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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Birther movement is outright racism


It didn’t take long for the conspiracy lunatics to claim President Barack Obama‘s full birth certificate, released Wednesday, is a fake.

What else are they going to do?  Their inherent racism, hate and bigotry cannot allow them to admit the truth.

No other President in American history has been asked to provide so much proof of birthrate. Of course, no other President in American history is part African-American.

The birthers can bluster all they want and claim all they want is the “truth,” but the truth does not matter to a racist and the birther movement is racism in all its angry, hate-filled manifestations.

To better understand the birther movement, take a closer look at those who work overtime to keep the phony issue alive:

Joseph Farah, owner of WorldNetDaily. Farsh is both homophobic and racist. The web site Right Wing Watch calls WorldNetDaily “a bastion for conspiracy theories about Obama and other issues, and most recently the website blatantly photoshopped a picture of Obama and his grandparents to try to find a “missing year” in his biography. Farah is one of the most vocal advocates of the discredited conspiracy that Obama is not a naturally-born citizen and consequently ineligible to serve as president, and even left CPAC after the gathering refused to hold his birther panel.”

Or Alex Jones, king of the conspiracy theories. Truth has never mattered to Alex, be it the laughable and discredited claim about foreign control of the federal reserve or the birther movement. His outlandish claims have been discredited time and time again yet the gullible continue to buy into the hype.

This nation faces many problems but the biggest problem is the hate that comes form the extremists who dominate the American political scene.  We can’t focus on what is needed to fix America because we can’t get by the ignorance that such hate spawns.

In our opinion, the birther movement is nothing more than outright racism and racism is not welcome at Capitol Hill Blue. In our view, the birther issue is dead and should have been buried a long time ago.

It’s over. Move on.

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45 thoughts on “Birther movement is outright racism”

  1. The birther movement is based on racial bigotry. When this tea party stuff started making the rounds on the ‘net, I had people admit that they were uncomfortable with a black family in the white house, There was no trust that any one of them would destroy our culture in an act of retrobution for slavery. 15 minutes of Rush on the radio brought out the ugliness that had been hidden for many years. I went on my own crusade of exposure on this subject and found it in my extended family, neighbors, and very open in the religious right.

    My own kids were free of this racism as they spent many years at Berkeley where students were judged by their accomplishments, not their color. I warned them both about the drugs that would destroy their minds and brains during their early training years. Once they were out of the university, working for their own incomes, they could do whatever they wanted. Color was never mentioned.

    America is still knee deep in racism and it will take another couple of generations to weed this crap out of their minds.

    Hi Lillibet! Nice to see you back.

    Sandy Price

    • Nice to see you too, Sandy.

      I agree with your assessment about the racism. My only concern with the birth certificate issue was that Obama has spent a lot of lawyer time, even to the Supreme Court level, keeping the document in a vault.

      What does it say about priorities in spending? Just release the darned thing.

      I also expect that every candidate for the office of President of the USA will supply his/her birth certificate in 2012, because the Constitution says that everyone sitting in the Oval Office has to have proof of their special circumstances of birth according to the Constitution. Those requirements do no apply for Senators, Representatives or even the Supreme Court. Only the President must show their paperwork, as also applies to the Vice President.

      Now, below here Carl has raised the other questions about Obama’s family ties to the alphabets of Foggy Bottom and Beyond. Such questions cannot be answered by a birth certificate.

      As this question regarding this article is only the certificate, well those other questions continue. They should be answered. After all, we have known every game played by George W’s various school teams where he was a cheerleader, and have been acquainted for decades with his family and forebears, including a few pesky arrests involving trading and enemies. We know the same about Reagan, the Kennedy’s and Truman. In fact, it is not until very recently that some questions have become “off limits’ because of alleged racism.

      Heck, if the guy (or gal) with their finger on the button, their eye on the football, or their head in the clouds of thinking that the US is in charge of the world is not Constitutionally allowed to be sitting in the office, then it is not racism. It is smart. It is needed. Candor never goes out of style, and seeking honest revelations about the past of those who want to run the government is not a luxury. These days, it is a necessity.

