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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lackluster GOP field of Presidential wannabes meet for first major debate

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

A lackluster field of seven Republican presidential contenders  who have yet to set GOP voters on fire head for their first major debate of the 2012 campaign season Monday.

While former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is considered the de facto leader of the gang of seven polls show voters less than excited about him or any of the other wannabes.

The New Hampshire forum will include Romney, tea party centerfold Michelle Bachmann, former Senator Rick Santorum, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, former pizza executive Herman Cain, perennial loser Ron Paul and the rapidly-fading former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

“This marks the start of a new phase for the campaign as more people pay attention and the candidates begin to engage,” said Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, told Reuters.

The gaggle of candidates will appear on state at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. The debate begins at 8 p.m. EDT and be aired on CNN.

While Romney leads the Republican gang in most polls, his lead is tenuous at best over a group that party insiders consider an incredibly weak field where no challenger is considered a serious threat to unseat incumbent President Barack Obama, who leads all contenders in recent polls despite high unemployment and a shaky economy.

Obama heads most polls against the Republican hopefuls, despite high unemployment.

So the big question is Romney. Can he shine and continue his front runner status or will he fade under what will likely be an assault from the other six.

Many eyes will be on the bombastic Bachmann, whose outspoken attacks have focused on Obama, party insiders and even GOP leaders — positions that make her popular with the so-called “grassroots” tea party.

Bachmann is currently the only woman in the field but Republicans leaders privately question her ability to mount a national campaign.

Gingrich’s campaign for President was considered a long-shot from the beginning and is now in tatters , after staff desertions and a disastrous series of gaffes that included an apology for criticizing Republican Representative Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

New Hampshire holds the second nominating contest and could play a crucial role in the 2012 Republican nominating fight, and the debate will give candidates a high-profile chance to make a direct appeal to state activists.

Paul — twice a Presidential candidate and twice a loser — generates cult-like passion in his small band of followers but never translates that enthusiasm into votes and usually uses Presidential campaign to raise money for his other fringe causes.

16 thoughts on “Lackluster GOP field of Presidential wannabes meet for first major debate”

  1. Cap’n,

    By “your people” I only meant your electeds.

    So my sentence means: your representatives don’t find what you are telling them to be actionable, or they disagree with you; there is some other communication issue when you are telling your representatives what you would like them to do; or they are duds.

    My point in posting was simply to follow orders, sir; “Ask yourselves; when was the last time you either emailed, snail mailed or contacted your District rep or Senators office concerning issues of the day regardless of it seeming exercise in futility…?”

    I only find contacting my Republican (taxedenoughalready variety) Congressman to be an exercise in futility. The others are pretty good. Sorry if that negates your absolutist opinion that they are ALL useless crimpols.

    I extract from your comments that you think “your people” are duds.

    • Thanks logtroll for the feedback. I just didn’t want to move into a confrontive mode over a misunderstanding.

      As I’ve said in the past I write for impact in order to grab reader attention. You’d be the last person that I would suspect as being not proactive concerning national as well as local politics. You seem to be a concerned citizen as myself.

      I would be hard pressed as Diogenes of Sinope walking through the confines of Congress with a lantern in the daytime looking for an honest politician which precipitates my snide comment that they are all cut from the same criminally disposed cloth. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Jon Huntsman has announced that he will announce his candidacy for POTUS.

    In my book he still cannot accept gays as worthy of marriage. Where do these fools get this notion that some Americans are more worthy than others? I know it is a Christian thing and is good example of why a separation of church and state is long overdue. His views on abortion are not worthy of my checking his opinion. Americans are equal or they are not!

    Too bad the GOP cannot locate a candidate who believes in equality. Many religious women have had their share of abortions but never to admit they needed one. Our political movement is made up of pure smoke and mirrors and it is no wonder we hire such filth to write our laws. The way these folks lie, cheat and steal and get away with it is ridiculous. How can any honest voter back anyone on that stage Monday Night. To keep the allusion of God means to never tell the truth to anyone else. I wonder this sits with the sky daddy?

    The GOP is run from the inside out by the laws based on a basic set of superstitions. America cannot possibly survive this hypocrisy,

  3. Say what you will but Obama doesn’t stand a chance. You can put a toaster to challenge him and he still won’t stand a chance because now he has a lousy record to defend unlike last time.

  4. Carl, I have always been aware of the base desires of both parties. I have written volumes regarding the redistribution of wealth and chose the Republican Party as my registration choice.

