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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Pornography collection found at bin Laden compound


A sizeable stash of pornography was among the items seized when U.S. Navy SEALs raided the Pakistani hideout of Osama bin Laden, almost two weeks ago, U.S. officials say.

The officials said it was unclear who the material belonged to, and there was no way to know whether bin Laden had viewed it.

Bin Laden’s son and two other adult male couriers lived at the compound, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence.

The pornography was among the computer materials confiscated in the raid after the SEALs killed bin Laden, ending an almost 10-year manhunt for the terrorist behind the 9/11 terror attacks.

The disclosure that U.S. investigators found pornography — which provoked ridicule among bloggers Friday — fuels the U.S. narrative that bin Laden was not the respectable or noble figure that his supporters embraced. The U.S. government previously asserted that bin Laden hid behind a woman in the compound as a “human shield” on the night of the raid but later revised its account of the deadly shooting inside the compound and said she rushed at one of the Navy SEALs and was shot in the calf.

The SEALs fatally shot bin Laden in a post-midnight raid May 2 at his hidden compound in the Pakistani army town of Abbottabad, shooting him in the head and chest when he ducked away from the raiders into his bedroom — they thought, reaching for a weapon.

After they killed him, they confiscated what U.S. officials call a “treasure trove” of information from bin Laden’s second-floor office. The items included a handwritten journal, five computers, 10 hard drives and 110 thumb drives seized at the site.

All the media taken from the site is now being analyzed by a CIA-led team.

The material includes a record of emails that were sent by flash or thumb drives, carried out by couriers on foot, and transmitted at internet cafes, giving bin Laden access to al-Qaida’s offshoots inside Pakistan, and as far away as Yemen and Europe. The emails show he helped chose target cities and guide overall the overall militant strategy, encouraging followers to attack soft U.S. targets like smaller, less protected cities in the American heartland, aiming to take as many casualties as possible.

Bin Laden’s handwritten journal includes his own philosophical debates over how to force the U.S. government to withdraw from the Arab world, and included musings over how to kill President Barack Obama, U.S. officials say. Bin Laden concluded he was too well protected.

So far, none of the information has tipped them off to new plots under way, or to suspects against whom they could take quick action, one of the officials said.

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13 thoughts on “Pornography collection found at bin Laden compound”

  1. Sandy, thanks so much for that visual. I never did understand all the physics involved. No wonder the fine art of spinning tassels is such a challenge. They need to be brewed, or at least dunked in a sink. It does make one wonder whether the ‘additives’ in mineral water would affect the physics, or if double distilled H2O, or EtOh, is more likely to keep the tassels from a too-slow spin due to unwanted dissolved rock. Perhaps those charming little metal tea balls be a better choice altogether? Seeking musical accompaniment might require a decent sized jingle-type bell. Maybe?

    As far as the “trove” of porn, I am beginning to wonder who writes this stuff for the Obama Administration. Porn? In addition to reported addiction to soft drinks? The latter, for a patient in end stage kidney disease is amazingly idiotic. Consumption of sugared or artificially sweetened drinks would have definitely killed Osama before he had time enough to develop a decent addiction to the fizzy stuff. Osama would have died back when the news reports came out with those actual death notices, burial notices and information about the burial of Osama shortly after he was wounded in the Tora Bora campaign of December, 2001.

    At the very least, the ongoing rollout of “discoveries” ranging from identifying possible targets, which had been identified as such in the 1990s, if the numbers of bomb sniffing dogs and armed handlers were any measure here in Chicago, to this latest evidence of alleged moral depravity, seems to be grasping at all possible straws, err means, to keep this story on Page One.

    Of course the targets will be identical elements of the 911 story, from tall buildings to train stations (under WTC or 7/7 in London), to planes (flying into buildings or just flying), to ships (USS Cole), to foreign structures associated with the US (embassy compounds). Hello? Look at the last decades for what was targeted to blow up, and select obvious similar targets. You don’t need Bin Laden’s Playbook to figure it out.

