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Friday, June 14, 2024

Where’s Sarah? Palin is a no show at Gettyburg

A Sarah Palin fan holds a sign outside of the Pennsylvania Memorial at Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, May 30, 2011. REUTERS/Molly Riley

So what’s going on with Sarah Palin?

First she tried to steal the thunder of hundreds of thousands of bikers at the annual Rolling Thunder in Washington — an obvious stunt that failed when event organizers refused to let her steal the show.

Then she leaves her faithful waiting in vain when she didn’t show up in the Civil War Battlefield in Gettysburg.

And she’s still playing coy about her future campaign plans.

“I honestly don’t know,” she said when asked if she plans to run for President.

And even her most ardent supporters don’t know where Palin will turn up next. A few hundred waited for her to appear at the Gettysburg battlefield.

Instead, her bus stopped at a small hotel outside of town.

Which left some perplexed as to just what the former Alaska governor — who quit before the end of her term so she could cash in on book and speaking opportunities — wondering if she has any real goal in mind.

“In a way it’s cool. In a way it’s, ‘Whaa?'” John Hower, a baker who drove for three hours from Berwick, Pennsylvania, with two friends to see Palin, told Reuters. “She’s trying to avoid the media. But I’d like to see the bus. We’re, like, where’s this bus?”

Sharon Danielski waited for nine hours.

“I’m disappointed. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen her,” she said just before she left.

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2 thoughts on “Where’s Sarah? Palin is a no show at Gettyburg”

  1. She didn’t need to show up anyplace but where the media was found. She attracts people as if she were a circus freak. She may be the only supposed candidate to ever have been given a ceremony by her Pastor to rid the voodoo curse that was obviously a black cloud over her head.

    The current candidates running as Republicans are so bland and unexciting that anyone has a chance to capture the “spirit” of the GOP.

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