      Oh, and if you are wondering, I do live in a building in Chicago where I am in a 1 percent minority. You figure it out. I love it here.

  2. I don’t see asking someone for a birth certificate a big deal. It was a much smaller deal in 2008. Had the certificate been provided, as had been done by all the other candidates including McCain’s as his birth in the Canal Zone in Panama was possibly not on US soil, it would have died its truly well deserved death at the time. When the second Million$ were spent on keeping the certificate locked in some Hawaii vault, or wherever, it became a much bigger deal yet again. When it was released with a bad history of scanning and lots of loopholes for the nutcase evaluators to yell about, bigger deal yet again.

    Truth is, it should have been done years ago. It was finally done. ‘Nuff said.

    I just want to know why they spent so much money on the secrecy.

    As for racism, I was just asked for my “papers’ on the El. I didn’t have them on me. I am now at home, and not riding the El for the near future as my ID disappeared when I was at a police station complaining about identity theft.

    Talk about irony.

  3. I find it fascinating that absolutely NONE of the birther crowd has questioned the legitimacy of Mr. McCain’s to run for the Presidency in 2008.

    Mr. McCain was born in the Canal Zone…at that time a TERRITORY of the United States…and a “purchased” one at that.

    To be President, not only must you be a citizen, but you must also be “natural-born”. Unfortunately, because the US didn’t have “territories” when it was written, the 14th Amendment is quite silent on whether (or not) one’s birth in a US Territory constitutes being “natural born.”

    Over the years, there have been several legal attempts to further define just what constitutes “citizenship” in the USA. Specifically, in 8 USC 1403, the law states that anyone born in the Canal Zone or in Panama itself, on or after February 26, 1904, to a mother and/or father who is a United States citizen, was “declared” to be a United States citizen.

    Note that the terms “natural-born” or “citizen at birth” are missing from this law.

    It seems to me that someone’s birth in the Canal Zone…a territory vice a state (Hawaii) and an area where one’s “natural born-ness” is very clearly murky probably should have raised eyebrows among the birthers.

    It didn’t.

    Instead, they’ve chosen to continually question Mr. Obama’s birth in Hawaii..

    All of which tells me the current “hoorah” over Mr. Obama’s birth certificate has absolutely nothing to do with his legitimacy to be President, and everything to do with his race.

    • In Article 2, Section one, it states that someone can be president if they ‘have been a 14 years resident within the United States.’ This caused some issue with Herbert Hoover since it was never defined if it is 14 years total or consecutive. Obviously it was not a birther issue but a residency issue but it represented a similar attempt to question the legitimacy of a president.

      From what I have been able to view the roots of this whole issue trace back to Hillary Clinton die-hards who were enraged over the Obama nomination. The Clinton campaign never made an issue of it but the dissidents did after the nomination. – In fact the first birther lawsuit was started by a democrat and Clinton supporter – Phillip Berg. Is he and Clinton supporters racists?

      Now does the documents released in 2008 and 2011 meet the standards? From what I have read they do.

  4. Racism is everywhere, and subtlety is one of its most effective catalysts. I say this to as a reminder that in the U.S. racism is assumed to be employed by whites only, and that is hogwash.

    In the context of this topic, it is to me a bit of a red herring. I am bounded a bit by trepidation as the comments have gotten rather contentious, but if I may I’d like to go back to 2008. I am supposedly anathema to everything the Obama campaign was geared towards: white, male, middle-aged, Southern, etc. I have experienced racism in the form of government policies and from individuals who simply did not like whites.

    But, I considered this republic on its last legs (and it’s gotten worse). I had a choice between the two candidates. Taking into account their running mates I shuddered at the thought of voting for the Republican ticket. This nation needed a real choice and it appeared as if that was so.

    In a little over two years this president has shown no reluctance to betray the voters who helped put him into the White House. It was not for his sake, but the nation’s that people did so. That, more than anything else, has been forgotten.

