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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Obama spotlights focus on economy, jobs

President Barack Obama gestures as he speaks to a worker after touring the Allison Hybrid Transmission headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana May 6, 2011. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

President Barack Obama is reassuring the public that jobs and the economy are his top priority.

At the end of a historic and emotionally charged week that began with his nationally televised announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan during a raid by U.S. special forces, Obama on Saturday returned to promoting his energy agenda.

U.S. forces raided a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where bin Laden had lived for several years, killing the al-Qaida leader.

The news of bin Laden’s demise dominated the week’s headlines.

“So although our economy hasn’t been the focus of the news this week, not a day goes by that I’m not focused on your jobs, your hopes and your dreams,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.

He recorded the address Friday while visiting an Indianapolis transmissions plant that makes systems for hybrid vehicles.

Obama has been traveling around the country to talk up his plan to reduce U.S. consumption of foreign oil — and the price Americans pay for it — by increasing domestic oil production, encouraging a shift to alternative energy sources and building vehicles that use less fuel.

He says shifting to jobs like those at the Indianapolis factory will create more jobs and help the economy grow.

“The clean energy jobs at this plant are the jobs of the future, jobs that pay well right here in America,” Obama said. “It’s clean energy companies like this one that will keep our economy growing, create new jobs and make sure America remains the most prosperous nation in the world.”

Republicans devoted their weekly message to bin Laden.

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown praised years of diligent work by the military and by intelligence professionals to pinpoint bin Laden’s location. The al-Qaida leader’s death, Brown said, sends a clear message to others like bin Laden.

“The example will not be lost on other terrorists,” Brown said. “Any escape they make will be temporary. Any sanctuary they find will be uncovered. Those who harm or threaten the American people will be dealt with, on our terms, however long it takes.”



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4 thoughts on “Obama spotlights focus on economy, jobs”

  1. Obamas very good with Lip Service! It does not take much to fool most of the American public. And Obama knows it! the problem is that the public cannot see through Obama’s obvious and transparent disguise!!

  2. Ah the saccharine sweet words of a demagogue par excellence. Jobs, what jobs…?

    We’ve lost over 600,000 per month since 2000 to China, Malaysia, India, Korea and elsewhere. Since the 80’s it’s estimated we’ve lost at least 20-30 million jobs to offshore locations which includes the out-sourcing of inhouse job functions within domestic industries. Also the impact of H1-b visas has impacted our technical and professional communities mightily by giving foreign nationals an easy way to enter this country for the purpose of employment on our soil. Our college graduates in many instances are flipping burgers or serving latte’s at SBUX to make ends make and to hopefully get some ‘benefits’.

    Our leaders are slinging b.s. plain and simple. The hemorraghing of the remaining good jobs is still in progress while this jive turkey speaks of creating more. How so Mr. President…?! ? : |

    This President and his ‘advisers’ are nothing but facilitators for implementing the finishing touches on the creation of the shadowy oligarchs’ ‘global planatation’ with the U.S. simply to become a minor enterprise zone within.

    Seemingly we are toast as long as we continue to buy into the lies issued from the lips of these slick-talking interlopers in high places. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Mr. Nemo: “global plantation” is a very apt term for the current economic “order,” despite the term being unacceptably HONEST. 🙂

      As Woody points out, this “green job” theory is just that; a theory. Unless one looks at the disastrous results in Spain. This theory reminds me of the story of two dimbulbs who started a business buying hay in Florida for $1 a bale and then selling in Ohio for $1 a bale. After a while their books looked pretty bad. So the smarter of the two thought things over and said, “I got it! We need to get a bigger truck.”

      Maybe last year the president was referring to THIS year as the “recovery summer.” This falls within the Dept. of Wishful Thinking. President Obama’s top priority is President Obama, and anyone assuming otherwise is badly mistaken.

      In regards to actually standing on principle to create jobs or anything else, remember that the British Special Air Service’s motto: “Who Dares, Wins.”
      Our president’s motto is, “Who Dares Me Wins.”

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