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Friday, June 14, 2024

Polls show tea party support dropping fast


An increasing number of Americans are fed up with the tea party extremists and their outlandish views on government, a new USA Today/Gallup poll shows.

The poll shows 47 percent of those surveyed now hold unfavorable views of the tea party while just 33 percent see the movement in a favorable light. That is a seven percent increase in unfavorable ratings and six percent drop in favorable since the Gallup last surveyed American opinion on the tea party in January.

Only 30 percent of independents — the voter bloc crucial for elections — now favor the tea party.  The tea party does best with older men with limited education while 57 percent of older women older women now oppose the movement.

Gallup isn’t the first opinion research firm to show support dropping for the tea party.  A CNN/Opinion Research poll released in late last month also found the movement’s negative rating at 47 percent and support at 32 percent.

Why the drop?  People now see the extremes of the tea party movement and they don’t like what they see. From the discredited birther movement to advocating cuts that hurt education, a growing number of Americans realize the tea party is out of touch with mainstream America.

From where we sit, the tea party represents the worst of America: hate, bigotry and the rampant use of misinformation to further a regressive political agenda. The party appeals to the gullible and — once reality sets in — more informed voters turn their back on the mockery that the tea party makes of the American political system.

Plus the tea party darlings — Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et. al — have fallen significantly in the public view.  Even Wisconsin governor Scott Walker — touted as a possible GOP Presidential candidate just 60 days ago — is dropping fast in public polls as reality of how his actions in Wisconsin have ruined the state sets in.

The tea pot is boiling over and the party is disappearing like steam.

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11 thoughts on “Polls show tea party support dropping fast”

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  2. All I can say Ms. Price is you’ve had an amazing life of intense political activism, but notice something, nothing has changed for the better.

    I’m not disparaging your efforts, but the fact that United States of America is suffering from the “crooked casino paradigm”. As George Carlin said in one of his routines, “it’s a club and you aren’t in it”…!

    The two party system is a rigged game with the deep pockets, movers and shakers controlling both sides of the same. They always win and “We the People” always lose.

    They are hell bent on stealing anything and everything from the American people through their duly enfranchised crimpol ‘button men’ in Congress and it seems they are succeeding in spades.

    Every new movement is doomed to be compromised via the shadowy oligarchs’ soley owned MSM and the endless stream of bucks they can provide to compromise candidates and parties as well as rigging legislation for their benefit.

    The best thing every American can do at this time is to provision for themselves and their families and to have a plan for survival then to execute the plan when the time comes as it will.

    All CHB and RR can provide is a watering hole for participants as myself and others to kvetch about whatever is eating them pyschologically concerning the order of the day. It’s simply catharsis for the soul, nothing more, nothing less and as I’ve mentioned in other posts this nation is headed for the graveyard of empire’s past…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. The problem can be solved if we find an alternate media to give the other side of the coin. OH wait! do we have another side? We can sit here and argue about idealism without ever coming up with a single model for an improved agenda with an improved leader thrown in.

    I’ve suggested some subjects for debate and bang! “this is not a think tank” and no truer words were ever written.

    How can we ever lose the racist labels? It is my observation that we cannot. There is still the feeling in inequality even here at CHB. I saw it during Bush 41 when his agenda was to take over the middle east and bring them up to par in a forced Democracy. Read God! Muslims have the wrong God……. But the worst of all is a secular group who has no God. Even back in the Clinton years, this site lived on the fear of Satan.

    The cost of health care is the problem. It is aggravated by people who abuse their own bodies and their own children. This is not a call for government to take over our lives. It is a call for the Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies to work out cheaper plans with better results. The people must always have the choice of changes. Obamacare has no choices as the whole plan is mandatory.

    I do not think President Obama can run/win another election as he did not bring troops home from anywhere on the planet. His agenda has been “don’t make waves” since the day he moved into the White House.

    But who could replace him and improve our conditions? The options are sickening. I’m a firm believer in the survival of the fittest in terms of elderly seniors who still present a strong force in American culture. But when I follow many links into the tea party groups I want to apologize for their lack of history knowledge, manners and a call for change in their own attitudes.

    I had no racist attitude and walked with the Hollywood groups for M.L King Jr. What struck me was attitude of many in my family and neighborhood. Even on our little road in Encino, we had Billie Eckstine on one end and Nat King Cole on the other. As a neighborhood, we hired private guards during the Watts Riots. We wanted to protect our neighbors. Many of us checked our schools (private and public) to make certain all children had the same level of education. They did! Forced busing came in and our private schools were overloaded. Government interference can cause problems.