    President Obama, to name just a few actions, has given us the following:

    1. A huge tax increase on the bottom quintile of earners to finance SCHIP.
    2. Bowed to the Saudi king, along with the Japanese emperor.
    3. Secretly removed any public option from the so-called healthcare bill to curry favor with Big Pharma. Remember how it morphed at the end into “health insurance reform?”

    One doesn’t need anything photoshopped to comprehend that at a very critical time, our nation is not being led by a Washington, Lincoln, or Roosevelt. President Obama’s birth certificate is one aspect of the past that should be put to rest.

    It’s the future that frightens me immensely. We are captives on a rudderless ship, and the shoals are just ahead.

    (Five By Fives was a B26 Marauder; 557th Squadron, 387th Bomb. Group. It flew 188 missions, second I believe only to “Flax Bait” on display at the Smithsonian. I use this nom de plume to remind myself of how others sacrificed to place a gift before us that is being pissed away.)

    • Yeah, Obama attended a black liberation theology church for more than twenty years, but like Bill Clinton, never inhaled.

    • My supreme apologies Fivebyfives for not commenting on this well-written, spot on piece. I don’t think anyone could have summed up better, this President’s failures to date, seemingly by design rather than by circumstance or accident.

      We the People have been betrayed by a synthesized ‘judas goat’ for a leader. Instead of being our “El Cid” he’s simply a plug-in module serving the interests of the shadowy oligarch and financial gangster terrorists that have commandeered the good ship USS America. : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. “I’m not a racist” but not above calling those I disagree with a racist.

    The birther issue is – to me – a non issue and a total deflection off the performance of this administration. Maybe that is the real conspiracy?

    And the ultimate deflection is to use the “R” card to devalue all opposition – even that which is quite legitimate. Amazing the number of Americans that have bought into the birther issue. Lot of racists roaming around.

    • You’re right. The birther issue has nothing to do with the performance of this administration. It is a racist movement that seeks to distract. What I can’t understand is why labeling the birthers as racist riles you up so much. Your response makes no sense.

      • Seems like some here are somewhat supportive of the birther point of view. Are they racists? As far as “no sense” the easy way out is to debase the argument by tossing out the term “racist.” That is exactly what you have done.

        This is an old and tired tactic that is without value. How easily one can troll around and find the kooks in every issue right and left or the apparent racists. But to some just finding a racists behind some internet site or goofball organization means all are. I find a racist who is a birther thus all bithers are racist. That is exactly what you, Doug, have done.

        • What I said is the birther movement is based on racism. There may be a few that aren’t driven by racism but I doubt they are in the vast majority.

          If it is not driven by racism, why have the 43 white Presidents who preceded Barack Obama not been asked to produce their original birth certificates? Why have signs depicting Obama in altered, racist-themed images appeared so often at tea party rallies? Why did the godfather of the birther movement, Joseph Farah, use one of those altered photos to illustrate several of his rants questioning Obama’s birthright?

          Labeling racists for what they are is not an “old and tired tactic.” It’s called facts. Too bad you can’t recognize that.

          • A few? So the vast majority are? Did you take a poll? Tired it is since this has been going on for decades. Labeling is exactly what it is when you lump everyone together which is what you have done…oh…except for a few.

            So certain movements attract a group of loonies seeking some type of legitimacy such as fringe elements of the Tea Party. So the best way to debase the entire movement is to cherry pick isolated kooks. I guess your “Facts” are based on a few nut jobs. I can base my entire view of the Democratic Party on Soros, Olberman, Maddoow, Kucinich and Edwards.? Matches up well with Beck, Koch, Palin and Trump.

  6. Doug is allegedly a professional photographer and ‘newspaperman’ with credentials to support such. Presumably too he owns Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator too. So what’s his opinion based on thoughtful forensics utilizing these programs?

    The web is on fire today with subject matter experts who have broken this alleged genuine birth certificate into its respective layers. Seemingly they are all aghast and shocked that the government would proffer such an amateurish, obviously altered document.

    I don’t own the programs to do so, so I’ve gone to non-partisan full time news reporting sites and have listened to their critiques of the document. Of course we’ll probably not hear such critiques from the national MSM or on the local evening news. The nationally televised and print based “Fourth Estate” has been totally compromised.

