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Friday, July 12, 2024

Trump to self: You’re fired

Donald Trump: The mouth that roared (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

Reality show host and real estate developer Donald Trump fired himself from the 2012 Presidential sweepstakes but went out with typical bluster — claiming he could win if he ran.


“I will not be running for president as much as I’d like to,” Trump said to a meeting of advertising executives assembled to review NBC’s fall lineup which includes Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show. “Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.”

Trump’s flirtation with national politics showcased the desperation of the Republican party as they try to find a viable candidate to defeat Barack Obama in 2012. The flamboyant Trump seized upon the discredited “birther” controversy over Obama’s birth certificate to appeal to the rabid right wing of the GOP and led some polls for a brief time but Obama trumped the issue by releasing his full birth certificate — putting the issue to rest with all but the fringe conspiracy theorists.

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1 thought on “Trump to self: You’re fired”

  1. It doesn’t matter whether the long-form birth certificate was published, or even if 100 people swear on a stack of Bibles that they were there and personally witnessed Obama’s birth. The “rabid Right” will claim – it’s already been done – that the long-form is a forgery and/or that the 100 witnesses were bribed to perjure themselves and lie about being witnesses.

    Christ said “The poor you will always have with you.” These days, it’s the right wingnuts we will always have with us.

    The truth is, the controversy is racism, pure and simple.

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