    Yes we protected all our neighbors, black, brown and white. But remember this is not the Southern states but a very socially liberal California. We are proud of our liberalism.

    The Palm Desert family members took an elderly aunt and me to lunch on Thursday. It was to introduce both of us to the top political leaders who support and finance the next political campaign. We had a large center round table in a very popular restaurant and people sitting around us all came by to say hello. I was introduced as JJ’s mother and Tim’s MIL. I began to feel the old gang relationship building without even knowing what they stood for. They want corruption to be removed from both sides of the aisle. The elderly aunt was extremely liberal and I still carry a little Fiscal Conservative wind in my sails. My question was about our Congresswoman Bono Mack and how she stood on saving individual freedoms. The jury is out on her at this time but my money is on whether she will be reelected. Sonny was a very popular Major of Palm Springs and some of off the residents here approve of his widow’s records.

    I offered my computer and my marketing skills to help these folks get to the source of the problems that face this part of our Congressional District 45.

    I whispered to several sitting next to me to ask how they felt about Planned Parenthood and I got the thumb’s up! As we got back into our cars, a woman asked me who that elderly man was at our table. I shrugged and indicated I had no idea. He apparently is one of the richest billionaires living in Rancho Mirage. Did this matter? I grew up knowing Howard Hughes who always looked like an unmade bed. I did learn that there is no place for a Tea Party among these folks. I could have danced with joy.

  4. So the Democrats, feasting on a banquet of anti-Bush Doctrine sentiment, were swept into the hallowed halls of the Congress in 2006.

    End the wars! Stop all this crazy spending! screamed the American People. Nothing changed, aside from the fact that the Democrats doubled the budget deficit and continued funding those pesky, politically convenient wars.

    And the People were happy.

    Then along came Obama, junior senator and community organizer extraordinaire, to put the finishing touches on that horrible eight years of war and spending. Hope! and Change! for every one!

    End the wars! Stop all this crazy spending! cried the American People. And nothing changed, aside from the fact that Obama and the Democrats quadrupled the budget deficit and not only continued the ongoing wars, but started bombing other countries as well. For humanitarian reasons, of course. It’s all good.

    But alas! The American People were unhappy, racist scum that we are.

    Enter the Tea Party. Stop Obamacare! Stop all this crazy spending! cried the American People. Again. We’re bombing who now?

    And some thing started to change. The Republicans actually started talking about cutting spending and defunding Obamacare.

    And the People are unhappy.

    What the f**k is wrong with you people?

  5. The Neo-cons have completely infiltrated and taken over the tea party movement. It started out as a great movement that supported such radical ideas like reduced government spending, lower taxes, reduced debt, and adherence to the United States Constitution. That meant things like respecting the Bill of Rights and ending foreign wars, concepts that were all but lost once Dick Armey and Sarah Palin were recognized by the corporate media as the so called leaders of the movement.

    Any movement that supports those ideals will have the same fate. They are systematically infiltrated and discredited via the media. The original tea party organizers based their organization on a terrorist cell model in an effort to prevent this from happening. But they did not count on the corporate media identifying whoever they wanted as national tea party leaders when none were supposed to exist. Thus the seeds of their destruction were sowed.

    You are what ABCNNBCBS and FOX say you are.

      • Yeah, yeah, it’s always the media’s fault. It’s the media’s fault that the tea party was financed by the uper-bullionaire Koch brothers. It’s the media’s fault that the party, from the beginning, was dominated by rabid right-wing extremists. It’s the media’s fault that once the public got a good, hard look at the kooks who dominate the tea party they were turned off.

        That old, tired argument has never worked. You walk about wanting to deal with real issues Michael. Then deal with them and stop trying this old diversion tactic.

        • Just a simple comment Doug. Some times I happen to not have the time or desire to beat my head against the wall. But once you write an article that actually addresses a “real issue” then we’ll have that debate.

    • I came into this sight researching information and there it was,”The Tea Party Has Died”. Two years ago when I realized our country was being pushed over the cliff, as a concerned tax paying citizen, I researched “Tea Parties” in Virginia. There were two, one in Virginia Beach and one in Richmond. I have attended several rallies in Virginia and DC since. I challenge everybody to research any state and find out how many there are now. Look up Virginia and you will find that it has grown in leaps and bounds! We come in many names and groups. Look up, “Freedom Works”, as a starter.
      I am an independent freedom fighter and as long as I have a breath in me, I will make sure that the men and women that died for my freedom, did not die in vain.
      Just remember that when the media continually degrades anything or anybody, that only means that it goes against their agenda and they fear them. Just remind the media Sarah Palin lost the election and that your more interested in who won.
      The Tea Party is still letting off steam, I promise you.

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