    I have one issue! Just one! There is nothing as valuable as individual choices and freedoms. I saw Bush 43 run on a promise of a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting gays from marrying and women from having an abortion. That tore up my GOP registration card! I honestly felt that the LP would step up and take the clue that government involvement in American choices is wrong! WRONG! They did for a couple of years but that has been erased from their platform.

    I’ve read hundreds of books on human instincts and how Europe tried to label their citizens in categories of color and religion. Tribal humans are always gathered up like sheep and not allowed to live according to their individual desires. In my world, it has been the individual states who set up social issues for their citizens and if Americans dislike these laws they can move to another state. The 10th Amendment keeps the federal government out of our private lives.

    America has gone through many elections preferring dictators rather than Presidents and we allow these dictators to set our laws in ways that many of us find offensive. What I saw last night was a group of potential dictators just waiting for permission to legislate against our individual desires. Before we can elect decent and honest legislators we must regain our freedoms to be ourselves.

    I don’t need any level of government to direct my personal life. I am the lucky one as my personal choices have been according to the majority of others. But I have many gay relatives and close friends and I will not allow some occult driven group of hypocrites to pass laws against any American. As long as we obey the social laws within our states, the federal government has no authority to set our choices.

    My focus of change sits within the State of California in allowing gays to marry if they so desire. I want Roe v Wade to be the law of the land. I was there when Gov. Reagan signed the legislation approving of abortions in our State.

    I have gone through all the correct actions to keep the freedoms healthy. Last night I saw candidates who work only for their Churches with the end game of making America into a Christian nation. This is simply another nation who wants their citizens to act like sheep. Hell, I saw this start after WW2. I had assumed that educated Americans would always work and vote to keep their freedoms active.

    Not one damn candidate spoke up for individual freedoms which means the entire GOP is now being financed by the religious right. I have spent many years searching for the freedoms that all of us have earned through our support of our government in and out war and our support for the Americans within our disaster zones.

    Of course I am aware of the globalists and fought day and night against the trade agreements designed by Bush 41 and Clinton. It invited our own manufacturing base to move off shore to make better profits. I don’t recall you being here during that time but we had a couple of fighters to stop NAFTA before it set an example of our business deterioration. We lost over and over. Where were you during this action?

    I will continue to vote in California because we may end up the last free state in the union if we can keep our individual freedoms. Last night not a single Republican candidate wanted the last days of our patients with terminal illnesses to be able to decide how they die. God would not allow this selfish desire to stop the agony of bone cancer. Who the hell do they think they are? Death with Dignity was mentioned as a potential Amendment to the Constitution to make it illegal to want to die.

    I run into many on the internet who have no capacity to choose for themselves. What is missing from these uneducated voters is a lack of personal ideals. We are sheep and need care and feeding from big daddy and spiritual guidance from big daddy in the sky. So there goes another great nation under the thumb of a group of religious dictators.

  5. Well, after watching the GOP candidates expressing their opinions, I can honestly say that I will be a Democrat by tomorrow afternoon. If this Party wins the next election, America has no way of not becoming a theocracy. I started with this Party in 1953 and ended it in 2011. I loved working in political campaigns when the name “America” meant something other than a group of Christians.

    • “Well, after watching the GOP candidates expressing their opinions, I can honestly say that I will be a Democrat by tomorrow afternoon.” …extract from post

      This is not a criticism of your thought processes per se Ms. Price, but it’s a good demonstration of the ‘GOTCHA’ phenomenon of a two party system that’s degenerated into a duopoly controlled by the same shadowy powerbrokers.

      They proffer these clowns to us. Surely no one in America’s peanut gallery of the electorate had any say as to who the prospective candidates will be, but are only given the chance to indemnify them via primary elections, then on to the ‘big enchilada’ of the Presidential elections in November 2012. .

      We now have a corporatist friendly ‘Demoncrat’ in office and now these rethug wannabes that seem to be challenging the order of the day will offer us more of the same and worse if any of them should make it to the White House; but in the final analysis, both serve the same shadowy corporate masters through their ‘button men’ lobbyists, all to our undoing as a free nation. They are all sworn globalists to the core with the well being of this nation last to least on their agenda.

      My all time favorite bumper sticker is: “Don’t vote, it only encourages them”…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. “Instead we read and write insults to each other.” …extract from post

    What’s interesting about this comment is that I find such activity minimal on this site compared to many political forums and blogs on the www. Yes, it does happen on occasion without me pointing fingers; but again, it’s mild compared to many other so-called ‘watering holes’ for shared opinions.

