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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Patriots win in New England, lose in Washington

New Englanders are happy having a team named The Patriots go undefeated this season. Sadly, the patriots we count on to win for all of us had a sorry season. In fact, they've had a sorry six and a half years. Lay the blame on the Bush administration, its lackies in the House and Senate, and the timid Democrats who played politics as if it were a game. Football is a game. Politics is real life.

New Englanders are happy having a team named The Patriots go undefeated this season. Sadly, the patriots we count on to win for all of us had a sorry season. In fact, they’ve had a sorry six and a half years. Lay the blame on the Bush administration, its lackies in the House and Senate, and the timid Democrats who played politics as if it were a game. Football is a game. Politics is real life.

It is pathetic when the most gutsy accomplishment that the Democrats can point to is keeping the Senate open over the holidays. This nasty and vindictive president refused to cut a last minute deal with the Democrats because he’d have to “promise” not to appoint Steven G. Bradbury to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.

The Democrats say Bradbury signed two secret memos in 2005 saying it was OK for the CIA to use harsh interrogation techniques on terrorism detainees. He remains as acting head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. They were willing to agree to allow Bush to make all his planned recess appointments if he would assure them he wouldn’t appointment Bradbury.

Those in polite society must call George W. Bush “President Bush” for as long as he lives Fortunately here on Capitol Hill Blue we don’t have to adhere to such niceties. When Clinton, Obama, Edwards, or another Democrat is sworn in on noon on January 20, 2009 I for one hope to hear the pundits constrained by good manners at least call him the disgraced former president.

Subverting the Senate presidential appointment confirmation process using the antiquated recess appointment, which he did to send a stink-bomb named John Bolton to the United Nations, is just an illustration of why this president is anything but patriotic.

Doug Thompson has been criticized because he couldn’t prove that George Bush actually said the Constitution was just a goddamned piece of paper. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bush, a Napoleon wannabe with sometimes loose lips, let his true thoughts slip out.

The Constitution was designed by the patriots who wrote it to be a living document, i.e., the pillar of our government that might from time to time need to be updated to fit changing times and circumstances. That’s why they wrote in the amendment process.

The Founders would be appalled that a president would try to subvert the Constitution by basically ignoring it.

The Constitution doesn’t spell out that the president should be a patriot. I can’t imagine the framers thinking adding such language would be necessary. After all how could they envision a president who would do the following?

1) Lying and inducing America and to Congress to support a war –

2) Reckless indifference to the lives of American troops –

3) Authorizing the use of rendition and torture in violation of U.S. laws and treaties –

4) Wiretapping and other surveillance in defiance of the law –

5) The use of signing statements to make Congress virtually irrelevant –

6) Appointing total hacks to important leadership positions like attorney general and head of FEMA –

6) Making companies like Halliburton and Blackwater extensions of the executive branch of government –

7) Doing everything possible, legal or illegal, to turn the office of the president into a dictatorship –

Adding all of these together it seems mild for me to simply tar Bush with the word “unpatriotic”.

Because of his systematic attempt to destroy the basic tenets of our republic I think the term “treasonous” is appropriate.

14 thoughts on “Patriots win in New England, lose in Washington”

  1. Hal, I’ve often thought…

    that supporting the same ‘ol same ‘ol has led to survival for most, that is, those who kept their mouths shut were much more likely to give rise to offspring, and much more likely that their offspring survived, hence the mentalities we have today. Perhaps the sheep are simply a product of biological evolution. Fortunately we are not quite to the point of keep your mouth shut or die, but who knows what a desperate man could do to a complacent populace in a year’s time.

    Although there may be some truth to that, the optimistic side of me tells me that most humans do indeed have potential for empathy and critical thinking. I think the problem is indeed the television as you outline, however, moreso an “education” system that creates individuals who are ripe for molding, fully prepped for brainwashing by the mainstream media. And if their opinions are not molded by the MSM, many are basically turned into zombies by the television, people who have no concerns about anything as long as they have a roof, food, gasoline, soda pop, beer and a television to hypnotize them.