    What’s interesting too is that many of these pro and amateur analysts never questioned the President’s birth certificate as to whether or not he was a citizen of the U.S. and eligible for his candidacy to our highest office. Now they too are uneasy and concerned as to ‘what’s up…?’.

    “It’s over”….”Move on” … doesn’t cut it if the site host has any committment to seeking the truth while steering clear of partisanship and alleged racism that can be linked with this certificate issue. I’m registered as an Independent, always have been, so too my wife and we voted for the guy. Surely if we were red neck racists we wouldn’t have cast our vote for him. I immediately had doubts about him prior him being sworn in to the Office of the Presidency; t never focusing on the birth certificate issue; but the fact he surrounded himself with a coterie of retread advisers from past administrations that can be linked directly to our current national travails caused an immediate yellow alert on my behalf.

    If the original exists; all the White House had to supply was a photocopy of the original tired document. My live birth certificate of 66 years ago is yellowed, somewhat tattered on the edges and shows the ravages of time even with some water stains. There was no reason to recreate his birth certificate content on current official document paperstock while also revealing the many layers of work obviously done within the Photoshop domain.

    So what’s up…?!

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Nothing has happened to me. I’m not a racist. Never have been. Ridiculous comments like “who’s penning his pieces these days” are bullshit.

        • Nice try, Bub… but Doug Thompson is a champion of the people, a believer in the Bill of Rights… life, liberty, property, limited government – heck, just look at the top of this page for his proclamation. You are and have been the antithesis of such thinking, as expressed for awhile now, whether it’s the where’s-your-credentials folks, taxed-enough-already citizens, alternative political voices who jazz up the public debate, or basically anyone who challenges the “official” line. No, you’re no Doug Thompson.

          • I suggest you return to your meds. You are so far off the wall that it defies reason.

            What I find laughable is that someone who hides behind an anonymous screen name questions whether or not I’m real. 🙂

            • I didn’t question your reality, but I did give you way too much credit. I believed that your motto posted above actually had meaning with regard to what you write and post on this website, but in pointing out the dissonance of it all and the twisted focus on us “ignorant, racist, sold out” Americans looking for better govt instead of what we are faced with, my ideas are off the wall… I must be off my meds. Uh, huh… I seem to be solidly in the majority around here..

              Hiding? Hardly. I could use any name – Bill Jones, Bob Smith, Tom Scott, pick one you like… but the fact is, no one ever knows if the screen names we choose are our “real” names. Hell, maybe Almandine IS my real name, but if not, that information about me is probably more certain than that of any other. On the other hand, maybe my ego just doesn’t need the boost of seeing my name in bold type. Either way, as I’ve said before, with the exception of a couple of folks here, none of us who post regularly would know each other if we passed on the street. Anonymity in spades.

              Importantly, though, what you get from me is what I actually believe and will defend, not just some honorific platitude I stand behind while hurling squalid insults.

    • Thanks Almandine for the link. I posted a similar one, mine being the last comment to the first ‘live birth certificate’ release article on this site. It has a live commentary vidclip on behalf of the station’s resident Adobe PS and Illustrator subject matter expert. It’s straightforth without emotion, no hate, no racism mild or otherwise, just tech talk about the released document.

      People need to focus on Google related articles concerning the Obama family ties to the CIA and their role in the destabilization of Asian, Middle Eastern and African nations from the late 50’s on through the 80’s. To me that’s what they are hiding and even beyond; ie., further down the labryinthine ‘rabbit hole’ of international intrigue with links to this synthesized plug-in module we have for a President.

      He’s facilitating a globalist, NWO agenda and it’s not “We the People” friendly…!

      A short time ago he was bashing the Republicans for creating a third world ‘banana republic’ in America when in reality it’s his continuing of nation-wrecking policies that’s virtually putting us on the fast track for such. Besides we must never forget we really don’t have a two party system in this country. Both are duopolists, reporting to the same shadowy deep pockets internaitonal controllers who use the intel services as their private ‘button men’. Any public opposition between the two parties is simply high theater for the unwashed, uninformed masses.

