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Friday, December 8, 2023

Obama releases full birth certificate info


President Barack Obama, recognizing that the outlandish claims of the so-called “birther” movement is sticking with the gullible American electorate, today released the full, long-form copy of his birth certificate, proving once and for all that he is an natural citizen of the United States.

“We provided additional information today about the site of my birth,” Obama told reporters at the White House Wednesday morning. “I’ve watched with amusement and have been puzzled by how long this has been going on.”

Obama said he made the decision to release the full birth certificate and the nation needs to concentrate on real issues and “doesn’t have time for this kind of silliness,” adding that “I have better stuff to do.”

The president spoke briefly to reporters and did not take questions.

The President recently requested the State of Hawaii release the full, long-form birth record and a member of the White House counsel’s office traveled to the 50th state to personally bring the copy back to the White House.

The release should answer critics who claim the President was hiding details of his birth, including his actual religion, which conspiracy theorists claim is Muslim, not Christian.

The full form, shared with White House reporters this morning, does not state the President or his family are Muslim and confirms the “short form” birth certificate originally released by Hawaii.

The birther issue, long a claim of the rapid right wing of the Republican party, gained traction recently when Presidential wannabe Donald Trump made the issue a centerpiece of his possible campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Although the “short form” is what the state of Hawaii releases to anyone who requests a copy of their birth certificate, conservatives continued to question Obama’s birth.

To obtain the long form, Obama had to request the state of Hawaii make an exception to state law and release the more detailed information, which included the name of the hospital and biographical information on Obama’s parents.

Professional celebrity Donald Trump, who has made the birther issue the centerpiece of his publicity-seeking flirt with the GOP Presidential nomination, took credit Wednesday for forcing release of the more-detailed birth information.

(Updated at 10:00 p.m. EDT to include the President’s comments and additional information)

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29 thoughts on “Obama releases full birth certificate info”

    • The larger question Bogo is, do his comb-over have one ?
      I rescued a stray puppy from the cooking pot when I was in the rice paddies and it looks suspiciously like her butt hair..

    • Apparently, according to an interview today with CNN’s John King, Trump is now “looking for it”.

  1. I thought I’d supply a link to Stanley-Ann-Dunham’s signature as a function of a passport renewal in 1968 which was only seven years after the birth this ‘original’ live birth certificate.

    People never sign their signatures exactly the same way each time, but enough written character habits are ingrained. One thing I find interesting is the more ornate ‘D’ with a downard slope of the character as opposed to an upward slope in the current certificate along with a more ornate loopback on the top. There seems to be a difference in how the m’s and n’s finish off too. She has an unusual open loop crossed ‘t’. I’ve tried to enlarge the super script “Stanley” above the Ann, but can’t define an open looped ‘t’ for sure.

    Although I’m not a graphologist, I’m also not gullible. If this live birth certificate is kosher, the the ultimate question is why would this President allow so much controversy to fester for the past 2.25 years. My commentary here is not to definitively state it’s a fake, but it would be nice if some graphologists reading this site material might make a comment even at the hobbyist level. I suggest readers do an a/b comparison too.

    During WWII, the Nazi’s were able to fake the British pound and the U.S. dollar so accurately that these counterfeit notes fooled even British and American bureau of engraving experts. With enough talent and today’s tech anything and I mean anything can be forged and even rendered in an era type font found on older manual typewriters. It was titled Operation Bernard 1942-1945. Interestingly the forgeries were accomplished by highly talented Jewish concentration camp internees with backgrounds in engraving and printing techniques under the supervision of the SS. Forging a birth certificate for anytime and place is virtually a piece of cake as back then and now for sure…! / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • The elephant in the room Carl is that if these allegations were true what could be done about it ?
      The cat is ensconced before our very eyes.
      The obtuse justice dept. true to form would make no effort that I foresee to correct such, and would no doubt amend the law to save face seeking not to become a larger embarrassment than they already are..Puke..

    • Carl wrote: “Although I’m not a graphologist, I’m also not gullible. If this live birth certificate is kosher, the the ultimate question is why would this President allow so much controversy to fester for the past 2.25 years?”

      The answer, Carl, is quite simple.

      Mr. Obama has been giving the opposition enough political “rope” over these last two and a half years that they are now proceeding to “hang” themselves with it politically. All of this “birther” nonsense has now become a HUGE turn-off to the majority of the American people.

