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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Republican discord increases over Medicare changes

Congressman Paul Ryan: Oh, how the mighty have fallen (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

A widening split within the GOP is splitting the party apart as it struggles to deal with increasing criticism of the proposed Medicare overhaul plan.

Congressman Paul Ryan, architect of the plan that proposes deep cuts in the health care program for seniors, is on the defensive, trying to defend his plan while members of his own party distance themselves from it.

Leading the charge against Ryan is Republican presidential hopeful and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who says Ryan’s plan is “radical” and “right-wing social engineering.”

Ryan, in a speech to the Economic Club of Chicago, fired back, claiming Gingrich is “missing the mark.”

“I hardly think it’s anything radical,” Ryan said in his speech. “It’s basically common sense and using solutions that have proven to work, that have been supported by Democrats and Republicans in the past, and more importantly, according to the budget experts, it saves Medicare.”

But Gingrich isn’t the only Republican who has problem with Ryan and his plan.  Many GOP members of Congress face increasing voter anger over the plan that would convert Medicare from a fee for service system into a program of vouchers that seniors would use to buy subsidized health insurance from private companies.

Polls show widespread unhappiness with Republicans over proposed changes to Medicare and other budget proposals from the party of the elephant.

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2 thoughts on “Republican discord increases over Medicare changes”

  1. There is a SIMPLE solution strating right now. Means test Medicare with an upper limit cap and tie it to medical care cost increases. It’s absurd that all Seniors pay only about $105 a month for Medicare. Poor people can have a minimum top pay, and Social Security benefit level. the rest of us should pay based on our income etc. I don’t know what an upper limit should be but I suggest 500-700 a month. It’s still a lot less than the 1,750 I pay. Ypouger people can have a slight increse in Medicare taxes .03.
    GOP everything is on the table except TAXES and Corporate subsidies and … Get real it’ll take cuts and tax increases to solve the problem.
    GOP first party in US History to fight two wars withhout any taxes to pay for them. If that’s fiscally conservative then there’s no definition of IMMORAL.

  2. Notice there’s never a discussion of reining in our out of control, blood-sucking MIC and a plan for an immediate pullout in Iraq and Afghanistan other than providing for a contingent SOCOM personnel, drone bases etc. in order to simply operate “surgical” operations within those regions against high profile, regionally destabilizing targets.

    We still have 50,000 personnel milling about in Iraq and a continued presence of 100,000 in Afghanistan not including hundreds of vestigial bases worldwide that are leftovers from our expanding influence post WWII. This doesn’t include the thousands of blood-sucking contractors who’s cost to taxpayers equals that of the military part of the expenditure equation. It cost the American people 3.2 trillion dollars of “debt money” and ten years to get Osama. Makes real sense huh?! Seemingly he and his minions won while we’re left holding the ‘debt bag’. America’s leaders as well as our ever-cheering them on, braindead populace have lost bigtime in this engineered war on terror.

    It’s the unnecessary maintenance of ‘Empire Americanus’ that breaking this nation along with ever corrosive waste and fraud in government.

    None of these clowns wishes to address the obvious, but target the ‘low hanging fruit’; ie, Medicare and SS. They’ve been robbing the SS fund for years with the promise of redeeming the Treasury IOU’s at a future date. Last year was the first SS redemption of said IOU”s to the tune of 28 billion with the projected shortfall 130 billion for this year. Medicare fraud is now up to 80 billion annually. Geithner is now robbing the Federal employees pension plans in order continue the business of “Empire’ as usual.

    These clowns don’t realize that to target any particular program is a waste of time and we need to reduce spending across “all programs” by some percentage let’s say 10% for starters with an absolute mandated balanced budget in to the future. There can be no sacred cows including ‘black projects’ which are in the business of wasting huge amounts of money on questionable future ‘killtoys’ for the military due to cost overruns etc.

    Here’s a link to a “Governent Fraud and Waste Report”. I urge readers to take time reading this compendium of such. Even our government employees are ‘low life’ thieves when it comes to using government credit cards etc. The report leaves one hushed to say the least.

    Seemingly we’re getting the government we sorely deserve. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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