      We’re truly living in their “Matrix” except we don’t have “Neo” to confront the man on our behalf giving us a chance at surviving their relentless onslaught to destroy freedom for all time and places, turning earth into their “plantation planet” of desperate citizens.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Yes, I am a Photoshop expert. I teach classes in both beginning and advanced Photoshop. I’m often called to testify at trials on digital manipulation. That’s why I know that the claims of Photoshop manipulation of Obama’s birth certificate are bullshit.

      The so-called “expert” quoted in the link you provided in the original birth certificate thread turned out to be an 22-year-old who was trying to get attention. I ran a Lexis/Nexis search on Mr. Colby and found he has been involved in the birther movement early on and is not the apolitical type that he claims. I removed your post because I don’t like links to stories that perpetuate myths posted on this web site.

      I received a copy of the long form from the White House and ran the same tests and found none of the “discrepancies” that the kid cited. I suspect he altered the image to make it look like it was altered. There is a Photoshop plug-in that can make a genuine document look like a fake.

      I recently obtained a copy of my birth certificate from Florida. It is a computer-generated copy that was legal enough to renew my passport. The same copy has been used to prove citizenship to purchase an AR-style rifle. It is exactly the same as the short form that Hawaii provided for Obama’s birth.

      I no longer have a copy of my original birth certificate. It was misplaced during one of my many moves long ago. I saw a poll last year that said most Americans don’t have a copy of the original document. Most states now issue a certified, computer-generated copy. They are legal for proof of citizenship for everyone except the racists in the birther movement.

      The long form is a certified copy from the state of Hawaii. To accept the birther nonsense as “truth,” you have to believe that the entire Secretary of State’s office in Hawaii is in on the con. That’s neither believable nor possible.

      Carl, you buy into a lot of conspiracy-theories. That’s your privilege but you cannot — and will not — use this web site to perpetuate those myths.

      • Thanks Doug for the informed reply concerning Photoshop supported by your many years of experience.

        I’m not “using” your website for anything. I happen to be one of your most loyal members going on five years now. I’ve tried to provide quality posts across a broad genre’ of subjects over time rather than leaving many articles with simply ‘no comment’. In addition when driveby ‘whack jobs’ have attacked your persona, I’ve jumped in to defend your reputation in an articulate fashion.

        I also read your BRM and on occasion have made commentary to such. I’ve noticed you seem to like confrontation both verbal and physical which is also linked to a person that has publicly claimed he’s an adrenalin ‘junkie’ and proud of it. Ah, the ‘rush’ of confrontation too…no?! / : |

        We’re not into bar brawling here; ie., jabbing each other with broken bottles while breaking heads and teeth, but hopefully some thoughtful exchange with the site host on occcasion would be refreshing and add some gravitas to site content rather than it generally being linked to a confrontation with posters due to simply a difference of opinions.

        It seems lately that anything you don’t like or agree with gets either a threat or a generic “move-on” from you. Why even have CHB with an open forum with commentary from folks with various views. I know when to stow an opinion. We got into the same row over the Federal Reserve on the Koch Bros. article that turned into a rout about a month ago. Instead of simply stating you don’t care to have a discussion about the Fed on the thread you jumped on the site in a rage with a “this thread is closed”…bam ! You claimed it was to let things “cool off”. I didn’t notice any of the posters to the article as being hot under the collar except yourself.

        Most of your regulars including myself enjoy your site due to its rather unusual format and focus on D.C. shenanigans, but as of late, I agree with Almandine in that you seem to be obsessed with steering the discussion concerning articles and its generally towards bashing alleged “right wing” extremists, along with your current, imagined obsession with ‘racism run amok’. Yep, they do exist, but not under every rock, nook and cranny of the nation’s fabric. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on CHB or sell it to someone and simply enjoy life with your BRM journal, smell the coffee, enjoy the roses your putt rides around Virginia highways. : )


        Carl Nemo **==

  7. Racism! Racism! Racism!

    What is this the 1860’s? Is this all that political discourse has devolved into? Are we that f**king ignorant? Do we really think racism is the prime motivation behind opposition to Obama?

