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Monday, May 27, 2024

Ron Paul readies another fringe run for President

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas (AP Photo/ Richard Shiro, File)

The “Dr. No” of American politics — two-time Presidential loser Ron Paul — wants his third strike at national office, planning to announce yet another doomed run for the White House Friday.

Polls show the 75-year-old Texas Congressman doesn’t stand a chance of winning the GOP Presidential nomination but that won’t stop him from running again, energizing his rapid legion of followers or muddying up a Republican field of candidates that is already overrun with long-shot fringe candidates.

“He’s an authentic nut,” says Democratic consultant Jeff Crosby, a native of Paul’s coastal Texas Congressional district, tells The Associated Press.  “He says what he’s going to do, regardless of how nutty or ineffective it may be.”

Paul failed — by a long shot — to win the Presidency as a Libertarian Candidate in 1988 and failed again to win the GOP nomination in 2008. He has a record of raising a respectable sum of money in his national campaign and then converting that money to other uses after his campaign fails.

But that doesn’t stop his true-believer followers from rallying to his out-of-the-mainstream political ideas. Paul, among other things, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and return the American dollar to the gold standard.

While his ideas register with fringes, his appeal does not extend to mainstream voters. High Times Magazine — which advocates the legalization of marijuana, put Paul on its cover and called him the “Pro-Pot Presidential Candidate.”

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9 thoughts on “Ron Paul readies another fringe run for President”

  1. Hmmm

    Last time I looked at the polls (not conducted by zionist group) show Ron Paul as the front runner. Like his last attempt the media has consistently marginalized his campaign by simply refusing to cover his election campaign. Except of course to hype any mistakes he make. No one who campaigns on a platform that includes doing a complete OUTSIDE audit of the FED will ge elected.

  2. Great article. Really clears things up. I need no longer labor under the impression that our host is interested in anything other than business as usual.

    “Being on the fringe doesn’t make one wrong particularly when the mainstream advocates torture, assassination, never ending war, illegal wiretaps, search/seizure without probable cause or warrant, debt as far as the eye can see, graft, fraud, and prefers corporate over individual rights.”

    Oh, yes it does, Woody. And you’re a ‘nut’ if you think liberty is somehow more important than the all-American delights you list above. And you forgot to add sending America’s manufacturing base to China – a particular favorite of mine.

    Poverty, torture, dependency and war – making America great again!

      • Ah, yes – silly me. Politics: variations on BAU. Arguing over the color schemes of the deckchairs on a certain large, ocean-going passenger steamship.

        Not for me, really.


  3. Wouldn’t a little education in the harm done by drugs be a better solution than these drug wars? I was impressed by Ron Paul’s words when it came to owning property and making our own decisions. The problem is to wind down our entitlements slowly while we have the schools do some training skills for the kids.

    I raised my kids in the druggie haven (Topanga Canyon) with instructions for them to hold off trying the drugs until they hit 18. I also warned them that having unprotected sex was an IQ test since AIDS was on the rampage in my part of California.

    We lived for the future which meant developing a healthy body and an open mind.

    My kids respect independence and non-conformity.

    Welcome Dubree, you put a lot in your one paragraph that I respect.

  4. Understanding quality of life is clearly not the forte of the progressive movements in America. Isn’t it time to face the truth, that the failed entitlement programs driven by massive confiscation of livelihood and subsequent redistribution has not only failed, but expanded poverty, social and health problems beyond hope. Is it lunacy to advocate for an end to failed entitlement programs that have directly contributed to the current fiscal insolvency in favor of sound economic policies and markets free of government sanctioned manipulation?

    • Is it lunacy??? NO.

      Can it happen??? Not anytime soon.

      Over 55% of Americans get some kind of monthly payment from the govt… and about 49% pay no income taxes. That is, they have little stake in righting the ship of state… the USS Titanic.

      Once we’ve hit the iceberg… then, it can happen.

  5. Being on the fringe doesn’t make one wrong particularly when the mainstream advocates torture, assassination, never ending war, illegal wiretaps, search/seizure without probable cause or warrant, debt as far as the eye can see, graft, fraud, and prefers corporate over individual rights.

    Polls show 75% of Americans support legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Nearly half (42%) support legalization of marijuana for recreational use. People are seeing how prohibition does not work just like they did when alcohol was prohibited.

    It’s far better to legalize and charge a sin tax than spend $90 billion a year (90% of which goes to marijuana arrests) on Reagan’s legacy “War on Drugs” that has lasted 30 years and not provided any reduction in drug sale or use.

    • I would much rather see the money spent on the war on drugs go to fight things like cocaine, crack, meth and heroin, which do so much more damage to individuals, families and our society in general than marijuana ever did.

      Sadly, that will never happen. As long as these people continue to believe the myth of “marijuana the gateway drug” the US drug policy will never change.

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