    I think for us to have the hope of a functional democracy we need three things. Number one is electoral-process reform, to get private and corporate $ out of the election process. Elections should be PURELY taxpayer funded. In that way, there would be no need for lobbyists to be bribing politicians with campaign contribution $. Then more people would run for office who had sincere, not ulterior motives. As is, he/she with the most $ wins and we all know that is a bunch of anti-democratic crap.

    Secondly, we need to outlaw corporate press. Weapons manufacturers should not be allowed to present people with lies, errr umm, I mean “news”. It seems if we make them much much smaller, there might be more truth out there. It seems silly we need to do something like this when anybody who wants truth just need to get on the web, but we see that most are too brainwashed to do that; they are content in their worlds of ignorant bliss. We need to protect them from themselves, sadly.

    And lastly, we need a total reform of the educational system, which won’t happen without election reform. Let’s face it: today, the vast majority of politicians’ main concern is getting re-elected by obtaining more campaign $, and investing in the future of our children is not getting them $ and votes from those with the most $ to offer—that is why our educational system is pathetic. We lose a lot of highly talented, intelligent, potential teachers because they want a decent survival wage which most schools don’t pay. So get the private $ out of the election process and then we can get on to investing in our children’s future. Also, excuse me if I sound like a communist, but I think those kids in the ghetto deserve an equal education as those children of privilege in the suburbs, regardless if their parents can’t afford to pay as much, if any taxes.

    Well, well, now that I have solved our nation’s problems, we can truly look forward to 2008!
    Happy New Year everybody!

  2. and the gullible voters..

    Pablo… I left that part of the equation out…

    “No child left behind” is bullcrap. The most important deficit in primary education is lack of effective teaching of the two things you refer to: critical thinking and empathy.

    Many of that 50% you describe are lazy, easily led and more easily deceived after growing up in front of the aptly called boob tube where every few minutes they are dosed with 4-6 commercials targeted to their ages and interests with the message that greed is good and the hell with anything else. With no education to counter this for lots of children, no wonder many grow up lacking critical skills and empathy.

    Informative commercials are rare, most are propaganda.

    And of course Fox news is the notorious example of television news’ unabashed propaganda; but even that is only watched by the segment of the population that has at least some interest in current events.

    AM talk radio is a bastion of panderers to the ignorant and narrow minded, to those who believe simple solutions (easily expressed in a brief slogan) can solve complex problems.

    Last night desperate for diversion with my wife busy reading the book I wrote about on the Reader Rant Jesus Camp thread (“God’s Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America”) I watched Idiocracy on cable OnDemand. It’s a so-so comedy staring Luke Wilson, from the team that brought us Beavus and Butthead.

    An average man hibernates for 500 years and awakes in a world where evolution made him the smartest man on earth. (Smart people didn’t breed enough, stupid people popped out ever dumber generations, get it?)

    My point bringing this up is that some of the lines the dumb as a door-nob characters utter are things that people say and believe today.

  3. Good article, however,

    I take issue with the statement, “I Lay the blame on the Bush administration, its lackies in the House and Senate, and the timid Democrats who played politics as if it were a game.”

    The people being blamed were voted on by the american people. They, except bush, who “won” in two rigged elections, were voted for by the citizenry, and that is what is especially frightening, that the people are repeatedly voting for all this. Lets face it: most people lack critical thinking skills and empathy and are therefore unfit for voting. Just look at who the frontrunners are now! After all the crap Hal outlined above, the people want to vote in hillary or guliani, two of bush’s main supporters. 70% are supposedly against the war, but the majority are currently supporting candidates who support the war, and in addition, support an aggressive stance towards Iran. I hate to say it, but our government supports the will of well over 50% of the people. We are scary and anything but innocent!

  4. If we take into account that the Patriot act was written before 911 it would be silly for us to think panic ruled the day.Why panic when the plan is working perfectly?However,I’ll still bet that once the wheels started turning smirk pissed himself with glee at his new found power to bully and subvert. We will need one with the courage of a Baggins to cast the ring back into the fire and change our worldly reflection, but I fear that person will be just another non fiction tale of evil like the last seven years.This type of power will not be easily wrested from the next occupant of 1600 Penn. Ave.

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