    Is all of this to prevent what happened to George HW Bush, post-Get The Oil, Early 1990’s edition. His 90+ popularity number crashed. And burned.

    It was then, and remains today, the economy. “Stupid” is to ignore it is the economy, and to continue shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas.

    “Discovered” porn files found on various drives, taken from a house without internet connections, and apparently played by a devout Muslim who declared that he wasn’t guilty of 911, and who was never even charged with the crime. He was tagged with the Cole, and with other terrorist events, but not once charged with 911 — none of it will help electability.

    We are to believe pics of a guy without Osama’s distinctive nose and ears, sitting in a room with grimy walls, huddled under a blanket, staring at a television perched on broken furniture in a million dollar home in Pakistan, holding a remote in his non-dominant hand (Bin Ladin was a lefty). Are we to forget the same man had been in the US hospital in Dubai in July, visited by the CIA as he was undergoing treatment for end stage renal disease. At the time of 911, the same man was in hospital, for the same end stage renal disease, but this time the hospital was in Pakistan. For 10 years, a man with end stage renal disease was kept alive in caves and million dollar homes with appallingly bad furnishings and paint, and still, no indication for any medical equipment or medications found in the compound in Pakistan.

    We are also supposed to believe that the man with the most famous face of the 21st Century was a regular at the local shops, and no one, not a single person, reported on his whereabouts. But, he liked porn, so he must have known how to get those plain brown wrapped packages from the postal carrier. Or the more technology independent, carrier pigeons, who could have one of those thumb drives strapped under their wings as they made their deliveries. Thank goodness they got rid of him on Walpurgisnacht, just in time for the real partying.

    All of it has the same believability as a 55 year old woman, whose teabag twirlers have suffered the effects of gravity, making those brewed baglets on strings twirl roundabout, just like Chesty Morgan did at the Payne Reliever in St. Paul, MN.

    Just don’t as me how I know about Ms. Morgan. All I’ll admit is that I lived about two miles from that esteemed gathering place in the Twin Cities.

  2. Is burlesque considered porn? My husband was entertaining some Professors from MIT and invited them and their wivers to visit a burlesque hall somewhere in Los Angeles. It was before I was working costumes and figured it was time to lsee the other side of theater. Happily filled with booze we drove back to our home where I put the coffee pot on so they could get safely back to their hotel. Many drank tea so I decided to use tea bags for their drinks. I had just enough alcohol to pin a bag on my blouse just to see if I could twirl them as “44 and more” demonstrated. I failed. But it caused a disturbance with my guests who all came into the kitchen to discuss the physics of a twirling tea bag. The bags were dry and needed some weight so they dipped me in the kitchen sink and let me go back into the family room. Yes their physics worked but I had to repaint the whole damn room around the tea stains.

    Scientific research has always interested me. Ladies, do not try this unless you are under 40 years old.

  3. Jeez, Cap’n,

    I thought you, of all people, would be filing a FOIA request to see the confiscated porn!

    • Possibly you haven’t read some of my thoughts over time when Doug publishes articles concerning pornography or ‘racy subjects’ in general.

      To me, interest in such to the point that its both compulsive and obsessive is the direct result of an overly provincial, repressed society on such matters. This societally manifested guilt complex is mostly foisted on the unwashed masses by religious hypocrites who in many cases are involved up to their armpits in seedy to kinky endeavors that most normal people never visit, they too suffering from many years of unenlightened, dogma enforced repression.

      We’ve had articles focusing on the display of “pubic hair” to teens engaged in blackmail via their cell phones etc.

      America is going down the tubes and people will devote far more psychic energy to borderline subjects such as these rather than focusing on the larger issues of the day; I.E. can our government pay its bills within the next 90 days or so, much less into the distant future? Can we afford to fight ‘terrorisim’ and ‘drugs’ 24//7/365 anywhere and everywhere worldwide until the 12th of forever etc. without damaging our fiscal solvency as a nation? Mention pornography or simply ‘sex’ in an article and the ‘wetware’ between their ears goes full tilt.