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Starting with their early elections, I have made it a habit to meet every candidate who ever ran in my districts starting in L.A. County, San Luis Obispo County, Maricopa Country in Arizona and back to Riverside County in California,. I have tried to contact many candidates from other districts and have had my emails and postal mail returned unread. The exception was Ross Perot who wanted input from all Americans when it came to the massive growing deficit that would eventually destroy our economy.

    Tonight will be a debate in New Hampshire which will be a kick off to what we can expect from the other Republicans. It is amazing that none of them learned a damn thing from Perot. The trade agreements should have been reviewed the day Clinton became President. Instead he accepted the NAFTA agreement written by Bush 41 and we all saw Bush 43 increase the growing debt from that agreement. This got zero response from CHB Reader Rant as everything focused on oral sex in the oval office. That clued me into the power of the internet. The internet gets an A+ in whining and an F in action.

    I located 3 dozen discussion forums and not a damn one had an action committee formed. It was a time when Fox News followed the damning routine from Gingrich’s GOPAC and the increase of rudeness and threats became the only action found. Most of those forums are long gone, There is no formed action group willing to debate the next move.

    I logged out of Reader Rant and will use CHB for news stories. As long as Doug keeps writing he brings a pretty good commentary on what is happening politically.

    Carl, I disagree on your views of Presidential control. With the proper leadership we could have been out of the Middle East at this time and a firm commitment on what we will not do in Africa. Instead we read and write insults to each other.

    Do we even know what we want from our legislators?

  8. Since we’re seemingly saddled with a two party system that’s degenerated into a duopoly controlled by the same corporate interests; voters need to focus moreso on their Congressional District reps and their two Senators who they send to D.C. It’s these people that hatch legislation that’s ever incrementally destroying this nation.

    Most get elected and upon leaving Mayberry, USA hammer out their own agenda mostly orchestrated by their real patrons, the lobbyists. It’s our Congress that represents the most dangerous threat to our liberty and what few freedoms we have remaining.

    Presidents are nothing but window dressing for the main ‘back-stabbing’ event event hosted by our crimpols in Congress.

    Ask yourselves; when was the last time you either emailed, snail mailed or contacted your District rep or Senators office concerning issues of the day regardless of it seeming exercise in futility…? / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • I can get responses from my two Senators and one Congressman (though not the Congressman for the district that I live in), I also know that some of my input has been incorporated into legislation that became law.

      I can only speculate that your ideas aren’t regarded well by your electeds, your delivery is off-putting, or your people are duds.

      Incidentally, the three that I can work with are all Democrats, and my district Congressman (who is an a$$hole) is a Republican. Looks like a trend to me.

      • “I can only speculate that your ideas aren’t regarded well by your electeds, your delivery is off-putting, or your people are duds.” …extract from post

        Possibly you can clarify what you mean by this sentence.

        Of course my ideas aren’t regarded well by the elected ‘elect’. As far as “your people”, I operate as an individual citizen and am not involved with any orgs or political action groups.

        They do answer me both via email and snail mail. I’ve even met them when they’ve come to town public gatherings. Washington has two Democrats for Senators; ie, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.
        My former Congressional District Rep was Brian Baird a Democrat too.

        We currently have a Republican, a female named Jaime Herrera Beutler.
        Jaime’s performance in office is unknown since this is her first term. The two Senators are incumbents and I’m not impressed with either of them, both globalists to the core and have never met a ‘pork buck’ they couldn’t spend in some frivolous fashion.

        Car Nemo **==

        • Car Nemo **==

          signature should read:

          Carl Nemo **==

          I’m fussy about my web handle in that if it isn’t right or have the stars and bars associated with it, then it isn’t me. This is the first time I’ve flubbed my signature ever. My apologies

  9. To add to the comments on this subject; I hope you will cover and report your opinion of the debate as I have learned that your opinion is the only reason for me to return to CHB.

  10. What a silly group of candidates who think they can honestly and rationally come up with enough votes to make a difference in America. Until the media can take them seriously, we never will see improvement in the government. I’m thinking that the voters are simply having a game with this economic mess.

    The GOP has focused on social issues and I do not believe the voters care about the sex lives of Americans. Sadly the GOP will promote their prohibitions again and again. This may seem like a winning agenda for the primaries but to keep the attention of the voters, a little serious discussion of how to bring jobs back to America might be in order.

    Many major Republican leaders want us to get into Yemen and Syria which is just an extension of the neoconservatives desire for empire building.

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