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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Olbermann returns to haunt the airwaves on June 20


Keith Olbermann, the unabashed liberal who likes to pretend he’s a newsman, returns to TV with a new show and old title — Countdown with Keith Olbermann — on Current TV.

The show debuts on June 20 at 8 p.m.

In February, after MSNBC sacked the difficult and ego maniacal Olbermann from his show of the same name a month earlier, Current TV announced that the bombastic host would have a new show on the air in late Spring.

Late Spring is right. June 20 is the last day of Spring.

“The show will combine familiar and popjular features with some new elements we can’t wait to unveil,” Current TV CEO Mark Rosenthal said in a statement. “We’re creating a great platform for Keith’s style, which includes a very sophisticated digital presence fo rhim — that will eppeal to his very enthusiastic and active following.”

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4 thoughts on “Olbermann returns to haunt the airwaves on June 20”

  1. Doug, Okay I get it, you don’t like Keith. But after hanging out here at CHB for years I have read many a freakouts from you. Does that mean that you like to pretend to be a journalist? I never for one second believed that YOU had no predjudices. Sheesh, I even recall a self imposed sack cloth and ashes penence for your very own behavior. Excuse me, I looking forward to another voice from the left.

  2. So, Olbermann has a very tiny following of the living dead?!?Another waste of time I won’t bother to watch!!

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