    This is like 2008 all over again. Actually it’s worse. Now we have actual policy to criticize, not just bullshit campaign rhetoric, still this is all that the leftists and the media can concoct as a defense of Obama’s disastrous presidency?

    Where are the jobs El Savior of the “Democracy”? Where is that fabled recovery hiding? Where have all the wars gone? Where, oh where has all the Hope and Change run off to?

    What a joke this country, this government, the media, and the ever-more pathetic citizens have become.

    • You can’t have it both ways Michael. If you want to talk policy, then do it. Let’s talk policy. Let’s talk issues. You say you don’t buy into the birther crap. Then why even get into it?

      • I commented on the article Doug. There was no policy discussed in the article, so my comment reflected that. Like you always say – respond in kind.

        But I did happen to mention a few policy issues, such as the ongoing wars and the economy. While every one is playing the race card and providing Obama with left cover, there are real bad things happening all around us. Things that Obama was supposed to work tirelessly to fix.

        So I’m real sorry if simple minds need to construe that as being racist, but I happen to fear for the future of this country. The same as I did when we had a white man in the White House, when I happened to be a an un-patriotic, terrorist-appeasing leftist commie.

        • Confusing to say the least. You bitch and moan about the lack of substance and issues yet you try and dominate the discussion here while there are several articles that deal with substance and issues on the home page that have no comments by you or any of the others here who complain.

          Are you really interested in substance or do you just want to gripe? Your record leads to believe that you just want to jump into a debate for debate’s sake and you don’t give a damn about the substance.

          Your actions speak louder than your words Michael. They always have.

          • Dominate the discussion? I made a comment on your article, like so many others have done. I would ask the same of you – are you interested in writing articles with substance, or are you content to paint every thing these days with the racist brush?

            Have you written any “news” articles on the historic first-ever press conference held by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke? Of course not, because he’s a rich white guy.

            Of course I wouldn’t expect one because there’s no racist angle to it, not to mention it being the direct result not only of the “racist” tea party types’ relentless grassroots effort to pressure their representatives, but also because of the tireless work by your favorite “racist” punching bag Ron Paul.

            The same day that Obama released his birth certificate, did you happen to write, or even link to, an article about the nine American servicemen killed in Afghanistan? I saw no mention of it on the vaunted home page.

            The same day that Obama released his birth certificate, did you happen to write an article about the new dismal poll numbers (surely racism is to blame for so many people being unhappy with Obama) or the new economic data (surely racism is to blame for so many people being unable to find a decent job or the economy is in the tank)?

            Surely racsim is to blame for so many people being unhappy with the direction this country is going.

            Surely racism is to blame for so many people being unhappy with energy (a campaign promise by Obama himself) and food prices skyrocketing. And of course this would have nothing to do with the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and Obama’s pals on Wall Street.

            Surely racism is to blame for so many people being unhappy with real unemployment over 20 percent.

            Surely racsim is to blame for so many people being unhappy losing their homes and their life’s savings while the banks and corporation make record profits.

            • Michael:

              If you’re so unhappy with the way this web site reports news, why do you waste your time and my bandwidth here? Your diatribes add nothing to the level of debate here. You’re obviously a miserable, bitter man and your bitterness spills over like verbal diarrhea in so many of your comments and posts.

              And, by the way, we did run a 923-world story on Bernanke’s press conference on Wednesday of last week and it’s still on the home page but I guess you were so busy trying to dazzle us with your wit and sarcasm on the Obama birth certificate story that was posted on the same day that you just didn’t have time to get around to commenting on a story with real issues and substance.

              Take a break. It’s all too apparent that you need it.

              • Gee, I guess personal attacks on posters here doesn’t apply when you get a bug up your ass. You’re a class act, Doug. A class act. Do as I say, not as I do.

                Maybe you’re the one that needs a break.

                • Typical. I catch you in another case of doublespeak and you avoid the issue. You claim we didn’t have a story about Bernanke and I point out that you blew it and you avoid the issue entirely.

