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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bikers to Palin: ‘Go home bitch”

Bikers wait for the start of Rolling Thunder, unaware that Sarah Palin tried to crash their event (Capitol Hill Blue Photo/Doug Thompson)

Sarah Palin tried to bring her carnival sideshow to the annual Rolling Thunder Ride to the Wall Sunday but the bikers quickly put her in her place — “riding bitch” on the back of another woman’s Harley-Davidson.

Palin tried to turn an uninvited visit to the gathering of biker veterans and supporters into a photo op to kick off another of her bus tours but event organizers told her that she was welcome to ride on a bike in the event but did not let her speak or become part of the official program.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of bikers who gathered in the Pentagon’s north parking lot weren’t aware of Palin’s presence at the event and some of those who did weren’t happy about it.

“Tell the bitch to go home,” said “Duke” Cantwell, a grizzled Harley rider from Missouri. “She ain’t welcome here. What’s next? We gonna have Jane Fonda riding bitch on a Harley?”

Tom Lawson, a biker from Montana, said politicians like Palin shouldn’t try to use the annual ride that focuses on missing in action veterans for political opportunism.

“She’s not one of us,” Lawson said. “She’s just another loud-mouthed politician trying to cash in.”

Shirley Hamilton, a biker mother of a Iraq war vet, said Palin should take her sideshow elsewhere.

“This event is for people who honestly care about veterans who are prisoners or who remain missing,” Hamilton said. “Sarah Palin doesn’t care about anything but herself. She doesn’t belong here.”

Some, however, said Palin was welcome to ride but didn’t see any need for the media to focus on her visit.

“If she wants to ride then let her ride,” said Jerry Symington of Missouri. “As long as she keeps her mouth shut she’s as welcome as anyone.”

Anti-Palin sentiment also spilled over on Rolling Thunder’s Facebook page with some comparing Palin to Fonda a target of hate and scorn from Vietnam vets angered over her trip to Hanoi and defense of the enemy during that Southeast Asia conflict.

Rolling Thunder Security personnel also kept the press at bay, especially when they threatened to run amok among the motorcycles of participants. The Washington Post reported that one security staffer grabbed a newsman by the throat and pushed him away.

Palin first claimed she had been invited to participate in Rolling Thunder but event organizers said she had not been invited and would not be part of the program. A request form Palin’s organization to allow her gaudy bus to roll along the parade route was rejected.

Rolling Thunder legislative director Ted Shpak said he didn’t appreciate the way Palin came into the event.

“If she wanted to come on the ride she should have come in the back,” he said.

But Palin came long after the north parking lot was full of bikers who waited for four to five hours for their lines to start on the ride. Palin came in the front and rode on the back of one bike. Her husband Todd rode another bike with daughter Piper on the back and Bristol Palin rode with another biker.

Still, when the ride ended at the wall, Rolling Thunder staff kept Palin away from the stage and the spotlight. She was not allowed to speak.

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23 thoughts on “Bikers to Palin: ‘Go home bitch””

  1. If she said anything in front of the cameras at that event it should have sounded something like this:

    “We’re here today to help give tribute to our fallen heroes in uniform. Todd and I share the rest of the country’s admiration for these people, for the families, the Gold Star mothers, and for the hard working volunteers who make this ride possible. Now I am headed to the wall to pay my respects, thank you.”

    But she didn’t say anything like that at all, never even mentioned the soldiers once. So in my mind, she was a distraction.

  2. I have compared Palin to a first class movie star. Both are a problem when it comes to filming their stuff and both can stop traffic in any downtown city. The problem is that when the great Bette Davis or Joan Crawford are finished marking their territory oh any set, the end game of the movie turns out to be worth the problems. Those old gals know their talent and how to use it no matter what part they are playing. Palin is like dust on her resume record with no guarantees oh how the film will turn out. Palin has no bona fide accomplishments and has a temper so out of control that no one wants to come near her. The illusion that God talks to her should be a warning sign that she is a phony but the Tea Party members are desperate for a link to God, However if the Tea Party suddenly becomes more secular, our Alaska gal can jump out of church as fast as she jumped in,

  3. This is exactly what Palin did to help capture the tea party for the Neo-cons. Just showed up in their fancy bus and acted like they put the event together.

