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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Police interview teen about Rep. Weiner


Police in Delaware said they interviewed a teenage girl on Friday about whether she had contact with Representative Anthony Weiner, who is under pressure to resign for sending lewd pictures of himself to women over the Internet and then lying about it.

“Detectives were made aware of alleged contact between Congressman Anthony Weiner and an area teen. Detectives have conducted an interview with the teen and she has made no disclosure of criminal activity nor inappropriate contact by the congressman,” Police in Wilmington, Delaware, said in a statement.

The New York Times quoted a Weiner spokeswoman as saying he had exchanged at least five private Twitter messages with a 17-year-old Delaware girl who had heard him speak in Washington.

“According to Congressman Weiner, his communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent,” spokeswoman Risa Heller told the Times.

Weiner has vowed to remain in office, although at least seven of his fellow House of Representatives Democrats have publicly called on him to resign. Congressional aides say other lawmakers are hoping he quits, but a poll released on Thursday showed 56 percent of adults in his district in New York City believe he should stay.

“I betrayed a lot of people and I know it. I’m trying to get back to work now and try to make amends to my constituents and of course to my family,” he told the New York Post on Thursday.

Fellow Democrats in Congress have been distancing themselves from the onetime rising star.

After vehemently denying for more than a week that he sent a picture of his bulging boxer briefs to a woman in Seattle, claiming he was the victim of hacking, Weiner tearfully admitted to lying about the scandal on Monday when he said he had inappropriate exchanges with six women, some after he was married.

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  1. Uh-oh…! If this is true, then it moves his x-rated web dalliance to another level. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Why would a Delaware teen care about a NY Rep.? Wouldn’t some snail mail on his official stationary be more valuable to a gov’t groupie?

      I guess this is one example of why nobody has time to read legislation before voting on it.

      I like pie. I guess I’m not an addict because I can walk past it without losing my mind.

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