      Obama’s timing is absolutely impeccable. The more the American people look at that idiot Trump and his incessant demands (not to mention the obsessiver far right yammerings of his like-thinking wing-nuts Palin and Huckabee) the more Mr. Obama is assured of his own re-election.

      Everything in politics happens for a reason and on a schedule that provides the greatest advantage to each candidate.

      The release of Mr. Obama’s detailed birth certificate (and its timing) is absolutely no exception as it now paints Trump as just another one of the far right “wing nuts”.

  2. I predict that “The Donald” will never disclose his net worth, primarily because it’s not nearly as much as he leads people to believe it is. Plus, he lies as bad as the rug he wears on his head.

  3. What’s fascinating about this revelation is that it took the pressure of a wealthy, deep pockets busnessman embracing the ‘birthers’ to flush out this certificate of live birth while many of the good, tax-paying citizens of this nation were stiffed concerning such for 2.25 years…?! Obama still has ‘secrets’ concerning his ‘out of no where’ meteoric rise to power along with his family connections to the CIA and the destabilization of African and Asian governments in the late 50′s through 70′s for the benefit of our national interests. He is not what he appears to be. : |

    Well now, it’s time for “The Donald” to disclose details concerning his net worth as he proposed, if the President would finally fess up with the certificate.

    As Griff says, there’s plenty of reasons to oppose Obama if people would focus on policy issues.

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. That’s quite a convincingly elaborate fake. No wonder it took three years to produce. Amazing what can be done with computers these days. I want a forensics team on this pronto! Oh Donald……

        • If your comment was sarcasm then I stand corrected and apologize. Given your history here I can never be sure.

          • A couple of years ago I foretold of this happening. It was so obvious as to the inevitable outcome. And the birthers walked right into it.

            Note to birthers…there’s plenty of reasons to oppose Obama. Try some policy arguments.

            • OMG.. Epic FAIL…LOL… Listen, I am a liberal Democrat and def not a conspiracy theory freak.. But I know when things aren’t what they seem in politics….They had to have time to perfect it before they put it out there.. Plus, until now, he didn’t have a billionaire getting ready to prove he wasn’t born in the U.S. When you are getting close to getting caught, you have to do something to call the dogs off….
              Sorry to all my fellow liberals and democrats but the timing on this is just too coincidental….I didn’t have a dog in this race until now nor did I have an opinion.. I’m sorry but if he was going to put it out there to shut republicans up, he would have done it WAY sooner than this… Let’s face it guys, he had a billionaire with an entire army of investigators looking into this and so he had NO choice but to release a fake one.. If that’s not the case than why would he have waited until now to put it out there…? This isn’t politics on my part. This is just good old fashion common sense….

              • I said long ago that Obama should simply produce the damned birth certificate and put an end to the bullshit. I contend that Obama was deliberate in that he waited for the “issue” to get sufficient coverage in order to maximize the damage done to the birthers and, of course, by proxy, every one else on the “extreme” right.

                I’ve also contended all along that regardless of whether or not Obama was born in Hawaaii, this was an unwinnable position to hold.

                Donald can still do all the investigating that he wants. In fact I don’t believe this will discourage the birthers at all. Sad, but true.

                • I’ve got to agree with Griff here. I don’t know if the delay was accident or design, but it’s pitted quite a lot of Republicans against each other for a long time now, and at best distracted quite a few from policy issues.

    • Griff says: “That’s quite a convincingly elaborate fake”

      Translation: “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up.”. N

        • Oh, I understand it all right. But, that clown Donald Trump apparently does not.

          Indeed, if I were a Republican campaign official (or a Republican strategist) I would be quaking in my boots right now.

          Clearly, all it’s going to take is ONE debate with the likes of Trump, Palin and/or Huckabee (et al) on the podium to absolutely GUARANTEE the re-election of Barak Obama to the Presidency in 2010.

  5. My birth certificate has no space for religion. Is this something new in America? One is not born as a member of any club or religion. This is just another example of this religious right movement to claim that real Americans are white Christians.

    Let the GOP follow the leadership of Donald Trump. They deserve this ignorant man. It certainly proves to many that money does not make a decent man.

    • I was born in Colorado a year before Obama and my birth certificate has no space for religion either.

      As for Trump, he’ll manufacture another reason to whine about Obama and will continue to look like an even bigger fool. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s had a stroke.

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