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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Plummeting Palin tries to recapture limelight

Former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin (AP Photo/Spencer Weiner, File)

Like a cancer that keep emerging from remission, Sarah Palin is back in public view, dispensing her rhetorical nonsense.


Prime example: She says the nation should take Donald Trump seriously.

No, we’re not joking.

“Here’s a point with Donald Trump, though, which I hope that he will seize this opportunity: Right now, he’s got the spotlight, he’s got the megaphone. Now is his opportunity to force a shift in debate about a discussion in this country,” Palin says.

For example, Palin says Trump is right when it comes to wanting President Barack Obama to release his college writings.

“What the heck is wrong with asking the President of the United States to disclose what his college thesis was, what some of the Harvard Law Review papers were that he wrote,” she adds.

What Palin is really trying to do is find a way to worm her way back into the limelight that Trump and other Presidential wannabes have stolen.

Palin’s star is fading and she is scrambling for a way to once again become the center of attention in the attention-deficit-deprived Republican Party.

Some say her 15 minutes of fame is up and the Wasilla wombat should go home to Alaska for a return to well-deserved obscurity.

Palin’s problem is that she has worn out her welcome with an electorate with a short attention span.  Those who have taken the time to look closely at her record of non-accomplishment realize that she is a failure at most things. She resigned as governor without completing her term.  Her performance as John McCain‘s running mate in 2008 was laughable at best and a case study of how to do everything wrong in a campaign and her often-rumored run for President in 2012 is sputtering. Even her closest advisors say they have no idea what Palin will do.

Neither does the public and most don’t even care.


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9 thoughts on “Plummeting Palin tries to recapture limelight”

  1. Disjointed babbling used to be her trademark but it seems that recently she’s entered a total meltdown!!!

  2. I live in an above average country club mobile home park. My neighbors here love Palin and think Trump has the leadership to take on the White House. I was speechless and asked if they approved of Trump’s lies in the past couple of weeks. They believe him because he is cool and rich.

    This comes from the WW2 great society. I will keep my mouth shut! I will! I will! Cool and Rich is the calling card of the rich and famous.

  3. Let’s compare the presidents education with palin,
    She went to 6 different schools in 6 years to get a 4 year degree, and no one has
    can remember the name of her school,
    The president graduated from Harvard at the top of the class.
    what’s her problem?
    Such an idiot!

  4. She ripped off nothing. She filled in the blanks needed by the religious right who found their candidate. The GOP has their plans set firmly in cement and Americans are going to be 100% Christians when others get behind Palin, Beck, Romney and a host of others. For the first time since the end of WW2, the Republican Party has finally caved into the Christians who have been pecking at their toes searching for a firm spiritual meal. I’m glad they are finally admitting what they want and stop with the word games.

  5. Sarah sez: “Right now, he[Don]’s got the spotlight, he’s got the megaphone. Now is his opportunity to force a shift in debate about a discussion in this country,”

    This should read “Don’s got MY spotlight, he’s got MY megaphone” but Sarah can’t say that. The chick is having a meltdown from internal pressure of Trump and Bachmann taking her stage. First Don says Obama should stop wasting time playing basketball and focus on important issues, while Sarah says he should produce college writings – will Don ever give his plans to fix the economy and deficit? I’m curious about Sarah’s college writings before someone wrote stuff for her – would like to see if she could construct concise, coherent sentences back then.

  6. Silly Sarah needs to go back to Alaska and spend the rest of her life counting her money. She “earned” it by ripping off the ignorant people who have made her rich.

    • Thanks for the link to your site Brandt. I like your surreal caricature art. The Hunter Thompson article was great too, him being one of my favorite all time iconoclasts. I’ve saved the link and will get back for more reading later today. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  7. Doug Thompson,

    Here we go with the Liberal stupidity of Doug Thompson as usual. Sarah Palin speaks the truth and she gets blasted for it ??? Like that is something new? Since when is speaking the truth cancer? I know, the truth offends the low life stinking Liberals.

    Donald Trump is the only one barking at Obama and his political ratings are skyrocketing. If Trump keeps this up, he will be in the White House before you can blink.

    Obama is not even qualified to run a hot dog stand and you are criticizing Sarah Palin for quitting her governorship in Alaska for the reason of all the frivilous law suits being filed against her and costing the State of Alaska millions of dollars to defend her?

    Why are you lying about Sarah Palin? Oh, that’s right you are a Liberal.

    Palin is not trying to worm her way back into the spotlight. Palin has been in the spotlight for the past 3.5 years and she draws huge crowds everwhere she goes. Now, what planet are you living on?

    Palin is a star because of idiots like you keeping putting her in the spotlight with your false allegations and accusations that just never stop. We call people like you liars.

    Alaska just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the Liberals can’t stand it.

    Palin is a star and she is not even in office or even running for anything yet.

    Sarah Palin has not failed at anything and Trump right now is on his way to the White House like a bullet train and not all the smear in the world from the Liberals is going to be able to stop it.

    McCain’s failure was not Palin, but his inabilty to speak the truth about anything.

    Obama is like the TITANIC right now. A ship that is sinking and it’s just getting worse as time passes. Obama’s lies just are not flying anymore.

    Go Sarah Palin at God’s speed!

    Rick Morrow

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