  4. Just as in the last book about Palin, it is obvious the woman is a user of the media and everybody who is in the crosshairs of any camera. She has what others call an addiction, She has many talents but has no clue how to use them as an advantage.

    She won’t go away until the media files her in a “closed file.”

    • Interesting statement as you said, “She has many talents but has no clue how to use them as an advantage.”

      It seems someone knows something you don’t. It seems she and her family are doing very well as are an unknown number of other tag alongs in her parade. She’s good for the ecomomy of a few anyway.

      It’s more disturbing to wonder how she ever got into the spotlight and remains there. That doesn’t make her special and the same could be said about the entire cast of characters we are stuck with.

      The election process is deeply flawed and I have no solution. It’s a money game and a simple concept. If you wanted to build a corrupt, criminal business, who would you recruit as the limited available options?

      I voted for Shrub vs. Gore due to a Clinton hangover and hoping GW wasn’t another liar. I voted for someone OTHER in the GW renewal. I voted for Obama on policy promises when I should have known better. McCain is still a dolt and for some reason still in office and respected? Palin was, and still is, a cartoon character making plenty of money for impersonators and comedy writers that don’t have to write.

      The media has no reason to ignore her, they have incentive to promote her. Stupid sells as well as sex does. I wish I had a little more of either one in my own resume. .

  5. To compare Sarah Palin to the tratiorous Fonda “-itch” is akin to comparing Barrack Hussein Obama to a real U.S. President.

  6. Remember all those photos of Palin standing proudly with her vet son and all those other Alaska veterans? No? Me neither. Her appearance was clearly a media grab and exploited a lot of real people as props for her photo op. The woman and her family have no shame, no decency, no class, no patriotism.

  7. I saw a different slant on TV as they interview several bikers who had no problem with her being there if she did not make it a political event. She didn’t make a speech but glad handed some folks and signed some autographs. I guess the slant is all in who one chooses to interview or which writer may have a personal axe to grind.

    As far as a photo op that is what happens when you are in the celebrity cross-hairs and she is. Politicians march in memorial day parades and that is a given and they all seem to just wave, smile and have a few handshakes. Her appearance was no different.

  8. I’m the mother of a veteran, too. So can I pull up to the front? Can I bring my bus along? Can I tell everyone RT invited me specially? In one interview I saw, when asked if she was upstaging RT, she said “Heck, no, I’m just here supportin’ our troops, I’m the mom of a serviceman, I’m exercising my first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.” Yes, and I’m the Queen of England, Sarah. You are the worst media whore EVER. Defending her by saying she’s the mom of a veteran is insulting to all the other vets and parents of vets who (apolitically) support their service.

  9. That message was for Bill. And yes it’s some research.

    And either way she was there to promote herself. Sarah is an opportunist, a fraud and a liar. It’s always about me me me me when it comes Sarah. It’s always about her and the dollar of course.

    • So, if “Sarah and Todd” had any class, and if they cared about the event at all, they would have left the campaign bus elsewhere, signed up like everybody else, rode in line like everybody else, and kept her publicity crew away… like everybody else.

      Everybody else didn’t make this into a self-promoting ego-boosting publicity event like the publicity wh*res they are.

      • EMC, I don’t know what your military background is. But besmirching and belittling the service of any veteran (because you don’t care for his Mother or any other reason) is wrong as is your insistance that he is not a combat veteran. The Iraq Campaign Medal w/star device says differently. The CIB is only awarded to Infantrymen that is correct. It is unique in that respect as are blue discs and the cord. Other Combat Arms perrsonnel (Artillary, Armor) cannot qualify, nor can Combat Support (MP’s, Engineers, etc) nor can Combat Service Support personnel (Supply, Admin, Spoons, etc.). Lack of a CIB does not mean they are not combat veterans merely they are not in an infantry MOS and Unit. He served honorably so don’t put your flies into the ointment.

        • “Lack of a CIB does not mean they are not combat veterans merely they are not in an infantry MOS and Unit.”

          But Track Palin is MOS 11B infantryman. Lack of a CIB absolutely means he is not a combat veteran.

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