      I’ll supply a link to some of my content on a ‘shiver me timbers’ subject; ie., “pubic hair”.

      Our ‘good’ citizens are seemingly getting the government they sorely deserve…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. “After they killed him, they confiscated what U.S. officials call a “treasure trove” of information from bin Laden’s second-floor office. The items included a handwritten journal, five computers, 10 hard drives and 110 thumb drives seized at the site.” …extract from article

    The more authorities blather about their ‘treasure trove’ of intel both significant and not such as in the case of this pornography; it’s beginning to raise a ‘yellow flag’ alert on my behalf.

    Just as it’s said “methinks thou doth protest too much”‘; I’m beginning to feel the same about the timing and motives behind the Osama sanction due to this never-ending avalanche of intel being released to public ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    It seems that someone is trying to incite arabic types and to protract this ever treasury draining debacle until the 12th of forever, seemingly like poking a nest of ‘killer bees’ without adequate protective clothing.

    It’s far more efficacious to keep one’s trap shut about the material gathered and to glean as much intel out of it as possible. The public really has no need to know as well as enemy radicals.

    Another thing is that two choppers went in with the team. They lose one of them and evacuate the entire team on the remaining transport along with OBL’s body and what seems to be everything but the proverbial ‘kitchen sink’ in the remaining chopper. / : |

    This whole thing has now degenerated into a poll-boosting ‘publicity stunt’ as far as I’m concerned and it’s also closely linked ot the release of our ‘interloper in chief’s’ live birth certificate after several years of obfuscation and side-stepping the issue. Too much a ‘good thing’ has now highly suspect as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s my understanding Obama was golfing just prior to the sanction and they rounded him up to the situation room while Panetta & Co. were working the op via a separate channel that could not be tampered with via the Executive; ie., basically a soft CIA/MIC coup in order to pull off the op with little possibility of an abort on the White House’s part as a function of Valerie Jarret’s opposition to the op. I’ll supply a four page narrative as to how the op unfolded. It’s an interesting read for sure.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Okay – I get it. Someone (Reuters?) is running a contest for the highest quantity of unbelievable statements ever packed into a ‘news’ article.

    The porn part’s actually the most credible.

    • At least nobody is spiking the ball?

      US officials say, blah blah blah. Just don’t expect any answers to more important matters.

      There is clearly nothing in this breaking news that might incite the followers.

      Surely they want to know the specific websites or sources. How rude to keep that top secret.

  6. “No animals were abused in the making of this video”

    The sheep involved baaahed contentedly and apparently actually enjoyed it!

  7. I wondered where my porn went?

    Some of the 9/11 crew spent considerable time in strip joints before their “flights.”

    I can hear the new Jihadist chant: “Allah akbar and so is Traci Lords.”

  8. “The SEALs fatally shot bin Laden in a post-midnight raid May 2 at his hidden compound in the Pakistani army town of Abbottabad, shooting him in the head and chest when he ducked away from the raiders into his bedroom — they thought, reaching for a weapon.”

    You can see how this adds to the theme of the story…

    • Porn sells Al. It fits nicely into the theme. It sometimes lacks a sense of humor. When I got my divorce I had a bad time trying to put it all together. One of my best friends, bought me a very sexy night gown wrapped around a copy of the “Kama Sutra” with the inscription:

      “May you reenter the stage of a life of joy and do it with the enclosed script” I still laugh at this…….

  9. Well, at least the latest revelations were predictable. Almost. Child porn would have been more dramatic. The ED medication should see a sales boost. This story should have included the fact that Bin Laden was wearing the same panties as seen in the photo.

    • The Taliban might have some real competition when pitted against our very own “C” Street group in D.C. Could it be a built-in weakness found in religion?

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