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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

New book portrays Palin as cold, calculating opportunist

Sarah Palin: Follow the money

A blunt, brutal tell-all book by a member of Sarah Palin’s inner circle confirms what many have long suspected about the former Alaska Governor and GOP pop-culture icon.

She’s in it for the money.

Frank Bailey says Palin — who quit her job as Alaska governor before her term ended — actually wanted to leave the job earlier so she could cash in on her rapid ascension to fame as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election.

Bailey’s book, “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years,” hits bookstore shelves on Tuesday and portrays her as a self-serving opportunist eager to take the money and run.

Bailey served as director of boards and commissions during Palin’s shortened term as governor and was involved in the controversy over her firing of the state police commissioner when he wouldn’t fire a state trooper involved in a bitter divorce from the governor’s sister.

The former Palin aide said he saw things that bothered him and had to write the book.

“In 2009 I had the sense if she made it to the White House and I had stayed silent, I could never forgive myself,” Bailey told the Associated Press.

Palin, he writes, lived for revenge against those she felt crossed or wronged her. He also describes her as flighty and unreliable.

“Getting Sarah to meetings and events was like nailing Jell-O to a tree,” Bailey writes in the book. “On the campaign trail and as governor, Sarah went through at least ten schedulers, with few lasting more than months. Nobody wanted the job because Sarah might fail to honor, at the last minute, the smallest commitments, and making excuses for her became a painful burden.”

Bailey’s book is based in large part on email exchanges with Palin during his years with her.  The Alaska attorney general’s office is investigating Bailey’s use of emails for the book to see if they violate state laws that bar former public officials from using the communications for personal gain.

Bailey’s attorney says his client was careful to make sure the book did not violate that law.

37 thoughts on “New book portrays Palin as cold, calculating opportunist”

  1. Am I that much more intuitive than the average American? I saw all this in the first 10 minutes of her introduction on stage, in 08. I looked at her kids up on stage, and read dysfunctional family!
    It is scary to me that my wellbeing is dependant on my fellow citizens!

  2. If any of you out there are musicians, actors, politicians or have ever dealt with any of the above, Palin is an easy read. It’s spelled, EGO, EGO, VANITY, SELF, ME, EGO, PRIDE, EGO, SUPERIORITY COMPLEX, EGO and EGO. Not necessarily in that order.

  3. This really does top it all and make Palin a punchline. The public is finally coming around to seeing the true petty Sarah Palin. Mamma Grizzly’s rhetoric is predominately negative and continues to lower the world’s expectations of our government and society. I was compelled to create a visual commentary about all of her negative rhetoric and its effects on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know what you think.

  4. Palin is not a good woman. she is a religous fanatic who let a black pastor witch hunter, mathee, do a exorcisem blessing on her. it was shown on tv and its on the internet, under palins exorcisem, on youtube. she is a evil mean old witch her self. this pastor is from africa and has a following of a bunch of nuts responsible for pouring acid down young black men/boys to rid them of witches,and i betcha palin knew all this.

  5. Cold, calculating opportunist? My…what a shock to find that in a politician. Next thing you know someone will be saying the same about all those sweethearts on Wall Street.

  6. My Tea Party neighbor described Gov. Palin as “too juvenile.” That I agree with, and believe she would be a great disappointment as a president. In fairness, most presidents have been disappointments anyway, and the success of each is measured by how little damage they do to the nation.

    As Woody points out, presidents make a pile of money outside the official salary. I believe Mr. & Mrs. Clinton racked up around $109 million between 2001 and 2008. That ain’t chump change.

    Sandune and those like her seek another Goldwater. Those like me seek another Truman. Whatever their politics, both men were honest and decent, and frankly had more class in their big toes than anyone running today.

    It’s like all the stuffings gone out of the pillow.

  7. Wasn’t all this obvious after she spent $150,000 of the RNC’s campaign money on a new wardrobe for herself and her family?

    I bet anyone donating money to the RNC that year didn’t expect it would be spent on hair, make-up and clothes.

    And FYI, Presidents make much more than their salary via book deals and speaking engagements. Obama made $1,795,314 in 2010.

    • What did the taxpayers spend for Michelle Obama’s “cut off'” blue jeans and flip-flops or the “Pinata” dress.

      At least Palin looks classy!
      Maybe I’m sexist not racist….

  8. Palin is making $$$$$ off of being a QUITTER and off the back of John McCain. She shoves her children out in our faces so they can make $$$ off her. I see no problem with anyone else making $$$ off her 15 min. She did. It’s called “free enterprise” like she touts, you betcha!

  9. I too ordered the book and will be delighted to review it here. I may have judged Gov. Palin too harshly as she is a clone of one of my cousins (from Boise, Idaho) who never in her entire life could make a statement of value on anyone or anything.

    Many of us women tend to judge quickly but we also tend to forgive ourselves for often being off base. The speech Palin made during the campaign had many of the mannerism that I found phony. Working on stage productions opens ones eyes to phony mannerisms.

    The rumors have it that she bought a home in Scottsdale AZ believing, as I did, that AZ was filled with fiscal conservatives. It is not! and the state is run by organized religious groups. Palin needs her pals who want prohibitions to be added to the list of sins. I spent 9 years searching for an authentic Goldwater group of Americans….They no longer exist.

    America is in the fight of all fights and our individual choices are in severe jeopardy. .

