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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Tea Party Express chair admits movement is just an arm of the GOP

Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer: Any Republican will do

The Tea Party — a phony “grassroots” movement that is and always has been nothing but a front for the Republican Party — showed its true colors Sunday when Amy Kremer, chair of the Tea Party Express, admitted the so-called group of independents will endorse a Republican — any Republican — for President.

“Whoever the Republican nominee is will have the support of the Tea Party movement — the entire Tea Party movement,” Kremer told Fox News Sunday.

Even Mitt Romney?

Yes, Kremer said. Even Mitt Romney.

So much for independence. So much for looking at the candidate, not the party. So much for the grassroots.

“There is no way that we are going to support a third party candidate,” Kremer told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “It would split the vote and it would guarantee reelection for Obama and we need to crush Obama. We have to get him out of the White House.”

Kremer’s comments expose the Tea Party for what it is — an arm of the GOP funded by the billionaire Koch brothers and run by the GOP establishment.

It never has been a “grassroots” movement.

It never was one.

And it never will be one.

13 thoughts on “Tea Party Express chair admits movement is just an arm of the GOP”

  1. You people miss the point and that is she is right in what she says the backing of a third party mender would split the vote and insure that the worst president this country has ever had would get another four years. You are blind if you cant see that. Any movement that gains in popularity is going to have band wagoners that is part of the game. In the end it will all come out and the true grassroots people will be on top and in charge regardless off political affiliation, race, or gender.

  2. Uhh look at the facts here. While they may or may not be an arm of the republican party, by voicing support for ANY republican, they’re just being pragmatic in achieving their repeatedly and explicitly stated goal of removing Obama. Look what happens when 3rd party candidates enter a race. 1992: Perot drives hardcore fiscal conservatives away from bush that would otherwise have voted for him, costing him the election. 2000: Nader takes 2-3% of the vote, comprised mostly of far-left environmentalists, who would’ve otherwise voted for Gore. Here’s how I see their strategy: get ANY GOP in office, then use their masses to hold the new guy accountable.

    Now for some less educated-sounding comments: if palin (she doesn’t deserve capitalization) wins, I’m moving to Canada

  3. Not true.

    Ron Paul started the movement. It is real! I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney.

    I will vote for either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

  4. I have been suspicious of the Tea Party from it’s inception. What hope I had was dashed when the the Tea Party showed it’s willingness to share it’s bed with Republicans (who are to pro-Corporate for my tastes). I agree that a truly viable third party candidate (preferably center right) is the only choice to correct a two party system that is completely off track and out of control.

  5. She is a hijacker and doesn’t speak for the grassroots who started the tea party in 2007.

    Other hijackers are TPN, TPP and The Tea Party dot net from Town Hall dot com.

    • Don’t waste your breath. Doug doesn’t believe the grassroots movement was hijacked. He doesn’t believe that the Tea Party Express showed up at events organized by others with their fancy buses and Sarah Palin in tow. Oh wait, he believes it happened to Rolling Thunder, but not the grassroots tea party.

      • It isn’t a question of what I believe but one of what is reality. The tea party is not, nor has it ever been, a grassroots movement. It was — from the beginning — a creation of Republican leaders and a GOP consultant.

  6. These attempts at trying to damage President Obama’s White House is just dirty politics. Come on, this started when Clinton bopped his Intern. The GOP had not had a worthy agenda outside of destroying our President and allowing the religious right to rewrite our Constitution. Somehow the name “Gov. George W. Bush” became the accepted candidate and very few leaders of either party bothered to check his level of intelligence. He was a Born Again Christian and that was enough to spin America into a world of one world dominance.

    This poor choice by the RNC and the voters, has nearly destroyed our American set of values. The notion that America is a Christian Nation has given all voters a phony sense of security.

    This ridiculous notion that a Christian nation will never allow women and gays to live freely brought the next level of utter ignorance found in the Tea Party groups who sound closer to a militia than a workable political movement,

    The die was cast after WW2 by the Birch Society and the creeping ugliness of these Evangelicals did a job on American values trying to force a change into a government based on superstition and the occult.

    Apparently America thrives on this silly notion that only white Christian Straight men can lead America from the White House. Why even try to bring fiscal, rational debates during the elections when the voters ignore what is needed in D.C.?

    In my world there is no Republican Party left. They have turned the agenda over to a bunch of Evangelical Insane people who actually believe God tells them what to do. How far will this sham go before America declares a Pope for the White House?

    Santorum files today for the Campaign and he may be the most dangerous Christian wanting into the mess that used to be the GOP. I guess Romney will have the floor during the big race and his approach to women in a marriage is one of a brood mare. Nothing more, nothing less. He committed his life to the church at his own baptism. He will take orders only from the “Prophet” in Salt Lake City. Why not? Our own Congress can’t find their butts with both hands and somebody has to tell them what to do.

    Since 2000, Americans have thrown in the towel of involvement through the ballots. Why not set up a computer to judge what bills get signed and what vetoed. The only movement gaining ground since 2000 is to kill and destroy Islam, prohibit all abortions and regulate birth control. These wars that we find ourselves financing and sacrificing for are distractions from the financial cancer in our Congress.

    I did not vote for Obama but I had hoped he would pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. But there is no force growing to replace him with a Republican. The GOP has lost all sense of responsibility since they are taking orders from the religious leaders.

    The Tea Party has been talking with Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann about writing history books for children using the same religious nonsense that Palin promoted regarding the Civil War and Revere’s Ride. Not since Hitler tried to rewrite this history of homosapiens has anything seemed at evil. “The Left Behind” books are already being sold to young Christian students and the promote this notion of Armageddon and the Rapture. Bachmann and Palin are filling in the empty spaces left when some fool started this lie about a Christian America.

    Of course, the majority of Americans are Christians but that has nothing to do with our Constitution. It is a level of authority based on myth and superstition. Take it to the churches and out of the House and Senate.

    Sherry, at this time we have two separate agendas working against each other. The Democrats want a redistribution of wealth to solve their problems. The GOP want a Constitution redone to include the New Testament laws. For 60 years I voted with the GOP until I saw President Bush 43 do horrendous things with his power and claim he spoke to God. The Tea Party iced the cake for me and I will chooe a redistritution of wealth in my next elections. The brains of America will end up with some who are wealthy and some who are not. But once America declares itself as Christian, the government will turn into a killer inquisition cleaning out what they call their garbage.

  7. Doug, you are absolutely right. But it was a stroke of genius for the Tea Party to claim to be a bunch of rebels against the Establishment. It allowed them to get support from people who are fed up with all politicians.
    You were onto them very early, but other people were fooled.
    The Tea Party is an example of an “astroturf” group: artificial grass roots.

    I guess their time is up. At least I hope so.

  8. Shame. There are those who thought their participation would somehow make a difference.
    Both parties are just opposite sides of the same coin.
    It would be nice it there was a truly third party viable candidate.

    • Sounds about right. Vote the party not the person. WHOEVER the republican running would get their vote. Havent the self righteous tea party patrons done enough to damage this country with their McDonnell’s, Palin’s, Bachman, Cantor and al lthe other bigots the fiscally responsible party can conjure up. Like a dog with a bone. As of RYAN’s request to Kill Medicare I believe the party is over. At least I hope so. Vote for the man and his history not for the man because a R follows his name….

      • Exactly vote for the right person and his record. not the one who tells you what you want to hear because he wants to win. thats how the last guy got in. Build me up buttercup just to let me down.! Tonite the debates are on cnn we will see what they all have to say.

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