                  Saying you’re bitter is an attack? Talk about double-standard. That’s mild compared to some of the garbage you’ve thrown at people here.

  8. One might think that by simply electing a half African American President that racism in America was on the decline.

    This nation faces many problems but the biggest problem is the hate that comes form the extremists who dominate the American political scene. We can’t focus on what is needed to fix America because we can’t get by the ignorance that such hate spawns.

    I disagree. Racism didn’t create our twin deficit problem. Racism isn’t driving our facist/imperialist foreign policy. Racism isn’t eradicating the middle class. But racism is used to keep the people divided against each other making them unable to form a strong coalition against these real problems.

    Business as usual…

    • I agree, Woody, except that it is the spectre of racism, levied against anyone who isn’t “progressive” enough to overlook the damage being done to our country by those misguided policies, that is the issue. It’s not just a divisionary tactic, but one intended to abate the serious challenge that those who understand the damage being done are bringing to the forefront.

      Hurl the “R” word and watch the masses recoil…

      • I wasn’t going there as we have clear issues that have nothing to do with the hot button issues the media will raise to further divide us or for their own sensationalism to drive clicks and page views. We don’t need to raise any issue of racism. Racists aren’t the problem. Globalists are the problem.

        Is it racist to ask, “How many countries does one need to invade before receiving a Nobel Peace Prize?”

        Is it racist to ask, “How many election promises has Obama kept?”

        Is it racist to ask, “How large has the deficit grown due to Obama supported policies versus other Presidents?”

        We don’t need racism to beat Obama. Obama and the globalists need racism to win.

        • Note, this isn’t an endorsement of Republicans either as I have yet to see any Republican other than Ron Paul address these questions of globalism in any meaningful way. And since they say Ron Paul can’t win, I’m left in the political void of being too conservative and too liberal for either party.

        • Then why appear to defend the racist birthers as a claim that any criticism of Obama raises the issue of racism? The birther issue clearly is racist. The other issues cited here are not.

          You can’t have it both ways even though you seem to want to. Do you really want to talk issues or do you just want to bitch and moan for the hell of it?

  9. Let me see if you have doubts about the birth of this president that means you are a racist? Myself I could care less and consider it a non issue like it was with Hoover but to toss the “R” word around doesn’t add to the debate it diminishes it.

    • It exposes racism. One has to read and listen to all the dialog from these people. I grew up with these people but before this birth certificate mess, they simply worked against the candidate they did not want. The Obama election opened this can of worms and who knows, it may end in new legislation to keep those with darker skin from being on the ballot and or able to vote. That is simply an unethical way to win an election. I’ve lost many elections and learned what does not work in marketing a new candidate. Improve the candidate not the rules of elections.

    • Questioning Obama’s policies is one thing. So are questioning his actions. Questioning his birthright is racism, pure and simple. If he were lily white, none of this would be happening. You can rationalize it all you want but in the end, the birther movement is nothing but racism driving by white hate.

  10. In my opinion, the Conservative movement needed a change of agenda back in 1998 when the Texas Governor Bush decided to run for the White House. The poor man had no background in knowing right from wrong and played the bigotry cards in every move. He became born again and in doing this, became a missionary for the church in accepting the campaign. With many Christian churches refusing African Americans in their higher orders and certainly no homosexuals in their organized leadership groups.

    Pat Robertson had been told to get out of politics but he found the back door unlocked under the new religious right GOP. It was a movement that carried racism and homophobia all the way through the Republican agenda.

    Now, America must see the reality of this movement that is based on color, religion and money. The people have no desire to address equality in our national leadership. I had hoped that someone would rip the scab off this wound without losing another freedom for anyone.

    Americans cannot be trusted to get over the racism. I fear it will take another civil war to bring this about. The only time we forget about color and religion is when America itself is attacked. Rounding up Japanese Americans showed us the bigotry found in our White House and hopefully that will never happen again. If we elect a Birther in the white house, we deserve the worst in the government that can an will be lowered on us.

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