    • Stupidity and ignorance DO have consequences. Especially for the stupid and ignorant.

  10. I am surprised at the accusation that she is “calculating”. I thought she was just too plain dumb to calculate.

    She was rescued from obscurity when McCain picked her as his running mate. She accepted the position on the Republican ticket because it seemed she had a reasonable shot of being VP. It’s hard to remember now, but McCain was nearly tied with Obama until the economy collapsed just before the election. And Palin boosted the McCain ticket, at least in the short run, solidifying his appeal among the Christian conservatives.

    If she had been VP under McCain, she would have had a reasonable shot at being President, if McCain (an elderly cancer survivor) died in office. That possibility may have hurt the R ticket among independents and moderate Republicans (an endangered species).

    None of these decisions required a lot of heavy-duty thinking.

  11. From the author’s quote: He said he “shed his family,” his wife and two kids, to singularly focus on Palin during her rise to the governor’s office and beyond.” One might conclude Frank Bailey had his priorities askew and is reaping what has been sewn. Goes on to say “We looked at her as … that queen on a horse that could come in and save the state,” he said. “As we started to see that that was not the case, I kept silent and I just kept on working.” Now if Frank could redirect his energy to asssit in the defeat of the “Illusionist In Chief” occupying the White House, to all those still moved with “Blind Allegiance” he might have a best seller.

  12. Palin is a greedy grifter with a screechy voice. She appeals to the uneducated and the unaware, poor gullible souls who hang on her every word. Most Americans wish she would just dry up and blow away. We’ve got enough to worry about already.

    • If Sarah Palin were a liberal, you would be labeled as being sexist, much the same as anyone who disagrees with Barrack Hussein Obama and his train wreck of a presidency is a racist.

      • @Bernard Web — yep, your comment was sexist.

        @jim0001 — yep, your comment was racist. Nothing train wrecked about Obama’s presidency… except he’s accomplishing what you don’t like. What I call a train wreck of a presidency is one that involves America in multiple unnecessary unfunded wars, and one that leaves the country on the brink of a Depression, and one that manages to take away our freedoms (“Patriot” Act) at the same time. Who were the engineers of that train wreck? Oh, yeah — Bush / Cheney.

  13. @sodakhic:

    If you had been in Alaska during the gubernatorial campaign, you would know all the behaviors she exhibited on the campaign trail with McCain were the same ones she displayed during her run for governor. She was dubbed “No-show Sarah” for a reason. She also didn’t want to answer questions on the gubernatorial campaign, and certainly didn’t return to venues that where it was likely to be shown how little she knew about an issue, like the BP/Alyeska Open Forum for employees. She’s a train wreck.

  14. If she’s in it for the money then why would she run for President? You don’t make a lot of money as President.

    People can dislike Sarah all they want…but these complaints against her are rarely consistent.

    Sounds to me like this guy got in trouble for something he did wrong (he was ordered to attend ethics training) and Sarah didn’t defend him so now he’s trying to get her back.

    • People running for President don’t make much money WHILE they are President. Once it’s over, they’re rolling butt naked in cash.

      Also, Presidential campaigns are a nice way to cash in (especially for people who aren’t really serious about it).

    • Who says she’s running for president? That job is WAY TOO HARD for her. Celebrity tv star Palin is a big teaser pretending to run so she can collect as much dough as she can to pay for the air-conditioning in her new compound in AZ that even Bin Ladin would be jealous of.

    • @terese — Gee, $400k per year + lifetime pension + lifetime healthcare + lifetime demand for speaking fees = seems like a lot of money to me. But, you know, I’m just a middle-class guy. Not one of the GOP’s favorites.

      @answerman — Just wait a few days. SP will be running for Prez.

    • The amount of money that can be made when you merely have Presidential candidate in front of your name is much more than she is making now. You know, like Newt Gingrich. Grifters.

  15. I have ordered the book and can’t wait to read it. Finally, she will be revealed for what she truly is – a cold, calculating opportunist.

  16. IN it for the money, good one Frank. She left a six figure job(oil commissioner) because of principle. After her run as VP she couldn’t eat, drink, sleep, or leave the state without an ethics violation over her head. You bet people were out to destroy her because she is a force.The Bailey, Dunn, McGuiness books prove that she is a force. Of course her scheduling was hectic because everybody and their mother wanted her. Make up your mind people, is she a cold, calculating mastermind or a dunce of epic proportions. She did leave Alaska witn a 12 billion surplus.

    • Palin is a cold calculating dunce. Therein lies her problem with life and leadership. Rampant among conservative thinkers. Heartless and dumb.

    • actually sodakhic, she QUIT the oil and gas job because it, again, was a job that required commitment and skills, both of which she lacked. That and she saw the “shiny object” of a run against her former boss as a way to stick it to him for not appointing HER to his Senate seat vs his daughter (who she still holds a deep grudge against for saying that she was irresponsible for quitting her gov job)…she appears undisciplined BECAUSE SHE IS. She appears bitchy, mean and vindictive BECAUSE SHE IS and her own written words will reveal that she is a petty, small town gal who is driven by her narcissism, so much so that she can’t help herself. She is mentally ill.

    • Curious if Arnold schwarzenegger received an early release of the new “Tell All”
      book on Sarah and her behavior and how it may compete with his?

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