populace if fired-up against them if they ever go to far?? One can only guess, and how would our politicians feel about starting such a reaction and tipping our own country into civil war. Let’s hope it never comes to that!!

          Don’t give up hope! The two-party dopes are doing a fine job of destroying themselves even with a gullible public. this cannot last forever. Something will break at some point. Just try to be as prepared as you can.

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